Treasure Horse Slot

Treasure Horse Slot – Free to Play Online Slots No Download Pragmatic Play !

3 by 3 grid online slots aren't commonly anything we can be excited about, although game companies now and then try to get everything right. As gamers have increasingly gotten accustomed to modern slits with the use of video game type of animations, fast-paced action with rich features, and multi win ways, making entertaining and engaging matches that are only restricted to three reels just definitely be quite challenging to any provider who tries.

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A way of speaking to the bettors' hearts is by allowing them to become aware that that particular game can dish out winnings that'll be enough to pay for a shopping weekend in London, and that's what honestly got us attracted to Treasure Horse. However, we can find potential in almost every game nowadays, and if you'd like gamers to be back for more, it will take more beauty than that.

The reel set at Treasure Horse has limitations that the extended pay lines kind of makeup for. On this kind of slot, we are typically used to seeing five pay lines, or maybe as much as ten, but in this one, Pragmatic Play passed the standard in the industry by making it 18. It has a consequence, which is prolonged playtime, an increased winning combo, and a totally more entertaining slot.

You can play it on every device from €0.18 to €90 for each spin; it has a default Return To Player setting of 96.52 percent. This slot is a fairly simple one, not only when it comes to design, but also when it comes to visual appearances – although it isn't that bad. Set on one valley covered in an emerald fog that's mysterious, its reels are flanked by Chinese temples and majestic mountains. It has an elegant setting that's quite pleasing to the eye, then its traditional Chinese instrumental that undoubtedly goes along with it is perfect.

Treasure Horse Symbols & Paytable

Initially, it's great that Pragmatic Play used an unequivocal and transparent paytable that can be understood by even newbies. Shown in money value that's relative to your present wager, it updates well when you change your bet size. In addition, the creators have positioned the paytable close to the rel set, which makes it available to you all the time while spinning the reels. We must confess that that's a nice addition.

On its reels, you'll see machine symbols of classic fruit like the 1 time, 2 times, and 3 times BAR symbols and also Wilds, gold coins, pouch with coins, Chinese fortune symbol, and bamboo stalks – the wild is the most lucrative as it gives you 55,55 × your wager for 3one-of-a-kind. A golden horse represents how Scatters, and it's a dead blocking symbol anytime it hangs aligned for triggering the bonus.

Free Spins of Treasure Horse

Three scatter symbols on any part of the reels will trigger eight free spins with an extra sound included to your total for all additional Scatters that land in the hen though evaluating and testing the game, it is seen to be re-trigger friendly, so games will often expect to play quite more spins than the initially given ones.

In the free spins, a fourth reel will appear on the RHS of the reel sets showing a multipliers row that range from 2 times to 5 times. Apart from the multipliers, gamers will also benefit from its enhanced reels because every symbol will now fully appear stacked on the reels, thereby massively increasing the chances of landing winning combos that are significant.

Final Verdict

We like Treasure Horse to an extent even though its game design is simplistic. The music isn't as difficult to trigger compared to several other slots by Pragmatic, and its slow spins and chatter tease includes a couple of thrill to this game without the need to become too frustrating or annoying.

Even though it is, without any doubt, a volatile slot, it isn't close to being brutal, and it sometimes even ends up being quite wager friendly. There is lots of potential to it also. Nevertheless, the 600 times maximum win can't be achieved from one spin as an entire screen of Wilds will “only” yield 1000× your wager. This means that the potential isn't of the “explode” kind, but it is nonetheless there.

In general, this is a solid game that has a good quality both in its visual and when it comes to mathematical design and might also be one of the nicest 3 by 3 grid slots we have seen for some time now.

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