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Western Union Casinos – Top Online Casinos that Accept Western Union

Western Union is one of the highly trusted mode of payment by layers owing to its flexibility and safety. Many Casinos have recognized Western Union as a means of transaction just because of these reasons. To know more about Western Union, the usage, accessibility and flexibility, kindly go through this review.


In 1851, Western Union was created and within a span of two years it has already been recognized as one of the best means of transaction by users all over the world. This mode of payment is formerly known as New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company before being changed after five years.

Ever since then, more effort has been input into the success of this payment options in order to provide players with a suitable option of making payment. This company is notable for possessing agents almost half a billion in two hundred countries and above worldwide.

How to make a deposit via Western Union

To make a deposit is very simple in as much as you act in accordance to the steps stated below:

  1. Before making a deposit, you need to ascertain if your preferred casino support this mode of payment, after that you register with them. It is after you have registered you will be able to deposit.
  2. Locate a one of their branch around your place of residence.

Once you have created the account, in order to make any transaction you need to speak with their customer service that will direct and guide you.

  1. Contact the customer support agent in order for your transaction to be processed.

Once you have been provided with the necessary information, then a decision must be made by you on how you want them to process your payment; either through phone, online or physical presence at their nearest branch. Once your decision have been made, a tracking code will be given to you and then tender the code to your preferred casino customer service.

  1. Your transactions will be processed and check in into your casino account to confirm.

After tendering the code to your preferred casino customer service, the next thing is to wait till the transaction is complete and make sure to confirm through your account.

Withdrawing with Western Union at Online Casinos

The process used in making deposits is almost the same as that of withdrawal the major difference is in regard to players Western union account that all transactions will be managed by the Casino. For withdrawal to be successful, players need to input their MTCN code which can be obtained from the customer services of the Casino and then utilized to make a withdrawal.

Processing Period of Western Union

This mode of transaction is highly recognized due to its quick transactions processing, it does not take long when making a deposit but it takes six days for withdrawal to be complete.

Customer Service of Western Union

Several measures had been taken to ensure users maximum satisfaction. One if those measures is the customer support service through which customers with complaints or enquiries get in touch with them to provide answers. The support service provided by Western Union include telephone, email and a frequently asked questions page. Casinos that recognized Western Union also has customer servicd sysyem for players to reach them but this depend on the online casino you are playing at, their customer service can be reached mostly by chatting with them live, calling their number or if it is not urgent can send message via email. It is better users go through the frequently answered questions first so as not to waste their time asking questions that had already been answered.

Merits & Demerits of Using Western Union as a mode of transaction

Merits of Using Western Union

Listed below are part of the benefit of using Western Union.

  1. Transactions are done safely and the details of the users are kept secret from third parties.
  2. Presence of special bonus
  3. Presence of different options for sending funds.


The only problem encountered is when making a deposit via Western Union, it takes a lot of time for it to be complete.

Western Union FAQs

Can I use Western union as a means of transacting?

The first thing to do is to ascertain whether the casino of your choice support the use of Western union and if yes, there is nothing stopping you from transacting with it.

What are the Casinos that recognized Western Union as means of transaction?

Not all casinos recognized Western union for transaction, there is a list containing all the casinos that are compatible.

Can I withdraw through Western Union?

Of course! In as much as you followed the withdrawal process stated above, your winnings are withdrawable.

Can other credit cards options replace Western Union in transacting?

There are other credit card options such as amex, MasterCard and Visa that can replace Western Union for making transactions.

Is there any electronic wallet that can replace Western Union to make transfer?

PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are other forms of electronic wallets that can be use in lace of Western Union.

Enjoy and Play your favourite game at Western Union Casino

Although, a lot of casinos operating online do not use Western union but many players still prefer it to debit or credit cards and electronic wallets. Western Union is very reliable with many partner companies. Start using western union to make deposit and withdraw.


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