Football Frenzy Slot

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This is an online casino slot game that is related to football provided by RTG, and you will get to enjoy generous bonuses. The game belongs to the free spin slot, as you will get to enjoy it on the free spin slot without making any deposit. This game is so amazing to the fact that it will not only satisfy players that loves to play the popular games related to football but then it will also satisfy other players that love online gambling

Football Frenzy designed in an advanced and sophisticated way; it looks so bright and has a green shade. Although there is no perfection in the graphics of the interface, then the value of the game is not limited in any way. The atmosphere and the design of the game match what the game is all about as you will get to see players, cups, fans, referees, and the FC logo and some other football-related designs help in the creation of a good atmosphere

This fantastic slot happens to be one of the best progressive games produced by RTG, and it has two kinds of Jackpot, i.e., the minor and major Jackpot. The pay lines are up to 50.

Additionally, the gameplay modes are up to two i.e., the Striker and the Lucky, which happens to be a particular feature of the Football Frenzy slot. There is the availability of the Autoplay mode, and the players can regulate the autoplay option. $0.5 happens to be minimum bet, while $12.5 happens to be the maximum bet

The symbol of the Striker is wild, and it happens to be a group wild that you can get to see on the 1st and 5th reel when playing the normal games. The wild can counts for every other symbol; only scatters the exception. Wins made by players using the wild are always doubled up. The scatter happens to be the stadium, and the wins will be multiplied using the total bets made. When you are playing in the striker mode of the game, wins from the free games will be multiplied into three. When in the lucky mode, the lucky feature will be enabled, and there will be no multiplication of the free games. All players should try and play this game, and they will be glad they did.

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