Webmoney Online Casinos

Webmoney Online Casinos – Best 3 Online Casino that Accept WebMoney Payment

Webmoney is an wallet program that was introduced in Moscow in 1998. WebMoney is compatible with several methods of transactions and it has some special features.

webmoney online casinoABOUT WEBMONEY ONLINE CASINO

In 1988, an eWallet transaction solution started operating in Moscow and it is known as WebMoney. It is used nationwide by 30 million people although it started with the citizens of Russia and Eastern Europe. WebMoney is now accepted in various online casinos for transfer all over the world and different denominations.


You will need to create an account and sign up with WebMoney online casino before you can make transactions and withdraw, you will need to input your telephone number, personal details, create a password and verify your telephone number. Then you select the denominations you want your wallet to be in (United States dollars, Euros, Belarusian, Ukrainian or Russian Rubles).


Security is very important that is why different levels of identification and verification which is passport is required at this online casino. Based on the kind of transactions and activities you want to carry out with your account, we have four classification of passport and they are:

  • Alias Passport

After creating your account, you will be liable to this passport. Since the level of identification of this passport is quite low then making withdrawal is not possible although you can make transactions in some instances. This is because the casino does not yet trust you since your verification security is minimal. The services this passport offer is small and you will procure it without any fee.

  • Formal Passport

This one is advantageous than alias passport because here you will be able to withdraw winnings although to create this passport it requires an additional identification or your passport. With this passport, you can link you WebMoney wallet with your MasterCard or Visa, you will be allowed to withdraw winnings at WebMoney online and make transactions. You can procure this passport also without a fee.

  • Initial Passport

This is more advantageous than Alias and Formal passport options because it has higher transactions and withdrawal limits. To get this passport, you will need to take your identification directly to the WebMoney agent and it requires a certain to procure it.

  • Personal Passport

This the passport with the highest transaction and withdrawal limit and it is for gamers that want to deposits extraordinarily high baccarat. You will need to pay a certain fee to the WebMoney agent and present additional levels of verification. You can read more about it on the website.


In order to use WebMoney account after activation on your computer, you need to download and install WM Keeper Classic onto your PC but it is only applicable to users with MS Windows operating systems. Also, you can download and install WebMoney personal transfer certificate where you will be able to access WM KeeperWebPro Light through your internet browser. You can also access it using the E-Num authorization service. For Mac users you can download and install the Keeper Standard Mini although you won’t have access to all the features of WebMoney.


Top up your account by using bank wires, cash-in-terminals, prepaid cards and vouchers, MasterCard or Visa, internet banking and money transfer systems. The fee you will be charge will depend on the means you use to top-up.


Ticket can be created online to lodge complain regarding making or receiving transaction. You can contact their office in Saint Petersburg or Moscow for other enquiries.


Any country can make use of WebMoney although the time to make transfers may be longer since it is basically for Russian citizens before. Other denominations it supports are; USD, Euro and Rubel.


For every online transaction the casino charge 0.8%, then with your bank card you can be charge 2.5%, with cash-in-terminals charge in between 2 and 10%, bank wire is 1.5%, and WebMoney exchange office charging between 0 and 4%. You can check out the exact amount on the website.


Different ways to deposit into the account through Visa or MasterCard, bank transfers, cash points and so on.

  1. You can make private transactions by making transactions and withdrawals to any online casino of your choice without anyone knowing.
  2. lso, your bank details and contact cannot be disclosed to any online casino.
  3. It is also available for other gamblers all over the world not only Russian and Easter European gamblers.


  1. For every service a fee will be incurred and it is of varying amount based on the mode of transaction with 0.8% charge on every online transaction
  2. Half of the words all on the website are written in Russian therefore making some important information unavailable to non-Russian speaker.
  3. At first glance you can get confused with their financial services because there are lots of it together with different software options to make transaction
  4. It is not easy for gamblers based outside Russia and Eastern Europe to access the customer service and also get in touch with the WebMoney agents.


At this online casino you can play either Slots, Craps, Blackjack, Pai Gow or any game you're interested in playing and join users from all over the world in enjoying the service this casino provide. Transactions on this casino is also safe and secure since they provide one of the most anonymous mode of transaction.

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