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Those looking for a fresh and untainted online casino experience should check out Booongo. They are a relatively new online casino games provider who have quickly become crowd favourites. What they lack in experience and number of games, they make up for with a huge amount of talent and effort behind the games they have.

Booongo was originally established in Ukraine in 2015. With a Curacao Gambling License, they’re authorized to operate in a wide range of jurisdictions worldwide. If you’re wondering if their games are fair, don’t worry! Their games have been certified to use fair random number generation practices by Quinel M, a third-party casino game tester.

Games at Booongo

So, what kind of games does Booongo have? Booongo has developed exclusively slot games so far. While most online casino game developers would aim to branch out with table and live games, Booongo’s decided to specialize in slots. This has led to them creating some of the best online slot games out there.

Over the last four years, Booongo has put out 44 slot games. When developing these games, their goal is to maximize the quality of the gameplay experience and ensure that players keep coming back for more. By providing a rich and immersive design and inventive and rewarding gameplay, Booongo has set their slot games apart from their competitors’.

Some of the games at Booongo include Nord’s War, Goddess of the Moon, American Spirit, Secret of Nefertiti, Vikings’ Winter, Olympian Gods, and so on. Each of these games has their own unique theme and features to attract players.

For example, fans of Vikings will be attracted to Vikings’ Winter, Vikings’ Gods’ Gold or Nord’s War. Egyptian mythology enthusiasts will particularly enjoy Book of the Sun, Secret of Nefertiti or God’s Temple. Although 44 isn’t a huge number of games, it’s enough to have a wide variety and ensure everyone can find something or other to interest them.

Booongo’s Slot Games

Booongo’s slot games are some of the most well made around. For example, let’s take their most recent game at the time of writing this, Olympian Gods.

Olympian Gods features 4 rows and 5 reels, with a total of 50 different paylines. In addition to having great artwork depicting Greek mythological creatures, it has a particular bonus. If you roll the lightning bolt, you get a free spin. These free spins add up over time, leading to a tidy profit if you’re lucky.

Another recent game, Vikings’ Winter, features a unique pyramid-shaped reel. There are 6 reels in total. The first reel only has 2 rows, the second and third reels 3 rows, the fourth reel 4 rows, and the last two 5 rows. With a total of 100 different paylines, there are a lot of possibilities for winning this one. If you get a total of three ‘Ships’ on the reels, you’ll get a free spin with the board flipped around.

If you’re looking for more pyramid reel action, Gods’ Temple Deluxe also features a similar board layout. This game has a total of 64 paylines and features scatter and stacked wilds and progressive rewards. Collecting a number of scatter symbols will give you up to 12 free spins.

These games are just a taste of the unique and exciting features Booongo’s slot games have. Be sure to check them out as soon as you can!

Adaptive Games

Booongo’s games are programmed in HTML5. Many older casinos have games written in Flash, which is an extremely outdated technology that can’t be used on mobile phones. However, with HTML5, a game only has to be programmed once. It will automatically resize and rearrange itself to fit the size of the screen. Thus, Booongo’s slot games are equally suitable for playing on desktop PCs and mobile phones.

This offers a lot of advantages. Mobile phones are ubiquitous now. Many people get their daily dose of entertainment from mobile phones. They use phones to avoid boredom during their daily lives, such as while travelling or waiting. Giving them the opportunity to play a few online casino games in this scenario is a great way to gain satisfied customers. They can avoid boredom and make some money at the same time!

Another great feature of Booongo’s games is the spectator mode. They have a tournament mode where players can compete with each other directly in spinning slot reels. Spectators can gain rewards by watching ongoing tournament games. The participants and winners of the tournaments can also take rewards home.


Despite not having any table or live games, Booongo is a great online casino software provider that specializes in slot games. Their slot games are excellent and more than make up for any deficiencies. As a relatively young developer, Booongo has a lot of fresh ideas and plans for the future. They’re definitely one to keep an eye on.