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Ethereum is a form of cryptocurrency that works on a technology called Blockchain. This decentralized payment system has been utilized by many casinos as a system of payment owing to its swift transaction processing period.

About Ethereum

A well-known fact is that Ethereum is second in line to Bitcoin in blockchain market and that is why Ethereum is adopted by several casinos to make payment more convenient for players to make payment without using the traditional means which uses a long time before they are processed. Read our review to know what await you at this casino.

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Ethereum as a Means of Payment

Second to Bitcoin in the blockchain market is Ethereum and it has been rising in recent years. Vitalink Buterin designed this blockchain technology in 2013. This payment means begin action officially in July 2015 with coins that worth 11.9 million of value.

Aside from the computing purpose of Ethereum, it also offer a form of cryptocurrency which is known worldwide to be the second in line to Bitcoin.; it is also called “Ether” and it can be trasferred from one account to another. Ether serve as form of payment for user nodes for all smart contract computations.

Ethereum works on a blockchain technology meaning that it is decentralized; this makes it easy to have a record of transactions that is made with Ether.

Gambling with Ethereum

The changes that is evolving in tech world led to provision of various means of payments. This also result to the implementation of cryptocurrency as means of payment at online casinos, though Ether hasn’t been implemented by a wide range of casinos but improvement is seen in its figures day by day. Casinos that uses Ether as payment methods gives players unforgettable adventure of gambling such as what is seen on Sin City.

Depositing with Ether at Casinos

Follow the guide below to deposit at your preferred casino with Ether:

  1. The first thing is to register at your preferred casino that accept Ether, locate the webpage that is meant for deposit on the site, and select Ether as your mode of payment.
  2. Choose your deposit amount for ether. After doing this, click on the value you are sending to your casino account.
  3. Transfer the Ether into your account. You will then transfer the Ether to the provided wallet address and click on submit. Ensure not to make mistake when writing the address.
  4. Await the funds to appear in your account.

Withdrawing with Ether at Casinos

Below is the guide you are to follow when you might have decided to withdraw with Ethereum.

  1. Visit the page that is meant for withdrawal on the webpage of your preferred casino and select Ether as your mode of payment. If you’re provided with Ether from your preferred casino, then you can withdraw your funds by visiting the page that is meant for withdrawal and select Ether as your mode of payment.
  2. State the value of Ether that you wish to withdraw from your account then submit for processing.

Games Offered at Ethereum Casinos

Every normal casino games is made available at Ethereum casinos. The available games include table games and classic games. Almost all casinos that make use of Ether as mode of payment have made their site to be mobile-optimized i.e. all their games can be played on your mobile from your comfort zone.

Prons and Cons of Using Ether as Payment Means at Casinos


Below are the prons of using Ether as a mode of payment at casinos.

  1. Secure transactions
  2. Anonymity
  3. Fast fund transfer.


Below are the cons of using Ether as a mode of payment at casinos

  1. Ether is implemented by limited number casinos.
  2. Less friendly when compared with BTC.
  3. Less available unlike Bitcoin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ethereum legalized as payment means?

The legal status of Ether is not clear enough since there is no that put a ban on it. Therefore, it is your choice to pay with Ether or not at casinos that accept this mode of payment.

What made Ether to be different from BTC?

BTC and Ether both works on blockchain technology but many differences are seen in them. Bitcoin has been existing before Ether and its stability exceeds that of Ether as well owing to its long existence. Another difference is that Ether transactions undergo quick processing than BTC.

Can welcome bonus be claimed at casino that use Ether for ayment?

It is a known fact that several casinos give players what is called sign up bonus and casinos that uses Ether as form of payment is not an exemption. Players are entitled to welcome bonus after registration.

Is it possible to substitute the Wallet address of Ether for BTC address?

A clear difference is seen in the two addresses; therefore, you should not use an address meant for BTC for Ether transaction.

Is Ether the only cryptocurrency that can be used for payment?

There other cryptocurrencies that one can make use of for payment aside Ether, for example, there are casinos that allow the use of BTC for transactions.

Start Playing Real Money Game at Ethereum Online Casinos

A well-established fact is that development in technology has made the world a better place, the implementation of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is an example. Cryptocurrency is a digital decentralized market, meaning that banks don’t have power over it. Although Ethereum was established in 2015 but it still appear as the most prominent coin after Bitcoin.

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