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iGaming Industry and Regulation Indiana Gambling


For a very long time, Indiana has not launched any iGaming industry that is regulated; with this, it should not come as a surprise that the recent regulation is well dated and subject to different forms of interpretation.

Going by Section 35 of the Indiana code, any player that takes part in a gambling activity that is not licensed can be considered as a criminal activity. Having said this, it is important to state the fact that this rule does not apply to players that play offshore, as the court is making a clear stand regarding the live gambling and the online games. When you host and operate online games that are not licensed, it will be considered to as a felony which will be taken with seriousness by the law


In 1993, the introduction of the casino-style gambling was made in Indiana when the legislature decided to override the veto of Governor Evan Bayh’s, and the legislature made the authorization of the construction of the riverboats. The casinos are well confined to Ohio River, PatokaLake, and Lake Michigan; for this reason, they are not that accessible to the residents of Indiana. The authorization of the 11th casino was made in 2004, and Two race tracks casino is as well housed by Michigan

The local businesses are operated by these establishments around some certain properties; the only two exceptions are the Horseshoe casinos, in which Caesars Entertainment controls. The unfortunate thing is that there is no availability of the casino that is sanctioned by the state, and when you carry out gameplay on an offshore site is illegal. Any moment in which Indiana has come up with the decision to make gambling legal, then you should expect an online gambling partner. 888 happens to be part of the provider in the industry that will enter the market


In Indiana, there are up to 10 live pokers, and this happens to be one of the biggest that the operation is carried out by the Horseshoe Casino Hammond that is owned by Caesars. The hosting of the WSOP events is done regularly. There is no availability of the legal online poker, and the local legislature is not working on any bill that will probably alter this when you play on an offshore site, it is considered as being illegal and a criminal activity

Sports Betting

As things stand in Indiana, sports betting is illegal, and the only exception includes horse race betting that is very available on the two sites, which include the satellite facilities and the local casinos. The moment when the supreme court strikes out the Indiana legislator made the PASPA law that places a ban on the sports betting, after this was done at the federal level, an introduction of the sports betting bill. This is well sponsored by the Rep, which happens to be Allan Morrison, which to the involvement of steep taxes, which can be said to be a 1% integrity fee, which is very beneficial for some leagues and the state is going to derive 9.25% of the tax. With this, the odds given by the local facilities are not that favorable, most especially on betting sites that are of high profile. You need to understand the fact that the legislators in Indiana did not pass the bill because they are interested in looking at the situations as things unfold, and the other sport has made the decision to legalize sports betting before the final decision is made

Currently, online sports betting is considered as being illegal, and the bills that are even proposed cannot even change that particular thing. Of course, getting an offshore site that accepts the residents in Indiana cannot be considered as something challenging, but then any player that gets engaged in this kind of anything should understand the fact it is a criminal activity

In 2016, the legalization of the DFS contest was made, and the legislators are working on a bill that will lead to the introduction of minor revisions and the technical corrections to the regulations on the ground. There is unrestricted access for the fans of DFS that is based in Indiana, and they can access different platforms which include DraftKings, Yahoo DFS, Fantasy Draft and others

Fantasy Sport

Lottery service in Indiana is as well regarded as Hoosier Lottery, and the State Lottery Commission is responsible for carrying out its operation. It makes provision for the multi-state and in-state options with the inclusion of Mega Millions and Powerball with the inclusion of Instant win, fast play games, and several scratches off. The Hoosier lottery also makes use of a mobile app that is official, and it features easy ticket scanning, personalized alert, and 2nd chance promotions. Having said this, the tickets can only be bought at the retail shops that are licensed

Bingo Laws

The charitable organization is given a chance to arrange some bingos, and the Indianapolis can be said to be the hall for a dozen bingo. The unfortunate thing is that the residents of Indiana are not given any option to carry out gameplay on the internet. According to the law, when you play on an offshore platform, it can be considered to be the same thing as playing on an online casino, and this can be regarded to a criminal offence that may lead to a crime that will attract charges


What types of gambling are available in Indiana?

Although Indiana does not have any strong tradition related to gambling, then it came as a surprise when we got to know that the state is gambling-friendly. It does not make provision for commercial gambling, but then Belterra and Horseshoe casino

Is it legal to play for real money in Indiana?

It is legal to play an offshore site in Indiana

Which offshore site accepts the residents in Indiana?

The offshore iGaming that are noteworthy accepts players that are from Indiana.