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The Inside Scoop on Match Bonuses

Match Bonus

Signing up at a top-notch online casino gives you access to some of the most generous match bonuses. USA casinos are anxious for new players to join, so they offer exciting bonuses on a new member's initial deposit. Keep reading to learn more about this legal way to get free money.

What is a Match Bonus?

Sign-up bonuses are enticements for new players to join an online casino in the US or elsewhere. Most gambling establishments offer match bonuses for this purpose, providing players with a tempting reason to sign up and deposit funds into an online casino account. You may be wondering why any casino would give you free money. Well, since you are required to deposit real money of your own before you can receive your bonus, the casino takes less of a risk. Plus, your casino deposit is usually matched by a specific percentage, so you are encouraged to deposit a larger sum of money in order to obtain the largest match possible.

No Deposit Bonuses Vs. Match Bonuses

Depending on the casino you choose to join, you may have access to a no deposit bonus instead of or in addition to a match bonus. The no deposit bonus has been available for years, and it is popular among players, particularly those without the nerves or funds to simply make a large deposit of their own to try out a casinos's collection of games.

The casinos take on a larger financial risk with this type of bonus offer because the players do not have to put any money up. Some players even tempt fate by going to as many online casinos as possible, claiming all of the no deposit bonuses available, and never placing a dime into a casino account. If they win money, they are ahead of the game. If they lose and don't earn a cent, they are no worse off than they were before they started gambling.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior leaves a lot of online casinos with a larger hole in their pockets than usual. As a result, some casinos have started putting a few requirements in place such as the need to make a deposit of real money into an online casino account before you can withdraw any of the winnings from your no deposit bonus. Sometimes, these details are in the fine print. You simply have to know to look for special rules attached to withdrawing your funds, or you may not like what you discover once you try and take your winnings out.

Since lots of previous players abused the no deposit bonus offers in this way, online casinos offer smaller amounts of free cash for players to use. They can still tempt new players to sample their games without making a large financial investment, while avoiding multiple losses that add up to large sums of money. Plus, the number of casinos requiring players to deposit money before claiming their winnings seems to have increased as well. Even with stricter requirements in place on no deposit bonuses, the majority of online casinos seem to favor match bonuses to welcome new players to their gambling website.

Is a Match Bonus Free Money?

One of the perks players can get when they choose an online casino instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar kind is the free money offered in a match bonus. You do not have to repay this money, so that does make it free. It is given to a player based upon predetermined rules such as the percentage match on the deposit, the game it is attached to, and the minimum amount the player has to deposit. Even though you must make a deposit of real money, you still have control over the exact amount you choose to put into your account. Since you receive a match bonus on your funds, you get to play longer for free.

How Does a Match Bonus Work?

Before you make your first deposit, take the time to look over all of the match deposits you can find. If you prefer, you can always just look at the list of recommended casinos to see what is available. Read over the requirements until you fully understand them. Decide which of these offers is going to be best suited for your financial budget and style of play.

Once you make your choice, create an account and sign into the online casino you've selected. Obtain the code for the match bonus, enter it correctly, and deposit your funds. Remember that you can only use this code once. Also, if you are selecting a match bonus for new members, you must use it when you first sign up in most cases.
The best online casinos provide multiple match bonuses throughout the year in order to keep their existing players happily engaged with their websites. Just remember to read the terms each time you consider using a bonus, because the rules may have changed since the last time that you looked at it.

If your match bonus allows you to choose your game, make sure that you pick one that you should enjoy. However, most of these bonuses are restricted to one category of games or a small selection of them, so be sure to read the list of requirements before you claim your match bonus.

Always take the time to learn how large of a deposit you must make in order to claim your offer. The best online casinos accept a wide variety of payment methods, and even the worst casinos take more than one type of payment. Just remember that your free money is determined by the percentage offered and the deposit made. As soon as your deposit is verified, the casino deposits your matched funds into your account. Now, you are ready to play to win, using your money as well as the casino's gift.

If you are unlucky and your transaction encounters a little glitch, just use the live chat feature to contact a casino representative right away. Most customer service teams are quick to respond. They know that their jobs are to keep the players happy, and they work hard to accomplish this task. Plus, they usually remedy all casino issues promptly, so their players can get back to gambling quickly.

Choosing the Best Match Bonuses at US Casinos

To figure out which match bonus is best for you, consider carefully how much money you are willing to wager in order to receive the bonus in question. Determining your budget should help you to pick the best match bonus for your needs. You may also want to think about how long you intend to play. If you expect to spend a lot of time gambling, then you may want to go for an offer with the largest maximum match. If you are simply checking out a particular game, then a small offer should be more than suitable for this purpose.

Varieties of Match Bonuses at US Casinos

Most of the time, you will discover a greater variety of small match bonuses than you will large ones. Typical percentages offered for the match on deposited funds include 200%, 150%, 100%, and 50%. However, you can certainly find some oddball percentages offered. At the end of the day, it is all free money in your online account. Just make sure that you pick a good offer at one of the top online casinos for the best outcome for your finances.

Limitations for Match Bonuses at US Casinos

Typically, only two limitations are attached to match bonuses – minimums and maximums. Even the best online casinos set a minimum deposit amount and a maximum match limit. These rules protect the casinos from huge losses.

Find the Best Match Bonuses at US Casinos

The easiest way to find the best match bonuses is to look over the list of the top online casinos. The match bonuses are usually superior at reputable casinos, and all of the rules are clearly stated.

One Example of a Match Bonus

If the match bonus is offering a 100% match up to $200 with a minimum of $20 for a deposit, you have several options. For example, you may want to deposit $20 and receive $20. You could also deposit $200 and receive a match bonus of $200. Of course, you could choose to deposit an amount that is more than $20 and less than $200 and receive a 100% match on that amount.

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