Wagering requirements

Every time you will need to cash out winnings when you have received a casino bonus, you must meet some wagering requirements. It means that you must have played for some time before cashing out. The “some time” is the value of your wagers multiplied by a value chosen by each online casino. “Wagering $800” does not mean that you should deposit or play $800 of your money… That means that you should play for $800 of bets. On a $100 deposit (real money), you can play for $800 of bets, since when you win / lose, you bet more than what you have deposited. That’s what we call the “level of play”. Experimented players can wager a lot, while beginners wager small (or a lot if they are lucky).

So when an online casino states that before requesting a cash out you must wager 8x bonus & deposit, it’s that your level of play should be 8 x bonus + 8 x deposit. So if you deposit $100 with a match bonus up to $100, you must wager 8 x $100 + 8 x $100 = $1,600. You must play throughout $1,600 of bets before being able to cash out any winnings.

Some online casinos require that you wager only the bonus, others only the deposit, others the two, and each online casino has a different value to multiply. Some are requesting 10, some 20, some 2, etc…

Why these “wagering requirements” exist? Because online casinos expect that you are an “honest” player and want you to gamble naturally. In fact, some players, called “bonus hunters” only play for being able to cash out the bonus. They make no-risk wagers, for example red & black on Roulette, to inflate their wagering level and then being able to cash out the bonus, just for making money. Why online casinos don’t monitor this kind of play and drop these “wagering requirements“? Because they can’t monitor every player – impossible task.

Usually, honest online casinos have soft wagering requirements corresponding to an average level of play. But there are some unscrupulous operations instituting drastic terms and conditions in order to prevent themselves to pay winnings. Or it can happen that this average level of play is not matching a sudden win at the beginning of a gambling session, so you can’t cash out this win and then you must wager a bit more for being able to cash out.

Concerning your deposits, you must be able to always get them back (if you don’t have lost them 😉 ). The terms & conditions are not regulating your own money and you can cash out any amount of your money whenever you want. Any online casino withholding your deposits and stating that you should wager more are rogue casinos. Bonus Exclusion Games