Serengeti Kings Slot

Serengeti Kings Slot Review (Best NetEnt Slots) 

Serengeti happens to be a new slot created by NetEnt. After some mediocre games have been created, NetEnt has made a conscious effort in coming up with some fantastic games that are so attractive and very easy to carry out gameplay on.

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There is nothing so special in the screenshot, but then the aural effect is of great significance. The wilderness in Africa cannot be said to be very strange to the gambling world; all of the plains are littered with corpses of slots that are very old. Developers who will like to make use of this kind of theme will need a bit of magic before they can stand out

This slot has taken a light-hearted approach. It depicts what Walt Disney regard as Africa in which there are no creepy crawlies and bugs. It pictures a kind of atmosphere in which there is a deadly beast that cannot be said to be very deadly, and they are very playful. The nice background is the very reason why this game is so enticing is that the background is so amazing, and the soundtrack stands out. It happens to be the Lion King-ish, and it has a soulful group is singing, which makes the black choices very lively and vibrant. Cases whereby the Lion King had a laid back slacker, the siblings will help in which they are interested in enjoying life rather than ruling it. Of course, it is important to understand the fact that the interface is user-friendly and new games are implemented daily, this slot has resemblance with some other games produced by the NetEnt

There are 26 pay lines with 5 – reel and 4-row grid. There are odd numbers that slightly put things off in such a way that we would prefer 1024 ways. The bet levels are of wide range as it stands from 10 p/c on each spin which is up to £/€100. The symbol has come in a well-balanced mix. Of course, the low pays are up to 9, the royals have been designed in such a way that it makes use of the various animal skins. The symbols that pay at a very high level include zebras, lions, panthers, hyenas, and giraffes. The lions and the panthers happen to be the Kings on this slot, and they are very valuable in such a way that you are going to get 5x of your bet when you can land 5 of the same kind. The wild symbols can give up to 50x of your stake on a full payline, and it can serve as a replacement for any of the other regular symbols. The RTP ranges from 96.2% – 96.7% it all depends on the particular one you select


Play on Serengeti King Slot


As earlier said, the Lions and Panthers happen to be the king around here, and they play a significant role in these games. The black panthers are associated with the Black Panthers. The beginning of this game starts with the Lion Spin, and later you will have to switch to the Panthers spins. The two have 12 spins each, and they make their appearance on the reels such that they will be able to collect the two counters

When you make the 12th spin on the Lions Spin, the game will not collect any of the symbols of the lion. Instead of doing this, you are going to trigger all of the lion symbols in which are sprinkled at random over the reels. Of course, this same thing applies to the Panther symbol that you will get to see on the 12th reel. This can be used to create some winning combinations in some other aspects. Any moment In which the lion symbol lands on the panther, or it happens otherwise, they are going to change their form into wild. Cases whereby animals that are similar lands on each other, they are going to land on one another as 1 is added to the multiplier. Situations whereby a cat lands on a wild, 1 will as well be added to the multiplier

For each of the betting lines, there is a multiplier. Reasonable number of the multipliers have their winning combinations, and all of the multipliers are added to the win lines. The moment you can complete the 12th spin, the game is going to switch to the other side of the cat mode, and the same process is going to get itself repeated

Now let us make the highlight of the bonus rounds. There are three or more scatter symbols that will help you in triggering free spins, which is up to 12. As you land more scatter, the better you have the chance of getting Panthers and the lion symbols such that you will be able to enjoy the final spin

For three scatters, you are going to start the bonus round with the zero lions or panthers right in the counter

For the four scatters, the number of scatters and lions that have been collected up to that level are then retained

For the 5 scatter, you are going to make an additional 5 to the panthers and lions that have been collected already

While making the final spin which happens to be the 12th, both Panther and Lion symbol will be placed on the reels such that it can create wilds, multipliers, and combos


This game is excellent, and it has so many original features that will breathe life to the old theme and things that are of serious relevance. Of course, we are also happy with the fact that NetEnt has come up with a fantastic game that catches our attention, and they have done this simply and straightforwardly with amazing graphics

The spins come in 12 different batches with a Panther and Lion feature which later paved the way for real excitement


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