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POLI Casinos – Online Casinos that Accept Poli Payment Method

This payment means known as POLI is a form of an electronic wallet or a form of credit or debit cards that can be use to withdraw and deposit funds at casinos. This review is meant to guide you on how and benefits of using this mode of payment for transactions.

poli online casinoAll You Need to Know About POLI

The initial name of POLI is Centricom, a form of payment in Austrialia with more than 100 years of operation. Melbourne in Australia is where this payment system is being utilized and about thirty-three million people use it for transactions carried out via their bank account. Therefore, POLI requires no card or even an electronic wallet for transactions to take place.

Having an active account with either of the eighteen banks in Australia and New Zealand is the only requirement for POLI transactions. Transactions with POLI can be carried out out once you own an account in one of the eighteen banks.

Games Offered by POLI casinos

There are quite a lot of gaming titles being offered at POLI casinos, there are numerous game titles on offer and this include classic games, table games and slots. Check our website for POLI casinos that are reliable to play at.

Using POLI for Funds Deposit

Below is the guide meant to follow by anyone who wish to make deposit with POLI.

  • Locate POLI supported casinos

Casinos that support the use of POLI are the only place you can transact with this form of payment and Australia and New Zealand houses those casinos.

  •   Locate the page that is meant for depositing on the casino and select POLI

After registering at your preferred POLI supported casino, select POLI as your mode of payment which you will see on the page that is meant for depositing funds.

  • Input the value you are willing to deposit

When you are done with the first step, input the value of funds you are willing to deposit and submit for processing.Acknowledge the deposit

After completing step two you will be automatically redirected to your bank page which is where the deposit will be acknowledged.

  • Await the fund to appear in your account

What is required of you upon completion of step three is to await the fund to appear in your account.

Safety and Security

This aspect is meant to be of utmost priority in any casinos and that is why casinos that support POLI prioritized the safety of their customers and this is a major factor that contributed to their rise in the gaming industry. Safety is ensured on these casinos by scanning their network for possible threats and by running a check on intruders day by day with a renowned security company assistance and through the review of their services by the eighteen supported banks.

The details submitted by players to this casino is safe and secure and no third party agent can have access to them.

Processing Period of Funds at casinos that Support POLI

Due to the fact that the transactions made with this payment method is processed swiftly, this mode of payment is now a famous means of payment being used in the two supported countries.

Customer Agents of casinos that Support POLI

The good news is that these casinos have excellent customer agents. The customer agents of these casinos are available to listen to all sorts of complaints players might encounter when using this payment system, they can be reached either by live chat, telephone or via an electronic mail.

Prons and Cons of POLI


Below are the merits of this payment option:

  • Payments are made immediately.
  • No registration is required for depositing funds.
  • Players won't be charged any fees for transactions.
  • It doesn't required the use of cards.
  • Instant receipt.


Below are the merits of this payment system:

  • Restricted to Aussies and Kiwis.
  • Registration is a requirement for withdrawal processing.
  • Irreversibility of funds.

Commonly Asked Questions

At what rate is this payment system charged?

Every funds deposited with this means attract no transaction fee meaning that they are all free.

Unfortunately, this system of payment is restricted to Aussies and Kiwis only.

Which other system of payments can one substitute for POLI?

If you're not a citizen of the two countries which this system of payment is restricted to, there is a necessity for you to source for another means and one of the system that work exactly like this system of payment is Bank Wire. Other include the use of cards and the use of an electronic wallet.

Are virtual currencies accepted as payment means by POLI?

Yes, POLI accept the use of virtual currencies but players identity need to be verified by the casinos.

POLI collaborate with which banks?

POLI can only be used in the eighteen supported banks that are situated across Australia and New Zealand.

Play Real Money Games at Casinos that Supoort POLI

The offers provided by this system of payment is enough to convince gamblers to play games with cool cash, this system provides excellent customer support, good security and free transaction fees. What is saddening is that it is restricted to Kiwis and Aussies. Locate casinos that support this system of payment and begin your gaming adventure with cool cash.


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