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You would hardly find any casino player who is not familiar with the magic that this software developer adds to slot games. Microgaming is one of the top tiers casino software developers. The company have been in existence since the early nineties and have powered a good deal of casinos since its inception.Microgaming Software

The Microgaming software providers have had such a massive growth in the industry due to the intriguing features each of their games possess. Most of the games provided by the platform can be accessed easily via any device and in any connectivity mode. They provide casino games with high-end quality graphics and a piece of nice background music to match.

One of the company’s most popular slot game is Mega Moolah, the slot game holds the record for the highest paying casino games of all time. A lot of casinos favour Microgaming’s software due to the huge collection of slot games they have to their name and the adaptable features that each of their games possesses. A lot of new releases is made every month, so you can be certain that the gaming experience Microgaming software developers provide is top notch and always up to date.

Microgaming Slots Games

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Microgaming has the highest collection of slot games on the planet with over 1500 slot games available for players to enjoy. There are a lot of bonuses attached to each of the slot game provided. Some of the varieties of slot games available at Microgaming’s library are 3 reels slot, 5 reels slots, progressive slots and jackpot slots. Most of the slot machines provided to player possess high RTP that would put a smile on your face if you are lucky enough to accumulate a win.

Microgaming Viper Machines

Viper games are the basic trademark that propelled Microgaming to the level it is today. The viper machines add an intriguing excitement to casino games. Most players regard the machines as a synonym to excellence due to the high-quality graphics and interesting sounds attached to most of it games. The viper games comprise mainly of slots.

Microgaming Multiplayer and Tournament Machines

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy his or her favourite slot games with friends and family? Microgaming multiplayer machines provide players with the opportunity of playing against another individual instead of the regular player and computer style. There are a lot of slot and table games available in the company’s gaming collection that offers players the multiplayer option.

You can also enjoy playing your favourite casino games in a tournament mode. Playing in tournament mode would require purchasing of credits in the casino so as to stake with other players in a contest to see who emerges with the better odd at the end of the day.

Features of Microgaming Casino Games

Best Microgaming CasinosGraphics: you wouldn’t find any software providers in the gaming industry that would be able to match Microgaming developers in terms of the graphics used in designing their casino games. They possess lots of casino games running on 3D graphics and animation. You would hardly get bored when playing the casino games offered by Microgaming software providers because your eyes would always find solace in the graphics provided.

Sound: there is little or no fun attached to playing a slot game that does not offer a piece of background music to match. A lot of software providers provide interesting casino games but fail to provide a piece of music that suits the gaming experience. This is one of the core issues that Microgaming providers always try to avoid when creating their casino games, and have in a lot of ways helped them propel to the top.

Gaming Options: running out of options when gaming in a casino powered by Microgaming is almost impossible because the software providers have the largest collection of casino games in the market. Microgaming developers made it a priority to launch at least two casino games every month, which have made it very hard to keep track of all the games provided by the developers.

Updating: the world faces lots of technological advancement on a daily basis making it essential for companies to always provide updates for their software if they are to keep up with the competitive market. Microgaming developers always provide updates for the games provided regularly. Always keep a tab on the update option that most of their downloadable casino games come with so as not to miss out on interesting updates.

Progressive: Microgaming has the largest amount of progressive machine available. Progressive machines are known for the remarkable winning potential they hold, making it most player’s favourite casino machines. One of Microgaming’s popular progressive machine is the Mega Moolah slot machine which has made a lot of players millionaires since its inception.

Downloadable Version: with the downloadable games Microgaming possess you don’t need to log in to a casino every time you want to explore your favourite casino game. You can download your favourite casino game to your mobile or Pc and access it in any language of your choice. Making use of the downloadable options is most times more convenient and reliable than logging into a casino.

Instant Play: a lot of players might prefer the trill casinos hold to playing the downloadable version of the Microgaming games. Playing the casino games at a casino would provide you with an instant play version that does not require download of any sort to access. To access the instant play version via a Pc, you would require a flash player while accessing it via mobile can be done easily without a requirement for any extra software.

Connectivity: accessing Microgaming casino games certainly requires internet but unlike most other casino games that would require strong internet access to work effectively, Microgaming optimised most of their games to provide the desired gaming experience via any internet access available. In as much as you have internet, you can access their games.

Table Games

The collection of table games available in the software providers’ library cannot match their slot games but it can still give you the desired winnings. Some of the variants available for players to explore are Baccarat, blackjack, roulette and poker.