Gambling in Illinois

Illinois Gambling Laws


Compare to some other states in the US, Illinois has made conscious effort to address the issues that pertain to online gambling directly. Looking at section 28 of the Illinois code, it is an illegal act for Illinois residents to carry out gameplay on a gambling business that is not licensed.

Having said this, the law does not state any form of punishment for people that participate as an online player, and this is the very reason why the majority of the experts have concluded that carrying out gameplay on offshore site can be said to be legal


The style for casino gambling in Illinois revolves around the 10 riverboat casinos, and this is to the inclusion of Hollywood Casino Aurora and the Casino Queen. Their size looks similar, and it can host over 10,000 slot machines and table games, which are up to 500. Aside from this, the residents in Illinois are free to make use of the lottery terminal, and their gameplay is very similar to that of slots. The availability is over restaurants, 5000 bars, and drive spins across each state. As things stand, online gambling can be considered as being illegal, and anytime you carry out gameplay on an offshore site that accepts Illinois residents, you can be placed in legal jeopardy.

Argosy and both Hollywood casinos, which happens to be three of the riverboat casinos, offer social gambling options for real money right on their site. Penn National Gaming is responsible for the ownership of most of the casinos


This state can be said to be the home for up to 14 live poker rooms. The majority of these live poker rooms are located in the riverboats, and they include the Pair-a-Dice, Grand Victoria. The others carry out their operation as the charitable gambling venue (Chicago Charitable Games, Chicagoland Charity Poker). Any of the local venues are not given the allowance to carry out their operation as the real money poker site, but then this can as well change, it all depends on the final shape. When you are carrying out gameplay on an offshore site, it is just as illegal as playing games on the casino, and this may lead to being charged for a crime

Sports Betting

As things stand in Illinois, sports betting is considered as being illegal, and this might probably be changed later. The legality of the horse and racing betting has been in existence in the 1920s, and their availability is on five of the racetracks made locally and 37 off-track betting venues that are well licensed. Then there is every possibility that the online betting that will be sanctioned by the state will become available when lawmakers have concluded to discuss online gambling. When you engage in sports betting through offshore sports, it is considered to as being legal, even with the fact that the majority of those platforms accepts residents from Illinois

Fantasy Sport

Going by the latest opinion that was issued by Lisa Madigan, who happens to be the Attorney General in 2015, the contest of the DFS is considered as illegal in Illinois. Of course, the state regulation does not make any differentiation between the game of chance and the game of skills in deciding about what is to be considered as online gambling

Having said these, the Yahoo DFS and the Fantasy Draft has never placed Illinois as one of the states that restrictions are placed on. The lawmakers at Illinois has been attempting to solve the situation as they pass legislation that is DFS-Friendly. Just in case they fail to include this kind of provision in SB-0007, you may likely get things resolved by making use of a lawsuit, and, certainly, DFS company will lose


In 1974, the Illinois lottery was established, and in 2010 it began the selling of the tickets for Mega Millions and Powerball. Even though it has made provision for the multi-state and standard draw games, provision is as well prepared for the raffles and instant games. The residents in Illinois are very free to get their tickets online, and the players even get better promotions on the lottery. When you participate in a lottery game that is hosted by various countries through a lottery concierge made online, it can likely lead to violating the gambling laws made locally.


No Bingo site operation is sanctioned by the state, as live bingo is regarded to as the charitable game. When you carry out gameplay on an offshore site, it considered as being illegal just like playing a casino and poker on a website that is not well licensed, and this may, in turn, lead to you being charged for a crime


The types of gambling that are available in Illinois

Generally, Illinois is considered to be the part of the state that is gambling-friendly; this is no surprise as the local laws accept the form of gambling. The local casino is to the inclusion of Harrah’s properties, which are up to two, and they are all spread across various countries. Provision is not made for standing regulation that will limit the availability of some specific kind of games.

Is it Legal to Carryout Real Gambling?

No regulation is put in place to prohibit the residents of Illinois from carrying out gameplay on offshore sites, and this is an indication that the gambling is a legal activity

Which of the offshore site accepts residents from Illinois?

The restriction is not placed on gamblers that reside in Illinois talking about participating in the gameplay of offshore sites. Majority of the offshore sites accepts players from Illinois

Is intrastate online gambling?

Illinois does not give any permission to the intrastate online gambling, and the state-run lottery runs the sales of the ticket

Does Illinois regulate online gambling?

Of course, yes, Illinois has made an introduction to the online gambling bill that has already been approved by the Senate.