Flux Slot

Flux Slot Review Online (ThunderKick) Slots for Real Money

The Flux Slot comes from a matrix of 5-reel and 15 paylines. Powered by ThunderKick, the game is one of those exciting video slots with a futuristic appeal. Imagine you find yourself enjoying a space trip. The space concept is the theme of the Flux Slot. Plus, it’s one of the features that boost the game’s appeal.

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Look out for three-dimensional and multi-colored shapes floating in space. These shapes are the symbols of the Flux Slot.

Matched symbols and smooth spins activate pulses of light that spell out payouts.

Join us to do some space-traveling!

The theme, Graphics, and Soundtrack

In physics, Flux means the flow of energy through the exterior part of something. It’s much the same with the way the graphics in the Flux Slot works. The game symbols may not give memorable vibes. But the animations that flow through space and rest across the reels make for an unforgettable appeal.

There are also triangle-like light streams across the reels. The delightful soundtrack enhances the futuristic experience even more. Relate the experience with finding yourself in a science fiction world.

The Flux Slot theme taps its muse from mathematics and physics. It’s because the flowing animations and geometric shapes polish the game.


Aside from the unique experience you get from Flux Slot, it also creates a flexible atmosphere. It's available on both mobile devices and laptops. With this, you can play the game in your comfort zone.

Flux Slot Features

The Flux Slot has incredible personalization options. It means that you can customize the game volume, sound effects, and play speed to your individual preferences.

The game comprises a bonus feature where the entire slot is in rotation. During the spin round, additional three rows join the original slots. It often boosts the payout chances by revealing more dimensions of winning.

Once you have up to fifteen win lines across the five reels, you will land multiple winning combinations. In this case, you will place a fixed bet for each spin rather than for every line in action. To activate a flux of wins, hit three matching symbols from left to right. Note that the payouts must increase for 4 or 5 matched characters.

The highest paying symbol is the yellow star, and it pays out 24x your total bet. Orange spheres will award 12x your original bet.

The yellow glimmering ‘W’ symbol represents the Wilds in Flux. The symbols spin when they land and will replace any other symbols already in action. Also, the Wilds are stacked symbols that will cover the entire reels and enhance payouts.

A scatter in Flux appears in a white ‘B’ icon. For landing at least three Scatters, bettors will transition to the bonus features of the Flux Slot.

Before entering the bonus round, the Flux Slot offers three options to the bettors. The first option is the area you will win both ways. It means that you may win from right to left and left to right. The second option is how you will succeed. It gives the option of playing the slot with additional three rows or enabling the first option simultaneously. Finally, if you have significant Scatter symbols, you will receive up to sixteen extra free spins.

Bet Sizes, RTP, Volatility, and Top Wins

The Return to Player Percentage (RTP) of the Flux Slot is 96.2%. Because it exceeds the benchmark of 96%, the slot is cost-effective.

While the minimum bet is as low as $0.10, the maximum bet is $100. The highest wins that you can get from Flux Slot are 36000x your original bet.

Flux Slot has low volatility.


The Flux Slot is one of the most lucrative games you will find in the online casino space. It reeks of simplicity, uniqueness, and class. The bonus features and the space-inspired graphics make for an engaging treat.

The only disadvantage of the Flux Slot is its low variance.

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