Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot

Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot – Online Wild-O-Tron Slots Real Money

When you step into this machine, it is going to take you back to 1960s for some mechanical mayhems with laboratory tech which is of high-tech. All you need to do is to read our review such that you will be able to enjoy some other games

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Just in case you wish to know the reason why you have to carry out gameplay on this slot. When our review team is trying to research the casino, we got to see that provision are made for stacked robots, substituting wilds and some random feature which will help in creating more wins that is worth up to 500x on each of the stakes. Now you will understand the reason why many online gamblers flock around the robot

This is named after the supercharged machine that is positioned on the right in the 5 x 3 game matrix, and this slot was developed by a gaming giant based in Swedish which happens to be NetEnt as its fans like the science fiction when the mechanical spins are reeled

There is some robot buzz that is designed in a unique way in which they beep their way into the reels. Any moment in which the perfect robot is built around the reels and it match across the reels. Looking at the beginning of each reels, there is a bolt of electricity that is definitely going to across all pay lines such that you will be able to create a combination to make big wins

The review team show real interest in this slot because it makes provision for highest-paying robots which are up to five and they are split into three different parts which include the head, torso and the lower body. Each of the robots makes their appearance on the reels and electric orbs are used in the separation of the symbols

Looking at the bright side of the reviewer enjoy how the game is structured. Provision is made for players with varieties of the budget such that it can suit both low and high rollers. Just in case you are a high roller and you are very confident of your expertise, you can do well by increase your stake such that you will make big wins

Wild-O-Tron 3000

Play on Wild-O-Tron 3000 Slot Now!

Step into the Robot Lab from 0.20

Looking at this slot game, one thing that you will get to observe is the fact that the software provider has made conscious effort in pushing boundaries and making some experiment with unique game engines. With this NetEnt is no exception as they ensure the fact that the structure of this slot is amazing as the 20 fixed pay lines, three-row and 5 reels

The structure of this slot is tested and trusted, and most of the players should be familiar with it, it's a golden opportunity to come up with a robot-inspired slot and display how innovative NetEnt is. The team that are assigned to developing this slot has really incested their creativity to ensure the fact that this slot looks amazing

Looking at one of the bright side of this slot, it made provision for players with both low and high budgets, and everybody will definitely get what suits their pocket

Seven Stacked Robots Can Spin into Life

It ranges from the old to the worn-out robot down to glossy and futuristic ones. This slot machine comes in various sizes and shapes.

Players are allowed to enjoy 40x of the line bet any time a fleet of the rusty gols navigates their way down to the payline. Also, there is a primitive robot that is silver-coloured. This can help in boosting up your balance up to 50x

Provisions are as well made for some futuristic robots in which they are up to 5, and electric orbs are using in separating them. They can secure up to 60x, 80x, 100x, 120x and 300x. Things get much better as you can get some winning combinations which include blue, yellow, red, green

Looking at the metallic balls with the letter W as it glows right from the centre roll which is up to 500x for each of the bet line. The metallic symbol can be said to be the paying symbol that pays most, and they as well act as the wild. They can be substituted for some other regular symbol that will help in winning big

Electrifying your wins

When you initiate the bonus feature of this game, you are going to be excited. When you activate the wild, you are going to see how powerful the firebolt is. The moment all the robots already transform the wild symbol, th reels will be spin again, and this can earn you up to 500x of the amount you stake with

The Robot Invasion

You are going to see this amazing slot on most of the popular online casino. Irrespective of the fact that you visit the futuristic or primitive robots


This slot has been around for more than a decade, but then you may be surprised at how new the game is. Although the visuals are bland, it does not have amazing bonus features, and the structure is unadventurous. The review team is amazed regarding the robots that is of the high-tech laboratory. Try out this casino today and you will have the best of experience

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