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Website and Terms of Service

This website as made provision for its guidelines. All terms and services are clearly stated, all you need to do is to read thoroughly to know what this casino has in store for you. This applicable for both reader and gambler.

General Policy and Information

This website may decide to have some information about you while accessing the site, data collected are used for the following reasons;

  • Research
  • To fulfill request
  • Contact you
  • Customize ads
  • Improve our site

To ensure a fair and reasonable gaming world, this website does not allow players that are less than 18. People who visit the sites have the opportunity of making it known if they want to be receiving any news about gaming. The news will automatically be deactivated if players contact to the effect.


The personal information of players is confidential and encrypted. Information can only be supplied if requested or authorized by the player. However, there are few exceptions to this;

  • Supplying information to trusted companies and reaching a confidential agreement
  • This website can also provide information if required by law and the court order
  • If for any reason the players' information will be released, the player will have a total awareness about it

Privacy Policy

  • You should rest assured that this website will not tamper with your information except for the points mentioned above
  • For total safety and security, all data in the website are well encrypted
  • In case there is any need to sort some issue, website will make use of your valid information given

It is important to note that this website can decide to change part of its information anytime it wishes without sending proper notification to the players. All that matters most is the provision of fair, accurate and detailed information to the players

Terms and Condition Complains

Website has made a conscious effort in prioritizing its players over every other thing. Should you encounter any issue, do well by contacting us immediately the problem arises. Reliable and friendly customer support is ready to give any of your inquiries a warm welcome and proffer reasonable solution. Issues mostly raised by players include

  • Unjust Comment
  • Issues about review and games from the team
  • Inaccurate information
  • Subjective and false reports

The support team does not contact as regards money, but they give room for reasonable rapport when you have a query

Review Terms and Services

Any review seen on the is solely the opinion of any player. To cut the story short, in ensuring accuracy, the casino review is well-researched.