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When listing out recently established gaming designers across the online casino sector, Pragmatic Play includes the list. It started operations of late, & it's rapidly becoming one of the most quickly growing firms up for grabs, providing gaming solutions to plenty of online casino sites. This review covers all crucial attributes of this firm & includes several data on its outstanding performances.

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play started up in 2015, with its main office situated in Malta & under the control of MGA to establish its software's fairness. Titles developed by Pragmatic Play are accessible across 70+ parts of the continents in over 20 language options.

Quite different from some firms, Pragmatic Play finds its way to the market when it's by the time thriving. Playtech & Microgaming got established in the 90s, during which the online casino sector is in its formative years. Pragmatic Play's rivals are so much to compete with & regardless of this barrier, the firm has put in all efforts to earn respect & a upper hand across the sector, with its software's catered to many online casino sites. Pragmatic Play achieved this by offering premier software that can live up to & even be better than stuff from different gaming designers.

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Variance & Return to player

While playing a typical gambling-related game, RTP rates include among the main factors to evaluate. Fundamentally, RTP is the chances of profits forwarded to the house & player in the long run, though expressed in a numerical form. It's computed with so many gaming software's & presents the rate of funds provided to players as payouts. As an illustration, slots with a Return to the player rate of 95% can turn out 95% of the whole bet that's staked back to the gamer, whereas the house saves the remaining as gain. That's an illustration of how RTP reacts.

It's essential to restate that this rate can be computed for a very long set duration & does not impact any game lasting only a short time since gambling is unpredictable. Nonetheless, the RTP rate hints up on how a game can yield returns while a player plays it repeatedly. Once the RTP is known, you can quickly identify the house advantage. As an illustration, a game with a Return to the player rate of 95% automatically holds a 5% house edge. The logic there is as the house edge becomes less, the more favorable the whole odds seem. For Pragmatic Play slots, the management is considerate enough for a fair RTP of more than 96%. It's relatively higher-than-average for slot games & much more favorable to a different casino game niche.

A different primary factor that's essential is Variance; this has much impact on the player's overall gameplay & fun. Variance refers to the chance related to running a specific slot game. Briefly, Variance is the possible nearest to an accurate measure on the size & frequency a game can release winnings while playing the game.

A few slot machines payouts a colossal amount, though it can be inconsistent; while some offer a low amount and it comes frequently. When Slot games yield a whopping payout within a limited timeframe, it's said high Variance, whereas the reverse is low Variance.

A slot with high Variance tells players to be ready for significant risk, but if they're lucky enough to win, it's always in a considerable amount. Don't attempt with a high variance slot if your financial plans are on the low side & don't have much playtime like that. Watch out; It can wreck you. Pragmatic Play claims different slot games, with their Variance represented. Hence, it's easy to conclude on the game to play.

Mobile Play Analysis

Today, smartphones remain the best integral part to consider while programming online casino software. Hand-held devices have transformed over years of late, coming to be top-priority for most individuals to browse online. The condition is real for most online players also & online casino sites already adjusted on that account.

These days, there are so many bet-driven sites that exceed expectations to attract mobile players, providing a game suite accessible on mobile, including promos particularly customized to mobile play-format. Without any doubt, Pragmatic Play is down-to-earth as far as handling this matter.

Mobile players can run most games through their mobile devices, optimized from that of PC's mode of play. Every game's UI is modified to allow for access on devices with small display resolutions, thereby establishing links with the game menus.

Furthermore, a few games are adapted to develop an application of hand-held devices' capacitive display features, allowing additional menu options not noticed on PC format. All in all, whatever modifications applied on mobile games are mainly at first glance & just few of the main features is tampered. In essence, the games offered through desktops are also accessible on mobile devices, making them more convenient for use.

Online casino sites employ two means to mobile Play – i.e., any of a flash-play mode you can launch straight from browsers or customized mobile app. The interface operates very similar to how it performs on PCs, while the player loads the game directly from the browser window. Customized apps are coming to be fewer with online gambling firms & large-scale or premium sites mostly consider it. Small-size online casino sites are commonly inclined to apply the flash-play feature since it requires little effort and still brings out a similar product. Most slot games by Pragmatic Play is accessible through flash-play format.

Most sought-after slot games by Pragmatic Play

Over the years, Pragmatic Play has programmed several top-notch software's while in operation. Their titles are in a few loads, though yet to par with the number of brands like Playtech, Microgaming; however, the developer's titles seem great. Just as Pragmatic Play's titles are 90 different slot games, some are entertaining, interesting & remarkable. We handpicked a few of Pragmatic Play's best games available across online casino sites for player's comfort.

Great Rhino

Great Rhino is a popularly known Pragmatic Play's slot title released a few months back, features a 5-reel, 20-win line with a grassland background covering all wild animals in this part of the universe. The Play accompanies flashy graphics & neat images to precision. The HD display output establishes Great Rhino brightens up on display & makes you appreciate the slot's scene.

Besides the regular high card characters, Great Rhino puts up different animal cards, with Bonus & Wild symbol. Great Rhino represents the Wild symbol that replaces any other found across the reels. The Bonus can activate loads of bonus spins & magnify the overall wager twofold anytime it comes to view across the reels. Furthermore, Super Respin Feature can jack up one’s payroll; it comes active by activating three respins during which the Wild icons align their specific combos. Super Respin Feature is a secret of winning two potential jackpots – i.e., Grand & Major. The Grand Jackpot offers 500x bet, & Major Jackpot brings up 375x.

Each time 3+ of the Bonus icons appears simultaneously, it activates a Bonus Spins up to 10 in number, every spin settled a price on the bet that prompts out the spin. Once the bonus spins are activ, can no longer access the Super Respin element & the play-session can't reactivate on its own.

Joker's Jewels

Joker's Jewels is so admired, features five reels, 20 individual win-lines, and an arresting comic storyline. Joker's Jewels takes the form of the Nostalgic slot games in the past; however, it adds a contemporary development. The visuals wouldn't have amounted to something if not eye-catching & connected with the sleek video clips that turn into a pre-eminent display. The wager range is reasonable, in which players can bet as much as ten coins on each win-line; every line puts a price from 0.01 – 0.50.

Joker's Jewels only presents a small range of features; however, there're enough characters. Once you start playing this slot, you'll notice different gems, juggling spikes, jokester’s footwear, musical instrument.

The most valuable symbol of all is the Joker icons & can yield 1,000x the lucky bet that caused it all once you can smash up 5 of these symbols across one payline. The Bonus icons appear as a coronet with the potentials to offer 250x to 5 of the symbols across one payline. This character seems exceptional, meaning that it can mash-up combos in either path, quite different to icon limited to paying from cleft – right.

Fire 88

Fire 88 draws reminiscence to Nostalgic slot games, accompanies a 3×3-reel grid & 7 individual paylines. The storyline is from an Oriental setting with so many flaming graphics. This slot's visual artworks are indeed incredible, while the visuals can increase your passion for the slot game. With Every paylines, you can wager on each as much as 70 credits. The coin denominations start from 0.01 – 0.50.

Fire 88 is straightforward to grasp its basis, similar to a different retro-based slot game. Quite disappointing with its deficiency of breathtaking features, but it an only the main game. Fire 88 covers some classic icons, like gold nuggets, coins, diamonds, & 88 characters.

The most valuable remains the Dragon & it can yield up to 250 credits in Return for each 3x combos. Furthermore, the same Dragon act as this slot's Wild, while it replaces different character on a win-line. These 88 icons represent the Scatter symbol & each time you appear 3 of these icons; it activates the bonus game straight away. Depending on your performance, you can attain any of the 3-jackpot rewards that offer 38x, 88x, or 888x of a player's wager.

Fairytale Fortune

Fairytale Fortune is a different exclusive title, all from Pragmatic Play. It features 5-reel, 15 individual pay-lines & allows the formation of winning combos. Visual-wise, Fairytale Fortune is appreciable. The sparkling hues & adorable pictures can keep you engage in the display. The video clips are sleek & contribute to liven up the game. The wager is indeed not enough, enabling at least ten coins over each pay-line. You can attach every coin an amount from 0.01 – 0.50, reaching a max wager of 75 units.

Fairytale Fortune steals mainly from kid's stories, depicting pegacorns, dragons, princes, and princesses. You'd have various characters, while the Duch and Duchess pay the highest amount up to 300x of a player bet, perhaps you can form 5 of these symbols over a similar win-line. Howbeit, the game puts up both Bonus & Wild icon. This slot emblem represents the Wild & can replace any regular characters over this slot reels.

The Bonus icons can activate the free game provided that you appear 3+ on one spin. The bonus game can be any of the four different forms, while it is available at random.

Aztec Gems

Aztec Gems is a different high-quality slot machine thanks to Pragmatic Play. It's a retro-based slot per se; arranges for three reels & 5 win-lines. Like it's the tradition of Pragmatic Play. Likewise, Aztec Gems is graphically striking with sparkling colors & sleek video clips. The wager limits are reasonable, enabling as much as ten credits for each line; every coin starts from 0.01 – 0.50 units. Hence, the highest wager amount increases up to 25.00 units.

Aztec Games is retro-based, features seven different classic icons, each of them having a touch of a unique jewel that accounts for this slot's title. Furthermore, Aztec Gems represents Wild icons that appear as Mexica goddesses and replaces a different icon over this slot reels. Besides, it pays the most valuable amount, offering 5x each time a combo forms up.

Just as the usual classic slot games are improved, Aztec Gems gets better. The slot holds a 4th reel that positions about the remaining three. Quite different from others, it doesn't accommodate any real characters. Instead, after each spin, another rewarding multiplier spins out. The multiplier has an impact on the payouts from this spin.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is very engaging developed by Pragmatic Play, with the gameplay structured on five reels, ten unique win-lines. Also, the wager amount is okay for big spenders & low-risk takers. Place bet as much as ten coins on every win-line from 0.01 – 0.50, which leads to the maximum wager of 50.00.

When it comes to visuals, Ancient Egypt maintains a similar trend like other slot titles brought about by Pragmatic Play. Ancient Egypt presents great graphics, sleek video clips, & enveloping soundtracks, bringing about a splendid layout. Pragmatic Play performs well in providing graphically pleasing games, with Ancient Egypt being commendable of this quality.

Ancient Egypt is inspired by a unique, old-time Egyptian storyline, fully illustrated in the slot reels' characters. Customized characters include Scarab that acts as scatter & Wild icons. By definition, it replaces every other symbol in the game while aligning rewarding combos & activate a bonus game. If the Scarab takes part in forming a rewarding combo, it magnifies the available icons' overall wager. The bonus game provides spins, also some jackpot rewards.


From the look of things, Pragmatic Play has a high-profile prospect that draw near. Even though its existence is not that long, the firm has achieved tremendous innovations in developing premium casino gaming software.

The game store is still few, not up to 100 counts; however, the firm performs a cut above others that have existed for so many years. Their software distinguishes by top-notch visuals & captivating game mechanics. Pragmatic Play acknowledges the value of hand-held gadgets in this age, ensuring the game conforms to mobile formats; hence players can play anywhere.

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