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Cashback – When Losing Means Winning

Cashback BonusPunters always look forward to the next gambling session even before they are through the current one. There are many reasons for this and both you and I know are dead sure of one of them; winning big. It doesn’t matter whether you are slots enthusiast or a poker diehard; when it comes to winning, every punter wants to win.

But, that’s just appearance and in most cases, appearance is usually far from reality. At times, karma does not just to seem to smile your way and you end up losing over and again. For the luck of a good word, you just had a bad day. However, there is something that gives this a whole new twist; cashback refund. Yes, if you haven’t come across it yet, you read it absolutely right; it is a refund, literally.

Losing is a common phenomenon in gambling, whether in online or brick n’ mortar casinos. Although it is always the personal ambition of every punter to beat the house at its own game, things do not always go as planned. In fact, the probability of losing will be higher than that of winning in particular set of circumstances.

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But here is the thing, just because you have lost several spins or even games back to back, it does not mean that you should throw in the towel and walk away. As earlier hinted, cashback refunds could just be the reason for you to look forward to a better tomorrow at the reels or any other game you are playing for that matter.

Of course you must be aware of the other bonuses given by casinos including the welcome bonus given out in the very initial stages of gaming. Unlike such bonuses, the cashback refund is handed right at the end of the gambling session right after you have given it your best and still lost. It is as though to tell you, “you know what friend, you shall live to fight tomorrow.” That is the spirit behind the cashback refund.
There are no particular rules compelling casinos to have this kind of bonus, just like any other bonus you might have come across. However, there are casinos that genuinely care about the welfare of its customers and so they have such bonuses as a way of encouraging their punters to be positive and looking forward to a better experience the next time.

Distinction between Cashback Refund and Other Casino Bonuses

In its most basic terms, cashback refund given to a player after continuous losses at a casino. In other words, it can be considered as some form of assurance that the player will get a pat on the back even if the gods do not smile upon them on that day at the casino. The most common scenario is that the cash will be handed to you in the form of cash that is deposited into the players account. This amount is calculated as a certain percentage of the total amount wagered.

Another way of describing cashback bonus is to see it as cushion against persistent losses at the hands of the casino. The cashback bonus is more of a casino’s way of giving you added time so that you gather experience so that you become a better player than you were yesterday. To help you understand better the cashback refund concept, take a look at the following brief examples:

Scenario 1: In the first case, a punter wagers €200 on a game like slots that offer their cashback refund. The cashback refund given to the player varies from casino to another. For instance, a cashback bonus may be calculated as 25 percent of the total amount wagered. Depending on the provisions of the specific casino, the cashback may be given as real cash or playing credit that the player can use to wager on more games.

Scenario 2: The second possibility is that of a casino offering say a 30 percent up to €100. In this particular example, the casino has set a specific cap, meaning that the most the casino can offer for a cashback is €100. By implication, the casino will not honor any amount that is higher than €100.

Other Rules You Should Know

Besides the casino cap placed by most casinos, there are other important rules and regulations pertaining to cashbacks that you should know. For instance, there are casinos that require you reach a certain amount of losses before you can qualify for such a bonus. There are other casinos that specify the type of games to which the ‘minimum loss’ requirement apply. That means that the casino is the one to decide on the games that qualify for the minimum loss consideration. It is highly recommended that you consider visiting the terms and conditions page of the casino you intend to wager at so that you find out more on specific requirements. In case there is something that does not add up, you should seek the technical support of the customer service team so that you get into something you fully understand.

It is important to note that there are also terms and conditions that apply when it comes to claiming the cashback refund bonus. For some casinos, the cashback bonus may take a few to 24 hours before reflecting into your account. The specific period by which the bonus should reflect in the account is specified in the terms and conditions. In case this period elapses and the bonus is not shown in your account, a punter is advised to get in touch with the customer support.

Final Thought

There are many advantages that come with playing slots tournaments. As discussed, they give you an opportunity to win cash with minimal risk, they help you advance your gambling skills, and also makes it possible for you to try something different thus breaking the daily monotony. Plus, consider this as a casinos way of appreciating you for being their loyal member.

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