European Roulette

How to Play and Win European Roulette

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European roulette is the most popular kind played in casinos worldwide, brick-and-mortar and virtual. The low house advantage of 2.63% contributes to the game's widespread appeal since it gives players a better chance of winning.

It has been previously mentioned that this roulette wheel includes 37 slots, one for each of the numbers 1 through 36 plus 0. Each successive number from one to thirty-six represents a different shade, from red to black to green for the solitary zero.

Anyone playing roulette wants to win by correctly predicting the winning pocket number. Each player then places a wager on a single number, and the operator spins the wheel one way while simultaneously spinning the ball the other way. The winner is awarded the sum when the ball drops inside the pocket corresponding to that number.

Game rules

The betting method in European roulette played online is straightforward. It's time to hit the “Spin” icon when the bettor has placed their bets. After the current round of betting is completed, the gambler has the option of re-betting (“Rebet”) or giving up (“Clear Bets”).

The following steps are how wagers are made in a land-based casino.

The average roulette table in a casino has four attendants. Croupiers are the two whose primary job is to take wagers and turn the wheel. The two remaining workers at the casino are the “table-end and the “game supervisor, whose job is to ensure that the game goes off without a hitch.

The average number of players at a roulette table is between one and eight. When the croupier says, “Make your bets”, the roulette game begins. The wagers we will discuss below are now legal options for players to consider. Following this, the croupier spins the ball on the wheel. The croupier will announce “No more wagers” when approximately two spins are left.

Speculation at this stage is often rejected. The croupier will declare a winner after the ball lands in thirty-seven numbered slots. They gave unwinnable wagers back to the casino while winners got their winnings.

Different wagers that you might place.

Stakes on individual values and bets on clusters of numbers make up the roulette table's wagering arrangement.

Both in and outside bets are available to European roulette players. Individual numbers, pairs of numbers, or tiny clusters of numbers are what we call “inside bets,” whereas bigger sets of numbers are what we call “outside bets.”

The winning chances and rewards on most wagers vary widely. Except for the column bet's payoff, they do not show these payments and possibilities of winning. Players should study the odds and rewards of each bet before placing any.

The two variants of European roulette bets are outside and inside.

Outside Bets

  • Bet on Low/High: Numbers 1 through 18 (Low) or 19 and above (High) are shown on the card (digits 19 to 36). Payment is made at a rate of 1 for 1.
  • Bet on Odd/Even: It's put in either the “Even” box (for even values) or the “Odd” box (for odd numbers), respectively, on the grid (all odd numbers). It has a 1-to-1 payout.
  • Bet on color: It's put in either the “Red” box (comprising all red digits) or the “Black” box (comprising all black digits) on the pattern (all black digits). It has a 1-1 payout ratio.
  • Dozen bet: It has a set of 12 digits that may go in either the “1st 12” (1–12) or “2nd 12” (1–24) slots (25 to 36). The payoff odds are 2 to 1.
  • Column bet: Full columns are shown and put in the “2-1” box at the bottom of the column. It has a 2-to-1 payoff.

Inside Bets

  • Line bet: Positioned at the end of two rows, on the margin between them, it includes six numerals (or two rows of three values). A 5:1 payout is offered.
  • Corner bet: It is at the intersection of four numbers. One such option is to wager on the intersection of the numbers 0, 1, and 3. This bet has an 8-to-1 payoff.
  • Straight-up bet: Whether the number is a one or a 0, it bets immediately on the number. The payoff odds are between 35 and 1.
  • A split bet is on the line separating two consecutive numbers. Additional combinations for the bet include zero and one, zero and two, and zero and three. It has a 17 to 1 payout.
  • Street bet: It has the last three digits in a line and is positioned at the end of the line. Positions 0–1–2 and 0–2–3 are also viable alternatives. The payout odds are 11 to 1.

If a player's outside wager pays even money (Red/Black, Low/High, Even/Odd) and the correct number is zero, the “en jail” rule kicks in. As we said, the bettor will either get half of their stake back or have the whole thing locked up. A player's imprisoned wager is returned to them if the next spin of the wheel results in a victory, but they keep any winnings from that wager.

What happens if the ball falls on 0 on the subsequent spin of the wheel is up for discussion and will vary depending on the game's location. The “en jail” rule has four distinct forms, each of which applies in a different context.

When the ball lands in the 0 pocket, the player in Hamburg receives half back on the outside bets.

The situation is different in Berlin. Outside bets paying even money are locked out when the ball lands in the 0 slots. The wager will be released if a player has a wager locked away, and the following spin results in a win. However, if the following spin results in a 0 being the winner, the stake is forfeited. In Berlin, if a player wishes to switch from one wager to another, they may seek the removal of the locked bet.

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