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Appreciation of UsermyFunds-supported Casinos, overview of UsermyFunds payment processor, associated benefits across the gaming sector, procedures to make deposits, withdrawals, connecting to the relevant customer representatives, merits & demerits, likewise lists of in support of UsermyFunds usage

In Canada, the dominant payment processor is UseMyFunds; this payment service eases online transactions possible with the mechanism of linking one's existing bank to online gaming provider confidentially.

UseMyFunds got launched in the year 2002 & claims an appropriate value of 1.6 billion patrons across the universe & the payment system is safe for use in performing transactions.

List of Online casinos in support of Use my Funds

To be frank UseMyFunds comparison among its peers in terms of years of operations, exposure, this payment processor takes the lead. The originator of this banking option has its form named “UseMyServices” & never relents in offering activities across the financial industry up to like thirty.

Furthermore, this firm maintains its proven approach & UseMyFunds persists to be a solution playing the role of an agent between the user's banking account & web-based gaming provider.

The Casinos presented above offers UsemyFunds to their subscribers primarily to make transactions. Select any of the options provided & amazingly it's not necessary to create a UseMyFunds Before you can kick off the game session.

Associated Benefits with USeMyFunds usage across online casinos

  • Recognized as the major banking solutions of the firm “UseMyServices.”
  • The service eases online transactions through the process of making transfers through the user banking account to the gaming provider
  • Prospective Users of UsemyFunds must own a web-based financial account across any of the vast numbers of their affiliates financial institutions across the whole universe primarily to have access.
  • The services demand nothing like extra fees on transactions made
  • It is the only user's that have an internet banking account based in Canada are eligible to make withdrawals.

Deposit & Withdrawal Procedures via UsemyFunds Across Online Casinos

Given that UsemyFunds do not require any of their user's identities, information's, creating an account, chances of adopting this payment solution might not be that easy for usage.

Nevertheless, there exist various conditions; perhaps you intend to obtain funds. Patiently go through the following directives on how to transfer payment in & out of a gaming account with UsemyFunds.


Follow this simple guide to transfer money to a gaming provider;

  • Select whichever game is in your mind, your budget to send, after that choose UseMyFunds provided among the list of banking methods available.
  • The next line of action is that you'll have access to several varieties of the financial institution available to make choices, make sure you pick a bank which you already link up with an internet bank account.
  • After that, the system then requires you to input the sign-in credentials registered with online banking.
  • Make verification of whichever sum you intend to pay across to the gaming provider.
  • Tap to return to the site of the gaming provider
  • Kick-off the gameplay straightaway

Should in case you are yet to own an internet banking account, to be realistic, all financial institutions make available online bank account, get in touch with the bank-firm to enjoy the privilege of owning an internet payment method.

At your disposal, you have the freedom to create a UseMyFunds account. However, this is not compulsory. The significant disparity is the accessibility to scan through previous records of your UseMyFunds payments.

Cash outs Request Procedures via UsemyFunds

  • Ensure to create an internet banking account in conjunction with any of banks based in Canada
  • Register via a UseMyFunds patron/customer account & keep safe your credentials details
  • The moment you get signed in across to your newly registered account, then extract e-blank documents to make a registration for Pre-Authorized Debit
  • Complete this Pre-Authorized Debit e-form alongside the entire essential info's, & submit / forward all files across to UseMyServices customer support representatives through a postal address, email, etc. The site page displays all the necessary information to get in touch with personnel.
  • Immediately after that, you'll get a notification message as a proof that UseMyServices already receive the application sent as soon two small tokens becomes visible. Usually, UseMyServices delivers just a single dollar or lower than to such banking account.
  • As soon as the small token bounces to the account, then sign-in straightaway to the gaming provider site & remove whichever amount you intend at your discretion.
  • While a player Chooses UseMyFunds as his / her cash-out method, then there is a possibility to receive the cash in the banking account.
  • The payouts get delivered instantly or take some working days for cases in which the user await the endorsement of the document.

Customer Support

UseMyServices provides the option of postal address across their branch in Canada, alternately email, or mobile contact. Luckily, users of UseMyServices can use this various medium all-round the clock. The complete information is available in segment provided for “contact us” in the pages.

Applicable Charges

Online casino players can utilize UseMyFunds to make transactions without requiring any additional charges. However, the user's bank is possible to levy some fees, just a slight amount primarily for players to utilize internet payment solution for transactions.

It's necessary to verify alongside your specific internet bank. Take note that UseMyServices levy $1.00 for each deal following each cash out request from internet-based casino to a bank account.

Merits of UsemyFunds payment processor

The service does not require additional software's

You'll notice the rest of banking methods requires the users to download software's across computers or gadgets before usage, which is never the case of UsemyFunds. Players can perform transactions directly through any online browser, thereby making app downloads unnecessary.

Quick delivery of Transaction requests

Should in case this is your first experience to use UseMyFunds, registration is simple, fast, likewise submission of documents for approval. The only thing necessary is sign-in credentials to your online payment solutions to get started. There is no delay whatsoever while you forward money from an internet bank account to online gaming provider of your choice.

It does not require registration of an account before usage access

This payment processor makes sense as it does not demand a user to present their identities or create a UsemyFunds account before they can make the most of UsemyFunds privileges.

Safety & Unidentified Transactions

UsemyFunds encourages transactions made which the sender/user remains unidentifiable; the security is superb in terms of preventing players data getting loose to fraudsters. Every of players information remains safe & no other intermediary can access the files. The transaction only requires the player's email.

Deposits require no Charges

UseMcharges Payments service do not require fees on each deposit made by its users. However, the patron's bank might demand some charges subject to the financial institution, generally its cost-free.

De-Merits of UsemyFunds payment processor

The only user's having Canada-based banks have access to Cashouts request

To be eligible for withdrawal, such user must have a bank account based in Canada & gets endorsed Pre-Authorized Debit. Besides, it's necessary to exercise patience to get the documents endorsed.

There are limitations to Payment options

Users are bound to make use of their money only in their current bank account. It's impossible to top-up UseMyFund account via Electronic wallet or whichever card option. The system works only through the mechanism of connecting the users banking account to a gaming provider.

UsemyFunds is available for use in few countries

it's mandatory to be a national/native of any of the endorsed regions listed on their web pages to qualify for usage of this payment service. Besides, it’s necessary to own an internet bank account with any of the financial institutions which UsemyFunds affiliates with across allowed areas.


UsemyFunds focal points make it possible to make payments free from issues related to registration & identity authorization. Ensure you have a web-based bank account across any of banks which UseMyFund affiliates with the bank & get started to carry out transactions free from delays.


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