Turning Totems Slot

Turning Totems Slot – Online (Thunderkick) Slots Game for Free !

Thunderkick is just about a year old, and it is one of the new designers in the casino industry. It has a reputation for producing creative games of slot, with Turning Totem not being an exception. The Turning Totem slots have the name of its theme gotten for the game’s name. the game’s dessert look makes it different, and it has plots of Native American Images

Turning totems



  • Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Free Spins
  • Expanding Wilds
  • Low volatility
  • 5 Reels


  • Game Type : Slots
  • Software : Thunderkick
  • Option : 22 Payline, 5 Reel, Free Game

Turning totems

Symbols of the GamePlay

You can enjoy playing this game by playing through five Totem poles that appear at about more than three rows, all summed together to give eleven paylines. Instead of the generic vertical reel spin, this online slot offers a unique horizontal and creative spin of all Totem Poles.

Turning Totem presents five symbols that are determined by the totem image type that has been formed through designing poles. This is more rampant to the animal symbols, which generally appear in yellow, blue, green, red, and pink. The mentioned paylines also drop from the right part of the game to the left part, which causes players to reminisce the scatter symbols and their wins.

The game makes it possible for you to possibly get every one of the 15 symbols together with the totems in the game, which gives rise to all the big wins that you read about. additionally, the games sticky feature also helps to enhance the chances of matching symbols as all of the similar characters maintains a position while the rest remains spinning. When this happens, players get the opportunity to win more significantly while playing this game.

Bonuses and Wilds

Turning totems comes with special symbols known as wilds, and it comes in the face of an eagle. Typically, it comes as a display of a sleeping bird, but when it happens that it is found on a Totem while having a round purple snake wrapped around it, it immediately wakes up. The snake thunder immediately triggers all of the Totem and turns them into what is called thunder reel. When this happens, every one of the sleeping wilds present within the game is activated to gift you free re-spin. The eagle symbol comes to life when it is turned into a wild symbol, replaced with plenty of other characters present amongst the paylines.

Thunder reels help activate the bonus round feature that comes with Turning Totem, and it also helps to activate the thunder snakes. Immediately they are triggered, you will get yourself a whopping free 12 spins. Additionally, suppose you are lucky enough to find other bonus round symbols while playing the free spin rounds. In that case, you will easily be gifted another double free spin which goes as far as the maximum of thirty free spins. Playing in the bonus rounds helps the re-spins enhance the multiplier effect, and this can really jeer up your winning scores and improve the chances of landing that super big win.

Finally, during the bonus round game's final stage, you must win the last spin. Therefore, you will notice that the reels continue to spin until you get lucky enough to find a single combination of wins.

Furthermore, this game is one of the most well-colored games out there in the slot market, and it offers one of the most creative gameplays you have ever seen. If you enjoy playing lively slot games that give you the originality that comes with classic slot games, always try out the Turning Totem online slots. Lastly, it is also available for play on your mobile phone, desktop, and tablets.