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Casino Referral BonusMost of us must have used the term ‘'tell a friend to tell a friend” and the circle keeps on growing. We all have our favourite casino that we would recommend to anyone due to the exciting features it offers. We might have referred a casino to a friend before for free due to lack of information on all the possible rewards we could get for offering this service.

A lot of players might not know it but most casino offers a referral bonus to players who invite others to the casino via the referral link. To claim the amazing offers attached to referring players to a casino, you must make use of your personal referral link otherwise the referral would be void since the casino wouldn’t be able to tell who referred the player to their reels.

Not all casino use the term ‘'referral” on the link used to refer players. some casino uses the term invite a buddy, tell a friend and lots of other sentences that would attract a click from players to know what is behind the link. Most times the ‘’refer a friend’’ link is located at the promotion and bonus section.

Referring players to a casino can be seen as taking care of a kid. In as much as your referral keeps playing you keep earning but the moment they quit all gaming activities, your account would certainly be at a standstill. So in other to keep earning, you would have to cater for the needs of your referral on a personal level. You need to always keep in touch asking about any inconveniences he or she might be experiencing from the site.

Things to Consider Before Referring a Player to a Casino

The feeling of getting free money from a casino without having to go through lots of terms and conditions would make a lot of players use the referral option without hesitation. It's certain that a good reward is attached to every referral you make but also keep in mind that referring a player would make you liable to most of the players gaming activities, so if you are not very familiar with the terms and conditions of a casino. It would do you a lot of good to do a little research on how the referral works before embarking on it.

What’s your Percentage: as simple as referring a player might seem, it can put you in a lot of trouble in the future. Most new casino sites make use of the referral bonus to attract lots of players to their reels. Make sure that before you engage in using the referral button, you can guarantee that your percentage is worth the hassle and if the casino is to crash in future you would be able to stand behind the players you refer because they would certainly come knocking.

Beware of Scam sites: do thorough research on the legitimacy of the casino. There are a lot of scam sites available on the internet and most of them offer a huge referral bonus to attract players as quickly as possible. Do not miss out on carrying out thorough research before referring a friend.

Growth Percentage: a lot of casinos that provide the referral option has a growth percentage attached. For instance, if you refer player A to the casino and player A refers player B, some casinos have a bonus attached to the percent the first player that referred the whole members of the tree gets as his or her return. So be on the lookout for casinos that offer their referrals with a growth percentage if you want to get better returns from the players you refer to a casino.

How to Refer Players

Like we stated before, to refer a player to a casino, you would have to make use of your personal referral link. There is a lot of bonus offer that is attached to making referrals, the two most used bonus offer is a fixed bonus after the referred player makes his or her first deposit or a bonus offer that depends on the amount deposited by the referred player a certain percent would be allocated to you.
To ensure you get due credit for a referral made, you would have to send your referral link to the player you intend to refer via a message. If the player clicks on your referral link, it directs him or her to a registration portal that would show your username as the person referring this particular player to the casino.

Every player who opens an account with the casino would be given a personal referral link so you don’t need to worry about how to get your own referral link. The referral link would most time contain your username or a code that can only be accessed via the account owner.

Terms and Conditions Attached to Referral Bonus

The same way terms and conditions are attached to bonuses and promotions in a casino, so are there terms and conditions attached to every player you refer to a casino. Most casinos minimize the conditions they place on the referral bonus so as to make a lot of players access it regularly.
Keep in mind that the referral bonus cannot be withdrawn instantly as free cash. You wouldn’t need to go through a lot of rigorous gaming processes like welcome bonus and promotions would put you through but there is some requirement that you would need to meet up with to redeem the referral bonus. Always ensure that your referral is participating actively in all the casino if you want to keep your account booming with funds.


Referral bonus is one of the easiest ways to make free money from a casino. Quite alright the pay-out is most times high and does not have much conditions attached to redeeming the bonus but be ready to discipline the referred player if you want to keep funds coming in. A lot of casinos provides a referral portal for players to explore in the promotion and Bonus section.

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