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NORWEGIAN ONLINE CASINOSNorway is one of the few countries that have strong regulations governing its gaming affairs. Playing your favourite slot or table game is very possible in the country but is restricted to only casinos operating under their licence. Casino gaming is highly favoured by lots of Norwegian players so you can expect all sort of gaming activities in the reels available in the government licenced casino they provide. The gaming platform available in the country offers players a lot of features that would give them the preferred gaming experience.

With a monotonous policy governing the countries gambling affairs, it’s a fact that accessing foreign gambling sites would be illegal in the country. It’s no news that most gamblers prefer offshore gaming platforms to the once available locally because of the bonuses and winning potentials attached. You would still find a lot of players engaging in offshore gaming activities even when making payments from the country to such casinos is prohibited.
Norwegian casinos offer numerous gaming options. The most notable casino games that they are widely known to have expertise on is Poker. The country has a lot of legendary poker players. This has made most casinos available in the region create numerous live poker games for players to play against each other both online and in a brick and mortar casino. Playing slot and table games is also very possible in most casinos available in the region. There are a lot of top software providers powering casinos in the region.

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Regulations Guiding Gaming Activities in Norway

You would hardly find a country with such strict regulation like Norway. The Norwegian gaming authorities created a monopoly system to pilot all their gaming affairs. With high regards for cultural values in the country, you would expect them to want to protect their citizens from all sort of addiction that can occur from steady online gaming.

Since the inception of the internet, it has been almost impossible for governments to regulate online gaming activities. Norwegian government had to ban all licencing companies from providing a licence to casinos available in the region. With the ban in play, they created two gaming authorities to licence all sort of gaming affairs in the country. This might have helped the country regulate all the funds generated by different gambling den but the huge impact it has had on the casino and sports betting activities in the country is massive.
The government were so strict with the law placed on gaming that citizens who hold a gambling house party are penalised for such actions. As strict as the laws placed on foreign casinos are, you would still find a good deal of players who carry out lots of gaming activities via offshore casinos. The two main licencing commission supplying licences to casinos and other gaming platforms in the region are Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Tipping

This is one of the oldest licencing commissions in the world. It was created in 1948 to oversee all the gaming activities in Norway. At the time the exclusive right to create any form of gaming such as sports betting, casinos, lottery etc. could only be granted by Norsk Tripping. The licencing commission piloted all the gaming activities in the country until 1992. The Norwegian government created another commission in 1992 to reduce the workload placed on Norsk Tipping. This led to the creation of Norsk Rikstoto.

Norsk Rikstoto

Norsk Rikstoto was handed the job of regulating all the horse racing activities taking place in the region. Lots of Norwegian player’s values horse racing thereby generating lots of incomes from the huge number of punters who engage in the sporting activities. Norsk Tipping is in charge of casino and lottery games while Norsk Rikstoto handles all the horse racing wagers.

Online Gaming in Norway

There are a lot of mortal and brick casinos available in the region with most of them having online platforms for players to patronise from the comfort of their home. Foreign casinos and sports book are strictly restricted in the country. Although they have been lots of talks as to the adjustment of the monotonous market controlling the gaming activities but with no proper pressure from any top solicitors, the talks ended as speculations. The Norwegian government is not part of the European Union making it impossible for them to solicit the act as they have done with lots of states.

Picking the Right Norwegian Casino to Bank With

There are a lot of platforms available to Norwegian players giving you a lot of options to choose from. To get the best return for your funds, it very essential that you make lots of inquiries and research about the casino you are about to bank with before registering. The first feature to look out for is the payment method.

The Norwegian government might have stopped players from making local transactions with offshore casinos, but the possibility of making transactions via an e-wallet to your offshore or local account is still very possible. Be on the lookout for a casino that would offer suitable options. You wouldn’t want to register with a casino that would not be able to offer the desired service in your native language. Try to verify the support service and gaming platform available to see if the casino offers a language that would be suitable.

Lots of casino games are available for players to choose from. It’s normal for most casino players to love a specific slot, table or poker game. With lots of gaming providers around the globe, you would have to check out which providers are powering the reels of the casino you would like to register with so as not to miss out on your favourite games. Also, verify the authenticity of the casino by checking out the commission providing a licence to its gaming activities.

Popular Norwegian Casino Games

You would find different varieties of games in the Norwegian platform but the citizens have demonstrated their endless love for slot games in so many ways. Slots machines are very common in the country and can be tagged as fans favourites. Slot games are known as the most common games players enjoy at all casino raising concerns of addictions and misuse in the state. Norwegian government have tried to stop the gaming activities offered by slots by placing a ban on it. The ban had its impact but could last for just two years.

The Future of Online Gaming in Norway

Norway is not the only country that has strict restrictions over players gracing the reels of foreign casinos. although a lot of countries that placed a ban on foreign casinos have had to lift the ban after constant pressure from lots of gaming authorities but since Norway is not under the European Union, the ban on all foreign site might last for a good deal of time.

Acquiring the type of welcome bonus and support service most offshore casinos provide from a Norwegian mortal and brick or web-based casino would be almost impossible but that does not mean there are no pecks in gaming with Norwegian based platforms. Most Norwegian casinos offer players games from top-notch software providers with lots of bonuses and good RTP attached to the games offered. Gaming online in the country might not hold the best of opportunities right now but our hopes are high as to the positivity’s that the future might bring to the Norwegian gaming industry.

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