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Food Fight Slot

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Another brand from Realtime Gaming is the “Food Fight slot game.” It includes among this developer slots bonus games, bonus video slot downloads. This slot machine is quite flashy & entertaining.

Anyway, it's possible to spin it through our site here. Simply from its name, as expected, the storyline centers around food. Our experts' reviewers get to come across having encounters in the realm of the food sector. We discovered diverse delicacies of diets.

Design Concept Of Food Fight Slot

The game interplay is quite flashy with catching chromatics; however, the reels exist across the black setting. However, the characters get incredibly expressive & showy, which come to terms for the info discussed above.

The visuals are unique & pleasing to the eye. Generally, the game mechanics do come along unique musicals & video touches.

This Food Fight slot game incorporates five-reels & nine-pay lines. The number of lines might get lessened; it is necessary. The stakes get controlled by gamers.

Toggle the “Bet Max” to bet the highest sum & place the max. Overall stakes of 45 coins, spinning alongside nine-lines. The entire pay-line winning gets remunerated from left to right, starting over the first reel & taking into account available reels solely.

The Game Features

The game characters include; Pizza, Pasta, Pudding, Burger, Pie & Tomato. While the game emerges under the bonus online slot games alongside free spins, there exists a captivating bonus function therein.

Each time a gamer strives to gather up three ice-cream cone constituents, the Ice-Cream Scatter Bonus function gets activated. Players need to gather pieces of the Pie, to initiate the Food Fight Bonus function.

The game is quite exhilarating. However, there is no provision for several bells & whistles; it's arresting, a minimum for its bonus functions. Do make it spin this slot; then you'll realize its extremely fascinating.

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