6 Cutting-edge Tips to Beat All Slots

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Best Way to Win at Slots

Slot machines are definitely a loud lot. But that doesn’t automatically mean that you will get equally resounding wins every time you play. If anything, your inning chances would look so slim without these top tips that you get to learn in this article. You will be glad that you made a stop here.

Here is your cheat sheet into slot machines greatness:

  • Free can also be fun

Contrary to popular belief, slots are not one of the gambling games that you can play. The greatest mistake that gamblers make is to go at it for real money even without taking time to interact with the free versions of the slot games. By implication, the features, patterns and possible loose ends that they could have exploited to win the slots are never revealed to them. They learn the hard way and by the time they realize, it is already too late turn back. In short, start by playing the free versions of the slot machines and avoid regrets.

  • Smallest Jackpots have Bigger Prospects

If you are looking to have the best shot at winning, consider playing the small jackpot games. They are relatively easier to win as compared to the high jackpots which are very easy to win and go bust in the short term. Besides, slots with such huge jackpots usually carry unrealistic odds that almost impossible to achieve.

  • Play Fixed Maximum Pay-out Slots

There are slot machines that have a fixed pay-out limits. At the same time, there are those which are progressive in nature which means that the more they are played by different gamblers the higher the probability of winning it. Their major short coming of progressive slots is that they are linked with a host of other online casinos that are also playing the same jackpot. As such, the probability of winning the jackpot is equally very low.
For this reason, it is advisable that you stick to the fixed slots that have a maximum pay-out.

  • Employ the Standard Deviation Strategy

This method mathematical equation to help you determine the chances that a player has in winning a gambling rally. The strategy requires utmost patience but has an almost 100% return guarantee. The following are the steps to be followed when using this method

  • Locate a machine with “equal pay,” meaning that the machine gets related amount of coins as those that a play bets on a line. For instance, if 2 coins are returned, you get 20 coins and thus you would land 40 coins when you bet with 4 coins.
  • Step two is to calculate the standard number of the spins after which you win and playing until the next win.
  • Next, getting the number of spins between the respective wins for say 12 times, calculate the average spins that you can in turn use on a high pay-out machine.
  • Armed with these findings, you can confidently approach a high pay-out slot machine and swing into action.

The Hit n’ Run Strategy

It is the simplest strategy that you should find easy to follow without expending any energy. The idea behind this strategy is that you make one big but very calculated move with the highest amount you can stake. The main goal should be to take off after several wins and if you lose, you can try another machine.

Whatever happens, do not play on the same machine for too long because with time, your sense of judgement might be blurred. Things might appear to be going pretty well for you, but you cannot just tell for how long they will be stacked in your favour. Therefore, after several attempts, find a new machine and follow the steps as stipulated in this guide.

These are some of the most hard to beat techniques and strategies that can lead to many wins regardless of the fact that the chances are quite slim. By combining the online and offline strategies that have a track record for good results, you could upset the house by scooping it big in the slot machine games. It’s never enough just to relay on luck, as sometimes, it can become quite scarce.

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