Fire 88 Slot

Fire 88 Slot – Online (Pragmatic Play) Slots Free No Download!

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Fire 88 Slot is an online video slot that was launched by Pragmatic Play and it is made up of three reels plus seven bet lines. The minimum amount you can stake is 0.07 euros and the maximum amount is thirty-five euros. It is a medium volatile game with RTP of 96.46%.

About Fire 88 Slot Game

The three reels slot machines are known to be of simple graphics and designs but Pragmatic Play made an exception with the launching of Fire 88 Slot. The slot is Asian themes and it is made up of three reels with seven bet lines. When playing this game, many features are available that you can utilized. For example, there are wilds, free spins, and multipliers. The slot also contain a jackpot session with the availability of three jackpot options.

Graphics and Designs

Fire 88 Slot is Chinese themed slot game thus, you should expect the reels to contain designs that depict the culture. The reels contain dragons which is a symbol of good luck and power in the Asian history. Other icons that are present include:

  • Firecrackers
  • Flaming 88
  • Gems
  • Feng Shui Coins

The music used is in sync with the gameplay and the background is coloured red which is meaningful in the Chinese history.

Gameplay of Fire 88 Slot Game

To play the Fire 88 Slot game is very easy and simple. After you have registered with the online casino powered by Pragmatic Play and you have selected the game. You can proceed to start spinning the reels and if you are lucky to form winning combinations you will receive a huge payout. To form a winning combination, you will need to match three similar icons together on a bet line. The minimum amount you can stake per spin is 0.07 pounds and the maximum amount is thirty-five euros which you can adjust by select the minus or addition sign on the screen. You can select the auto play feature to enable the reels to spin on itself any time you place your bet.

Return to Player and Velocity of Fire 88 Slot

The payout percentage of the Fire 88 Slot is 96.46 percent and this is obtain from the relationship between the number of games you played and the return on one hundred euros. It is an average volatile game thus, both low rollers and high rollers are going to enjoy playing the game. This is because you will have the opportunity of betting low amount as well as winning high amount of money through the jackpot session.

Forming Winning Combination

To form a winning combination when playing the Fire 88 Slot you will need to bring together three similar icons on any of the available seven bet lines. Each of the symbols has its own payouts thus, your payouts will depend on the symbols you matched. However, you can receive up to a multiplier of thirty-five times the bet line. You can also activate the jackpot session after obtaining 3 Fire 88 icons.

Features of the Game

Many features have been included in the Fire 88 slot to boost the winnings of the players. You can easily form combinations that lead to winning when you land the wild icon. There is the respin feature too that can be activated with the appearance of 2 dragons. Additional winning options will be created during this feature such that there will be no movement of the dragon. When you are able to secure up to three dragons on the bet line you will receive thirty-five times your winning. The Fire 88 symbol is responsible for the activation of the jackpot feature in this game. Players will be provided with the opportunity to select nine Asian coins after activating the jackpot feature. When you showcase three jackpot icons that are similar, you will stop selecting the coins. If the icons you showcase are for mini jackpot you will receive thirty-eight timed your bet. If the icons are for minor jackpot you will receive eighty-eight times your bet. However, if the icons you showcase are that of the major jackpot, you will be rewarded with eigh hundred and eighty-eight times your bet.

Maximum Payout of Fire 88 Slot

When you start the game you have the opportunity of winning up to thirty-five times your stake if you are able to obtain 3 wild icons on the bet line. If you are able to land the major jackpot you will be rewarded with eight hundred and eighty-eight times your bet. This will be possible if the amount you stake is the maximum amount.

Playing Fire 88 Slot at Online Casino

If you want to play Fire 88 Slot you will need to visit any online casino that partnered with Pragmatic Play to serves as its software provider. When you want to register with an online casino ensure you have gone through the reviews of the casino and you are comfortable with the services offered. You can check our site for the list of online casinos that have the best Fire 88 Slot game. At any online casino you will be signing with, make sure you are being offered lucrative bonuses and the terms of claiming the winnings should not hard. Check if the depositing and withdrawing methods compatible at the casino are available in your region.

Mobile Compatibility of Fire 88 Slot

Many things are being done over the internet nowadays through mobile devices, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Almost everyone that has a mobile device or smartphone carries it anywhere they are going. This is one of the reason why making a slot game to be accessible on a mobile platforms. Pragmatic Play has ensured that Fire 88 is accessible on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Therefore, you can play the game wherever you are inasmuch as you are connected to the internet.


If you want to play a Chinese themed slot game then you should try out Fire 88 Slot from Pragmatic Play, a software developer known for its creativity. The themes and designs of the slots are fantastic depicting the Chinese culture since the reels contain relatable symbols. There are dragons dancing on the reels and firecrackers. Some classical slot games are known to offer minimal enjoyment but this is different in the Fire 88 Slot. Many features have been included that make it distinct from the other three reeled slot. There are three jackpots available to players together with the respins features. Register at Pragmatic Play online casino and start spinning Fire 88 reels.

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