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Super6 Slots

Super 6 Slot

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A slot game review programmed by RTG developer, titled Super 6 Slot, features 6×3 reel arrangement, a completely different slot with an old-time Chinese theme, which you can come across characters like lotus plantations, spring-operated fans, old-time ornaments, Winged Beasts & several possible winning combinations which make up for Super 6

Given this slot name, you might believe that Realtime Gaming makes pledges of a single slot launch every month, which has eventually led them to have no other choice than to scrape around for unused funny magazines champion story-lines.

As a result, possibly, you might get mistaken. However, with regards to the launch of the thriving Zhanshi slot machine, here is a different slot with an old-time china story-line.

Right from time, this developer gets incredibly recognize owing to its multiple slot story-line in demand & this is justifiable. As of now, this developer already exhibits quite a satisfactory range of slots of diverse niche across its portfolios.

Players might be a little bit worrisome as this Super six-slot might never provide considerably much in terms of creative or outstanding pattern; however, yes, there are lots to expect as offerings with regards to the game mechanics.

More particularly, the areas of configuration & freebies offer, the two are not well-known, alongside 6×3 reel arrangement. Also, an exceedingly many-sided scatter giveaway method that turns out to be increasingly favorable as the scatter symbol which gets stuffed increases over this slot reels.

Super 6 Slot


Just we already discussed earlier; this Super 6 slot employs nothing so special that much, however, it's not as bad in other side views. The visual artworks & musicals in this slot are similar to what's available in a well-designed slot with Asia theme, & by no doubt, we accord this developer much prestige as we can expect something substandard.

Players of Super 6 Slot can come across every one of the usual expectations, possibly from a golden slot like lotus plantations, spring-operated fans, old-time ornaments, Winged Beasts, flashlamps & Koi carp.

Before anything else, while playing this slot, players can notice a strange action which is in preparation, emerges with this slot scatter symbol, of which its instead a single icon, six alphabets that put together this slot title over the game reels. Pay attention to this symbol as it's the great attraction of this slot.

Mobile Friendly

Our experts assessed this slot on hand-held & computer devices; they get to discover that the slot play is accessible in a downloadable format, mobile mode & flash play.

Even the latest release of apple brands, which is quite inspiring while this slot display rearranges alongside a more extensive thickset control, which simplifies the gameplay, this might appear insignificant. However, it's our desire; all other software designers adopt this style to their innovation.


As regards creativity & uniqueness, remarkably Super-6 slot is indeed worth it, which turns out to be among the most popular new online slot games ever available. To start with, Super six feature 6-reels grid set-up, alongside any formats for winning methods, which is quite apparent & orderly.

This sixth reel thereby establishes high distinction to prospective winning combos alongside this gameplay. However, we never anticipated so many strange winnings during the main game provided the possibility of freebies accompaniment.

Wild symbol & Various Possible Combinations

Super 6 slot features coin characters that can replace whichever symbol available, quite common in other slot games. Notwithstanding, sometimes alters from their usual actions/role in benefiting the player each time activation of free rounds occurs, at this junction, puts all consideration since the freebies form turns out to be more turned on / intense.

Whichever 4 of scatter symbols that form this slot title, back-to-back, starting from leftmost to other edge or vice versa, on the exact row or not, then this can activate simple spins feature such that every jackpot gets magnified in twofold.

Form either R6 or SU among this slot title over exact pay-line, then such player can obtain stuffed wild symbols over this slot third & fourth reels.

At the same time, form any of ER6 or SUP, then you can every reward discussed earlier, including a 5x multiplier. Besides, create 4 of PER6 or SUPE over exact row, then you can anticipate the above awards, including new Crowned head wild over four of this slot reels.

Having examined the incredible reward of the four scatter symbols, you can presume that for five or six of this scatter symbols offers something more superb. Five of the scatter icons offer 2x jackpots & mixed wild symbols instantly; 2 alphabets respectively tend to offer 5x multiplying co-efficient factor.

Whereas any of ER6 or SUP over the pay-line, players can secure a Crowned head wild over four of these slot reels as well as PER6 or SUPE over the pay-line, then such participants have access to every of the reward on top & 2 mixed wild symbols.

As regards the formation of the symbols on fifth pay-line, any of UPER6 or SUPER, then expect every of earlier discussed including combined wild symbols over four out of 6 running reels.

Last, of all, there are 6 of scatter symbol freebies, such that this slot indeed seems right, while you can secure 6x multiplier scatter symbol over whichever spot over this slot reels offers jackpots worth x2, & mixed wild symbol on 2 of this slot reels. Form 2 alphabets, then you can obtain winning multiplying co-efficient worth x5.

3 Alphabets in just a single row include extra emperor wild symbol over the four reels; four alphabets later include mixed wild symbols over second & fifth reels. In comparison, five letters make visible the combined wild icons over four running reels.

You might be anxious for 6 of the scatter symbols; every six scatter icons back-to-back tend to offer drum roll. Also, possibly two stacked wild reels, emperor character in the form of wild symbol over a different two reels, mixed wild over the entire reels & 5x winning multiplying coefficient.


RealTime Gaming is indeed bettering their slot innovations with the newest feature across to the slot portfolios. Super 6 visual artworks are incredibly bright & the musical backgrounds blend nicely with this slot story-line; the same applies to the various symbols.

There is not a bit of less rewarding icons viewable. Indeed, players can get carried away with exceptional style, gameplay & crazy features.