Jack the Ripper Slot

Jack the Ripper Slot Review

Jack the Ripper can be considered as notorious being that that was terrorizing in the Victorian Era, and the storyline was what inspired Realtime Gaming to come up with this slot.

Jack the Ripper Slot

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This game is for the strong as there are lots of things that seem scary such as the splatters of blood and some other things. The ripper himself has an occasional appearance as he slashes his way to the game.

This game is fascinating and can be said to be a hybrid of macabre and steampunk. You need to get a strong stomach so that you will be able to face some things that will get you rewarded.

Spins the Gears

This slot game is visually appealing, and it is fascinating as there are lots of things such as the cogs, gears, and wheels that will spring you into action. There is a need for you to have a particular betting strategy you will be using before you start playing for real money on the slot. This is a 5 reel slot with a maximum of 25 pay lines. It all depends on you if you are willing to make use of the full pay lines, and you can as well decide to make use of fewer. The arrow keys can be used in the reduction of the active pay lines, and also decide how much you are willing to spend on each of the spin.

The amount of wager can as well be set up similarly, there is a button at the base that will give you the chance to control the bet that you have on each of the spin. The coin on each line ranges from 0.01 to 5.00 on each of the bet line. Allowing the minimum and the maximum bet to be around 0.25 to 125.00. The paytable is going to help you in deciding the particular prize that you are going to get in return. For you to get a top, you are to get at least 3 symbols. The volatility of this game ranges from 91 – 97%.

Collect the Prizes

There are lots of prizes that are already lined up on this slot, and there are lots of extra that you can as well enjoy without having to spend any of the extra credit. The wild symbol drips with blood and you can get to see it on the reels as it serves its function. Also there is a scatter symbol on the reels, and it represents the blood-soaked logo.

There is a win on this game, but then if you can land three or more of the bonus feature

Sweet Dreams

For players that are very enthusiastic about the online video slot, there are so many slots in the industry that can give a similar experience. You can go for the Nightmare on Elm Street which happens to have an iconic spirit. There are up to 30 pay-lines on this 5 reel slot, and there are progressive jackpots and the bonus rounds. as you will have the chance to steal the money that belongs to Freddies.

Horror Gaming

Realtime Gaming has done a wonderful job in the process of designing this game as the niche is for those with a light hear and prefer to enjoy the slot games. The theme is realistic and it was executed brilliantly with a quality graphics that is darkly addictive. There are lots of features on this slot which is to the inclusion of the progressive jackpot. Anyone player can access, enjoy and make money on this slot irrespective of the experience of the player.