Gambling in Florida

Florida Gambling Laws


Going by Section 848 of the Florida code, it is clearly stating the fact that a land-based casino that is not well licensed should be considered as a crime that is deemed to be an offense that is punishable by conviction.

Having said this, the state has made provision for home games, but then the provision is not made for any regulation that is applicable for an online play. The enthusiasts that are based in Florida are given a chance to carry out their gameplay on an offshore site. Most especially when the local authorities did not develop any interest in getting a potential loophole which will give them the chance to prosecute the individual players


The availability of the land-based casino in Florida is exclusively available in table games and slots. Out of the eight tribal casinos, five of them give up to over 1,000 slots. The gambling establishment are all situated at Coconut Creek, Immokalee, Tampa and Miami

The resident is not given any access to any casino that is regulated, and we confidently say that it is too early to make speculations on the iGaming companies that will develop your interest in launching the sites that are licensed by Florida. With the present situations, law-abiding fans that are based in Florida are now stuck to the social sites

The casino platforms that you will get to see offshore accepts the players that reside in Florida, and they gave gambling a definition that goes thus “playing or engaging in any card game or game of chance, at any place, by any device, for money or probably any other thing that is of great value.”


Generally, Florida is considered to as the poker hotspot in the United States and is as well full of the land-based card rooms. The unfortunate thing is that the local fans are not given a chance to access any site that is sanctioned by the state, and it will give them the opportunity to take their hobby online. Situations where you wish to play the poker online without going against the laws of the land. The primary option that you are meant to get yourself engaged in a social gaming platform that is poker friendly, which includes the Zynga. Another alternative that you can make use of is the offshore poker rooms, and this can as well put you in legal jeopardy as the legal status of the platforms can be said to be the same thing with that sites offshore

Sports Betting

When you bet on the traditional slot, it can as well be considered as illegal in Florida, and more so, the idea of making an introduction of this form of gambling into the sunshine states as they seem to face more resistance compare to other iGaming Bill. The bet placed on dog and horse race is legal, and the two wagerings allowed include the off-track and inter-track, but then the two are unavailable on the internet. The residents in Florida can as well engage in an online sports betting and can as well take advantage of the offshore sportsbook even with the fact that you can question their legality

Daily Fantasy Sport

The situation of the regular fantasy sport is unstable. Looking at Section 849.14 defines illegal gambling, which does not feature an exemption for the skills of the games. In 1991, the attorney general who happens to be Robert A Butterworth issued a legal opinion that states that the DFS contest should be regarded to as illegal any time are being carried out within the borders of the state

Having said this, the DraftKings and FanDuel offer real service to the people that reside in Florida, and they are to account for over 3 – 5% of the user base on the site. The time Forbes posed this question, the two companies have refused to make any comment on the issue. For matters to be complicated further, the authorities in Florida have not decided to turn this to a legal battle, and the Republicans locally mow pushes for the legalization of DFS. Of course, it is essential to say that their attempts have not yielded any result

Of course, this lack of certainty already forced the Yahoo DFS to make their withdrawal from the market in Florida. Some of the other small operators which include the StarsDraft and the DrafttOps as well play it safe and refused to accept DFS fans that are based in Florida


It holds a state lottery that carries out its operation in a wide range, which includes fast play game, scratch-off, and none of them can be said to be available online. Just in case you intend playing the Powerball and Mega Millions, what you are to do is to visit over 13,000 retailers that are well licensed as the Lottery website that is officially created to ensure that the necessary information is being given to the players


The operation of the Live Bingo is carried out by the commercial bingo halls and the charitable organization. But then none of them are given a chance to have online availability. The Bingo site as well accept the resident in Florida even though their operation is carried out by the companies offshore, and the user can as well be risky


What are the particular kinds of gambling made available in Florida?

The local tribal casino is predominantly licensed when it comes to gambling in FL, going by the fact that no commercial establishment is well located within the states. Aside these, Florida carries out its operation in the pari-mutuel horse betting and lottery

Which of the offshore gambling sites accepts the residents in Florida?

All the gambling enthusiast in Florida are free to join, as they are faced with the iGaming platforms with the inclusion of Bovegas

Is provision made for intrastate online gambling?

Unfortunately, provision is not made for this as no site is licensed to carry out its operation in the intrastate market

Can Florida regulate online Gaming?

A conscious effort is being made by the lawmakers to push for the iGaming Bill.