Roulette En Prison Rule

En Prison and La Partage: The Complete Explanation

All explanations related to the two classic rules in the game of roulette as well as the popular even money bet. What are they and how are they applied?

It could undoubtedly be disregarded in some cases that the European wheel for roulette contains 37 numbers. The purpose behind this absent mindedness has to do with the way that casinos rewards every triumphant wager as though only 36 numbers exist on the wheel. It is almost usually not paid attention to that there is a green zero which is a component of the wheel as well.

For instance, if an individual stake straight on any number, there is likelihood that such individual has a possibility of winning one in every 37. Be that as it may, should their wager be productive, they are paid just 36/1.

Accordingly, the zero represents the edge. Players are viably paid a 2.7% short of what they ought to be for tolerating a 36/1 payment for a triumphant wager that comes with a 37/1 possibility of being fruitful.

For players playing the American table of roulette containing two zeros, a green 00 and another green 0, house edge happens to be even further tilted to the casino’s advantage at 5.4%, on the grounds that the player would only get paid at 36/1 a wager that has only one likelihood of winning from every 38.

The featuring of 00 on an American wheel is however not the main difference when compared with the European counterpart. Other differences that exist between the two are listed below.

Even cash wagers

The edge the house has isn’t only a factor that applies to straight-up wagers. It additionally comes to play on cash wagers that are even. That is, those bets perceived to come with a 50/50 winning possibility, for example, red vs black or even numbers against odd.

Players are compensated at 1/1 when they accurately wager on one of these types of game, which means on the off chance that they stake £100, they recover their wager, in addition to another £100 on top.

Nonetheless, again as a result of the available green zero, their odds of winning on such games are 18/37 and not 18/36. Accordingly, a player would not be paid 100% of his base wager but 102.7%.

As for those wagering £20, hypothetically they are being scammed 54p on each triumphant wager due to the advantage of house edge for them. Be that as it may, a few casinos may offer bonuses as a method of lessening the said house edge.

The following are two explicit principles which started in France, yet have discovered their route to different casinos all over the globe.

The La Partage Rule

Prison and La Partage

It ought to be recalled that the available 0 shouldn’t generally be viewed as a negative. All things considered, players can wager legitimately on it just as they can do with some other number available and it’s similarly prone to producing a win.

Furthermore, with La Partage, on the off chance that it’s the triumphant number, even cash wagers losses are not totally losses. Rather, 50% of the stake that lost is credited back to the bettor, therefore cushioning the loss. What this additionally does is commendably lessen the edge of the house to 1.35%.

If an individual wager on the lucky number 11 for black and 34 for red is the triumphant number, they get to lose their entire stake and will not get the fringe benefit.

En Prison

When an individual is placed in prison, such individual is secure, locked up and limited. So is somebody’s even cash wager when the ball spins and falls on a zero in a situation where the casino has the En Prison rule on offer. Rather than getting back a portion of the stake lost as in La Partage, En Prison ensures that it is viably kept in place till the accompanying spin. If the base wager is effective when next turn is done, the player gets to receive their entire stake back, in any case, vitally, not the rewards they would be expecting to have at first.

Along these lines, if an individual had wagered £100 on black, the bet would be imprisoned following the primary turn of zero, however on the off chance that the second turn results in the ball finishing in 31 black, the player gets their £100 bet returned. Be that as it may, they clearly would have gotten £40 if the 31 had landed on the first turn.

Similar to the La Partage rule, En Prison additionally decreases the resulting house edge to 1.35% from 2.7%.

Bonus chips

A method of tempting in more visitors is for casinos to put vouchers of free-chip vouchers in close by lodgings. An individual may then trade these vouchers out when they visit the casino to get extra chips, which have to be bet before having the option of cashing out.

This greatly increases the odds of cashing out genuinely on the off chance that this is done in a casino that offers one of either En Prison or La Partage.

 The En Prison Rule: What it is.

This is a guide on the online roulette rule which happens to be common on French tables but can also be found online.

This is one of the well-known rules for the game of roulette. The “En Prison Rule” which literally translates to “in prison” ca be likened to another rule, La Partage Rule. En Prison is common and can easily be found at Roulette tables of the French such as can be seen in Monaco. En Prison is quite scarce online as we have not come across it before. Despite this, it is still a huge possibility for online casinos to offer it, we just happen not to have seen any at the time of putting this article up. Ensure to notify us should you find before we do.

If you find yourself playing at any casino which has this rule on offer, you have the option of getting down as low as 1.35% the edge of roulette house. This is a low percentage similar to what you will get when playing at any online game of roulette which offers “La Partage” to gamblers, what this means is that you essentially don’t have to worry yourself about looking for this too hard.

Is there any difference between both? For a start, both rules are concerned with even playing of money outside of bets such as red/black or odd/even on Roulette tables of the French. As for La Partage, the reward gotten is half your stake whenever the ball lands in zero. When playing on a Roulette table where “En Prison” is on offer, the dealer is going to put a marker on top of all bets that are even-money when the ball lands in pocket zero, effectively placing the stake in prison while another spin follows. The bet is repeated, and if the bet comes in, the original bet therefore gets returned. That is, you will not get paid and you will be awarded back your original stake. The reduction that happens in edge of the house is the same as in “La Partage”. And this comes in useful for systems like Single Column Bets strategy that involve money bets that are even.

In some casinos, a further option exists for this En Prison rule called “second spin zero”. In the event that the ball falls on the zero another time (twice consecutively), the stake stays “en prison”. This has been said to exist even though We have not played on any table where this is on offer.

Similar to La Partage, the En Prison Rule is well known with players focusing on even-money betting for instance the Labouchere and Martingale.

This rule applies not to other bets outside like the columns or dozen bets. You lose when the ball falls on zero. Shame, right?


Comparisons and differences between two ‘player friendly’ rules as far as European Roulette is concerned.

Part of the principal things that players of roulette learn is how to distinguish the roulette wheel that is American from the one that is European. The American roulette wheel comes with two spots for zero (00 and 0) as well as numbered up to spots 36 for an aggregate of 38 dissimilar results for each ball spin. The European roulette wheel on the other hand has just one zero (0) as well as spots numbered up to 36 for 37 dissimilar results. In the event that you crunch the numbers to decide ‘house edge,’ it likewise implies that American roulette wheels make a house edge of 5.26% the casino whereas the roulette wheel that is European has a home edge of 2.70% that is essentially lower.

With respect to where your game is played, there are different principles peculiar to the European wheels which is capable of working in favor of the player. These principles aren’t anything but difficult to track down however there are other casino rules that are ‘player friendly’ and simple to discover. These guidelines are referred to by their French names. They are ‘La Partage’ and ‘En Prison’. Just as European wheels generally, they’re essentially simpler to discover in Europe. Truth be told, ‘La Partage’ is offered as a matter of basics at many casinos that are French. The other one ‘En Prison’ is harder to discover in Europe yet many professionals recommend it and hold that it happens to be more beneficial wager when compared to ‘La Partage’. These two rules are peculiar to wagers that are ‘even money’.


When translated to English, ‘La Partage’ means ‘the divide.’ The explanation for which it is referred as such will become clear after explanations are made on the rule. Just as ‘En Prison’, ‘La Partage’ also comes to play just for even cash wagers. As stated earlier, it is a basic rule that comes to play at most French casinos by default. Similar to the case somewhere else, the outside ‘even cash’ wagers are well known where European bettors are gathered. These wagers are the even-odd, red-black, or high-low bets which are all bets that pay off with even cash involved.

Whenever the rule ‘La Partage’ is in play, this is what happens–whenever the wheel turn concocts a ‘zero’ (recall that European wheels comes with just a single zero) all even cash wagers are promptly shared into equal parts by the dealer, saving half of it for the betting house and giving the other half back to the bettor. In case you’re believing this must essentially diminish the resulting ‘house edge’ with roulette, you are correct. Actually, it likewise slices the ensuing house edge down the middle straight from 2.70% without the rule to as low as 1.35% with ‘La Partage’.

Remember that just the even cash is discounted into half under ‘La Partage’ rules. Different wagers including section, individual number wagers and column are generally losses when the zero falls on the roulette wheel.


This ‘En Prison’ principle is a minor variation from a similar topic as ‘La Partage’ wager. Even the person who is less educated have most likely made sense of that ‘En Prison’ signifies ‘in prison’. Also, similar to the ‘La Partage’ wager the reason for the nomenclature will also be promptly apparent once the explanation is laid out on ‘En Prison’ wager. Just as ‘La Partage’ wager ‘En Prison’ wager covers only even cash wagers. What happens here is that when a zero shows up on the roulette wheel, the dealer puts a marker on the wager demonstrating that the bet is ‘in prison’. When the next spin is made, the player recovers this unique wager completely if he wins. In this way, in the event that he wagers $200 on an ‘Even’, when a zero appears followed by a number that is even, he recovers his $200. On the off chance that an odd number accompanies a similar scenario, he loses the whole wager.

In casinos that offer ‘La Partage’ principle in play as the default, the betting player may indicate his interest if he wants his stake ‘En Prison’. Then again, he can simply acknowledge half his bet back in ‘La Partage’ and proceed with play starting there.