5 Lions Gold Slot

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5 Lions Gold slot Review

Commonly with the Pragmatic slot suite, it’s easy to observe an imbalance of Chinese-driven themes, a phenomenon that portrays the firm's solid relationship with Asia parts of the continents. We are yet to delve deeply into slot games with an Oriental theme; hence, our first reaction to attempting this 5 Lions Gold slot review was lack of interest.

It is far beyond ordinary slot games with an Asian story-line. Not only that, we could provide a similar comment on a slot game of a Mythology theme; likewise, that implies it is likely we're the one acting naïve. Meanwhile, every slot by itself. By chance, what we drive out here is Pragmatic Play only retrogresses the case since we discovered their inputs to be unusually common. Oops!

5 Lions Gold slot is not that 100% new game on board. The first version, commonly termed 5 Lions, got introduced as of the year 2018 & is almost similar to the latest edition in any way at first glance. Either version considers 243 winning ways with a 5 x 3-reel grid.

What accounts for a difference from both is the revamp with a jackpot element provided for in 5 Lions Gold slot; moreover, you'd spot out variety in each paytable, including the assumed RTP. This new edition had an increase with the Return to player rate, which spans from 95.64% – 96.52% attributable to its jackpot game. 5 Lions Gold slot is playable on every fitting gadget starting from 18 cents – €90 on each spin.

As discussed initially, the game outlook is quite common in style. The graphics have nothing so profound with the display outlook that catches the eye & the developer is yet to restructure the tales. You'd come about a stationary background of a Chinese pattern effect and firmaments along with a soundscape; moreover, you could have series of creativity rolling right on your brain.

Across the reels, it's so easy to notice characters of less worth 9 to A crowned heads, including better rewarding tortoises, koi carp, bullfrogs, Fenghuang birdies & monsters. The last-mentioned rewards the best payouts with up to 7x a player bet for five symbols appearing on a win-line. The gold-skinned fu lion acts as the wild while replaces every other character except for the scatter icon.

Bonus spins

5 Lions Gold considers three pots, every option with a predetermined amount:

  • Minor – offers 15x the players overall wager
  • Major – offers 250x the players overall bet
  • Grand – offers 2000x the players overall bet

The pots can appear in 2 different styles, starting with Gold-plated Reels Jackpot. On each spin, during either base game & bonus spin function, the reels randomly rotates transforms to gold, as many as five reels at Max. 3, 4, or 5 gold-plated reels activate the minor, major, or grand pots accordingly.

Another means is via the Caishen Random payout. It's activated at random & accessible during the bonus spins mode and base game; this can compensate you with any jackpot free game or Bonus spins mode. During the bonus game, players select a gold-plated coin that later releases jackpot icons if you can pair three similar icons to compensate with a commensurable jackpot.

Supposing you wish to try the 7000x winning streak, you must activate the Bonus Spins mode by descending the scatter icons simultaneously over second, third, and fourth reels. As soon as it's on view, you will have to select out of 7 alternatives, every option with a unique combo of multipliers and bonus spins. The choice with the lowest variance can offer 24 bonus spins alongside multiplying co-efficient of 2x, 3x, or 5x.

The highest variance option offers six bonus spins together with a multiplier of 15x, 30x, or 40x. Besides, you can opt for a mystery option that permits an arbitrary number of multipliers and bonus spins. Peradventure luck is on your side; you can be fortunate to earn 24 bonus spins & a multiplying co-efficient as much as 40x. Right after the bonus spins feature initiates, you'll have a multiplier chosen at random with every spin.


While playing the 5 Lions Gold slot game with time, it’s easy to notice the game lacks the best mind-blowing work of art & story-line.

The theme details in the form of archaic visuals & – most condemnatorily – the absence of relevant ideas (or tales). The graphics layout is only of minor relevance – majorly, the statistical configuration is the main factor that decides the success or failure of a slot game. Fortunately, as per the 5 Lions Gold slot, the true betting feature is fascinating than the visual artworks.

Despite that, 5 Lions Gold slot is poles apart from Pragmatic slot's best shot & only if you don’t feel anxious about the low Return to player rate that's commonly linked with jackpot slot games. Pragmatic slots portfolios feature much more preferable options with their array having provided the same or somewhat greater possibilities.

It is not pointless; nevertheless, the 7000x winning chance is adequate to grip one's mind; moreover, there is so much effort required to establish 5 Lions Gold, a competitive edge across the sector that's overwhelmed with titles of high grade.