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Tiger Gaming Casino Review 2021

One of the intriguing parts of the game in question is that there is only a little information about it. All users could see is that they sprouted in 1999.

Tiger Gaming Casino


Tiger Gaming Casino

  • License: Curacao
  • Software: Rival Gaming, Betsoft

Overall Rating

Tiger Gaming Casino Info

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It's a lengthy period. The welcome news is that sometimes, an age-long experience is equivalent to a massive piece of information on the internet. So, we resorted to Google, but that was not the case. There was nothing written about the website.

There were poker users who aired grievances because they didn’t receive their cash-outs. In other cases, some users claimed that they were prohibited from using the website for vague reasons.

Also, there are little or no details about the bookmaker on the internet. Most of the things we encountered lie behind the poker library.

In a way, it's not great stuff since everyone is interested in how tiger gaming works, especially about its operator and its visions.

Nonetheless, it’s surprising news because there are no negative posts about them online. We assume that their customers are confident in them.

We managed to carve out tiger gaming because they carry a certification from the Curacao Government. It's not an impressive certification, but a half egg is better than an empty casing.

Payment Options

The website is a roof over a wide variety of payment options—remittance and cash-outs. Note that these options vary based on your jurisdiction.

However, if you assess the banking page, you will encounter various payment options. You can’t figure out the ones that are accessible unless you register.

We suggest that you steer clear of credit card options because of the charges and restrictions that come from them. The maximum you can send to your account is fifty dollars, and the accrued charges are 7.5 percent. It's a way of encouraging users to opt for digital currencies. Digital currencies are great alternatives.

Considering the free charges that digital currencies offer, users will get a fifty-dollar discount every month on their pay-outs. It’s a fantastic deal since not every betting platform will furnish free pay-outs.

The processing time vary based on the options you select. It can stretch from an instant undertaking, thirty minutes to two weeks.

Except for the credit card method, the payment stuff is foolproof. Different options will come your way, and they have many restrictions and charges.

The segments below will reveal the choices you need to make as well as their restrictions and charges.


Option Min-Max/ Remittance Charges
BTC $20-$25,000 Nil
Credit Cards $25-$50 7.5%
Interac $27-$135 Nil
ETH $20-$25,000 Nil
Ecopayz and many others $10-$10,000 Nil


Option Min-Max/Cash-Out Charges
Skrill Unlimited Nil
Bank Transfer $500-$24,900 $45
ETH $20-$10,000 Nil
BTC $20-$10,000 Nil
Neteller Unlimited Nil

Game Variety

At first sight, we found tiger gaming a bit intriguing. It's because it is not a US-centric platform. So, at a point, we assumed that they must have partnered with various premium software providers.

But that's not what it was. There were no games from reputable brands like Net Entertainment. Perhaps, it was because they have the Curacao certification. However, we figured out some Betsoft casinos. It is not a piece of bad news anyway, but it startled us.

The welcome news is that since Betsoft has a proven record, users will secure access to top-notch games. It runs from poker to slots. But the well-known games revolve around the three-D slot games.

Also, the website provides access to real-time games that spring from VIG. But the upsides of these games exceed their downsides.

We will explore some pieces of stuff about Tiger games below.

  1. Poker

The website has a long-standing experience in offering digital poker games. With this in mind, we believe that they can organize themselves.

The essence of this segment is to find out whether our impression about them is accurate and indicate some inaccurate areas.

  • Traffic Rate

One of the things we consider when assessing a poker platform is putting their traffic rate in check. It's essential because, without it, you can't check a gaming operation.

In any case, the website is incredible in this aspect. They are on the Chico Network. It's a bit strange because, unlike tiger gaming, most operators on this platform approve of American users. While it's odd, tiger gaming has considerable traffic.

Our recent visit to the tiger gaming platform revealed over one thousand and seven hundred users working with one hundred and seventeen table games. They are also involved in one hundred and twenty-eight gaming contests.

Also, we figured out that these traffic rates lean toward the real money bettors. It’s a piece of great news. However, it’s not suitable for dedicated users since the traffic rate is low. But if you enjoy half-time activities or you are an end-of-the-week freak, tiger poker will thrill you.

  1. Board Games

We found a few tables or board games in the course of our survey. They are:

  • 21 Blackjack.
  • Craps.
  • Red.
  • Baccarat.
  • High Low and many others.

They are fantastic assortments. More than half of the games are roulette variants as well as blackjack. That’s enough to thrill suckers for these categories.

Also, there are over twelve games from other categories. They are popular casinos except for names counted towards the poker games like Poker 3.

The Poker-Three is an exciting one. It’s a preparatory poker that allows you to go head to head against a three-D contender. There are components of Hold’em games and Carib studs in the game. It’s tested and trusted.

As far as minimum betting size is concerned, the table games allow up to one dollar. It should cater to the needs of low-budget users.

On the other hand, the maximum betting size is over five hundred dollars. We may not have assessed every board game but the chances are that users will encounter higher max. But the commonest highest limits we discovered were two hundred and fifty dollars. Some blackjack boards present five hundred dollar restrictions, so we can’t ignore the power of the five hundred sums.

These restrictions should match the needs of most users. But there’s nothing bad in seeing wagers of one thousand dollars or more for high-budget users.

One other upside of the board games is the interface. You see the games in the new interface but navigating around it is a hard nut to crack. There’s no way to see the fuller interface unless you refresh it.

You won't also come across demo games. It would have been a great option to assess and practice how the game works before investing real money. The demo option is also a foolproof way to familiarize yourself with the platform rules without incurring risks.

That’s all we discovered about tiger board games. Our conclusion is that low-budget and medium-budget users will have an excellent experience at tiger gaming. But it’s a no-no for big-time punters.

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  1. Real-Time Games

Because of Visionary Gaming, the website also provides real-time games.

Here are a few real-time games that we discovered during our survey:

  • Super-Six
  • Blackjack.
  • US Roulette and the likes.

Although users can wend their way around brands that have a larger collection, the number of real-time games is considerable.

Anyway, we felt shocked when we saw this collection. It appears that tiger gaming has a few choices that you wouldn’t find on most websites.

For instance, blackjack users can make a side bet using a seated user's hand, and this is uncommon in other platforms.

Also, the website offers considerable table restrictions than we have encountered on other platforms. For instance, users can wager from five dollars to five thousand dollars per bet on their blackjack boards. Roulette runs from one dollar to five thousand dollars. On the other hand, baccarat boards stretch from five dollars to five thousand dollars.

There are also lower restrictions. So, it’s okay for every category of user.

One upside is the real-time streaming. It has never been better on other websites and tiger gaming is no different. The interactive streaming is of inferior quality and fraught with glitches. If tiger gaming works around this issue, they can be better in this area than other websites.

  1. Slots

If you like Betsoft slots, especially the three-Ds, then you will enjoy tiger slot collections.

Here are a few slot games that we have garnered from tiger gaming’s slot area.

  • Vegas.
  • Lost.
  • Bees.
  • Gold Diggers.
  • Ghouls
  • and many others

As far as slots is concerned, tiger gaming has a scanty library compared to most websites. There are over a hundred slot games in this aspect. But the slots are worthwhile.

Maybe you don’t know; we have tried out different Betsoft slots on many occasions. They keep raising the bar each time.

Their special appeal is that they have some manuals that introduce you to the hallmark of each game. Also, there are various comic strips that greet you when you play. The strip runs from the users staring at the wheels or roaming around everywhere. Some of the most interesting slots include Monster, the Bed, and many others.

We've never come across glitches when assessing the games, and they are well-designed. The only issue is the interface lagging.

Slot lovers would enjoy exploring some of the games. Several bonus features like jackpots, wilds, and many others accompany them.

In any case, slots are one of the reasons you would choose tiger gaming over other websites.

  1. Money Games

Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, there are money game options like Omaha in Tiger Gaming. There are different variants to select. They include the unlimited, allotted limit, and the one limited by pot.

The different forms available for players are six-max, caps, typical games, and many others. But there’s an outlet that allows you to find your desired games at a faster pace.

The wager size differs based on the games you select. For the limitless Hold’em games, it stretches from ten dollars to twenty dollars. In some cases, it is zero point fifty dollars to one dollar.

The pot-restricted Omaha casinos are over five to ten dollars. On the other hand, the allotted limit runs from fifteen dollars to thirty dollars. But in some cases, the pot-restricted Omaha casinos may cut across two dollars to five dollars.

Low-budget users will settle on these games with open minds. It's because you capitalize on the games with zero points five dollars to zero point fifty dollars.

Gaming Contests

When it comes to tournaments, the website is not a sloppy type. We discovered numerous contests during our survey.

Our first point of call is the wagers. We discovered a few contests where users can cave in without spending a dime to purchase chips of over one hundred and nine dollars.

Most of the everyday contests take lower purchases of thirty-three dollars or less. There are also other ones that stretch from two thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars.

Don’t forget that these contests differ based on their buy-in rates and reliability. The commonest feature of these tournaments is that they allow re-trials.

Here are a few contests that tiger gaming operates.

  • Omaha Operation: These contests run every day at 6 pm. The casinos offer assurances that stretch from hundred dollars to one thousand and five hundred dollars.
  • Bare Bounties: These contests will award you with two to eleven dollars if you disqualify a user. There are sure-fire contests that allow minimum bets of five hundred dollars to two thousand dollars per contest.
  • Majors: These contests work around the clock every Sunday. They offer the warm-up event, main activities, and a second straw. Their assurances vary per event, but they can offer up to twenty thousand dollars to sixty thousand dollars.
  • Dozen: The website doesn’t give enough details about this contest. However, it's everyday stuff, and they organize twelve reliable contests daily by 2 pm.

Also, there are some contests that tickle our fancy. Make sure you scan through them if you are into contests.

  • SNG Contests

If you are not into contests that take long hours, you can opt for calculated contests like SNG.

In the course of our scrutiny, we discovered the calculated and instantaneous elements in Omaha and Hold’em games. The variants that you will encounter are knockouts, re-buys, and the likes. The pace revolves around the typical to the hyper.

The chip purchases for the SNG contests stretch from one point five dollars to two hundred and fifteen dollars. Although various cell cartoons creep in during the contests, we can’t point out the most engaging ones.

The best part is the wide collection of games operating through the contests. The constant warning tables and more are nice kinds of stuff.

If you are interested in part-time contests, SNG may happen to be what you have always wanted.

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Operating System and Features

Tiger gaming offers you various options. You can access the games through the app format or play them through your browser.

The browser outlook seems appealing. The table section is a showy one. It reminds users of a bar positioned for artistic pieces.

It feels like the website spared no effort to make an excellent impression. From the cards to the boards, it appeared like a pro-designed one.

The casinos are operating without software glitches.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you will have to address when you are on the website.

  • Select where to settle down.
  • Reveal your hand.
  • Note other users.
  • Scrutinize the most recent user.
  • Switch the frontward or backward side of the cards.
  • Communicate with contenders.
  • Manage the comic strips.
  • and many others

They are basic choices. There’s nothing special about them. Nonetheless, the operating system is sassy.

If users can wend their way through the basics, then it’s worthwhile.

Bonus Features

The website provides a roof for various bonuses. But they are not organized by breaking these perks into categories.

We will help you get through the pain of disorganization. So, we have arranged a few deals that we found for both the new and old users.

  1. Casino Perks

Here are the deals that users can access on tiger gaming.

  • Entry Perks: With this feature, new users can get a hundred percent perk on their first three remittances. Users must deposit twenty-five to one thousand dollars to qualify.

It’s a bounty deal because it can gift you up to three thousand dollars. It doesn’t stop at that. Since players can receive the offer in three remittances, they can maximize the chances as much as possible.

The betting requirement on this deal is forty times on your reward money. Some board and handheld casinos may not subscribe to this requirement. So, it’s important to scrutinize the terms and conditions to know what is required.

Meet the requirements, and you will boost your bank account balance.

  • Real-time Leaderboard

How does it work? You will receive a scoreboard point for every ten dollars you bet in the real-time game. During weekends, you will receive cash-outs based on the accrued points from the scoreboards.

Note that only the highest three points for the roulette users will receive five hundred dollars each. But that's a different case for blackjack users. The top three receives five hundred dollars, four hundred dollars, and three hundred dollars, respectively.

  • Iron man

Tiger gaming organizes the iron man deals per month. It comes with a digital entry fee for every one thousand dollars you spend daily for a week at a go. The entry fee qualifies you to get the mouth-watering prize of ten thousand dollars or gaming perks.

  • Freeroll

It is a contest that runs on Monday at 17:00 PM. A prize of three thousand dollars is waiting for the top fifty winners. The lowest payout is fifty dollars, and the top player will get two hundred and fifty dollars.

  • Diamond

How does it operate? If you land three charming sevens of diamonds at once, you will hit the jackpot. It also offers inferior prizes that run from hundred dollars to one thousand dollars if you land triple scarlet sevens or triple sevens of any shade.

  • Scrabble

Once you play your desired slots, you will receive massive spins when the month comes to an end. The first hundred winners will be entitled to a sum of twenty-five thousand dollars. Bounties stretch from two hundred dollars to five hundred dollars based on where the users finalize.

  • Warriors

Once you play the real-time games at the end of the week, you will qualify. The first five users who hit the highest spins will get one thousand dollars.

  • Dash

It’s almost the same with the scrabble except for the board game users. Here, users who bet the most will receive over five hundred dollars bonus. The deal is available to both handheld and real-time players.

  • Madness

The game runs hebdomadally (that is, Monday to Thursday). You will get a twenty-five dollars bonus for every 40th wager or more. But you can get up to one thousand and two fifty dollars per week.

  • Rebate

If you incur heavy losses throughout the week, the website will offer you ten percent payback. You can have access to two hundred and fifty dollar paybacks per week. The deal is available to both handheld and real-time players.

  1. Poker Perks
  • Entry Perks

Transfer fifty dollars or more into your betting account and get a hundred percent bonus.

Once you send the funds, email the website to unlock the deal. In any case, you will get ten dollars of your incentive for every five thousand bonus point.

Proceed with securing more bonus points until the end of each month. Once you reach the next month, the rest of the cash perks will roll over.

This deal may not appear like what you want. It’s because of its rigid nature. For every zero points one dollar, you get a bonus point. For one dollar, you get hundred bonus points.

If you participate in contests with one dollar, make sure you play fifty games for every ten dollars of your incentive. Half-time users can manage to work around this. Experienced users may manage to work around over a hundred games if they reckon up to the SNG stuff.

Even with hundred games daily, you will only workaround two-over-three of the perks within a month.

  • Jackpot

Once you wager at a bad beat board, you can get a jackpot if you hit four eights.

Take a look at how it works:

  • Five percent to the user with the bad beat.
  • Five percent to the winner.
  • Ten percent to other users at the board.
  • And many more.

Despite that, there are a few issues. On the one hand, over one-over-three of the jackpots are used to secure the next. That involves a lot of bucks on the part of the user. It would help to reduce the amount of securing bucks.

Also, it’s unreasonable that they accept fifteen percent administrative charges.

  • Freeroll

Once you pay your first fund, you will get an entry pass to the ten thousand dollars monthly roll. It runs every 2nd Sunday of each month.

  • SNG Scoreboard

Once you participate in the SNG contests, you will get bonus points. Make sure you garner the highest points for five days, and you will qualify for the scoreboard prize. The prize stretches from hundred dollars to seven hundred and fifty dollars for first to fifth winners.

Bookmaker Perks

  • Risk-Free Stake: Place a wager on an event, and once you have an unsuccessful wager, email them, and they will refund you. You will get over twenty-five dollars. But you must play six times that you must finalize within a month.
  • Entry Perks: Remit at least fifty dollars or more and stand a chance of winning a hundred percent perk. It requires a fourteen times betting period that you must finalize within a month.

Handheld/Mobile Compatibility

The website has a great handheld appeal, especially for the bookmaker and the casino.

The interface is well-structured. There are the key options at the peak that includes the bookmaker, live bookmaker, and many others.

At the foot of the key options, there are alternate options, and they revolve around separate sports that you can wager. Some of them are cricket, soccer and the likes. For the games, there are navigational options that stretch from the board games to the real-time casino.

The bookmaker is an easy pie. All you need to get started is select your wagering sport and the subgroup like professional or college. After doing so, you can opt for your ideal events, and it will provide some options.

The casino is not a hard nut to crack too. Select your desired game type, and it will leave you with choices.

Except for the poker users, other categories can work around the same methods when it comes to desktop and handheld devices. For poker, mobile users should visit the handheld section to download the app so that they can have similar choices with desktop users. They can work with android six version or higher, apple smartphones, and many others.

Prohibited Countries

The website prohibits users from the following jurisdictions from placing a wager. They are:

  • The US.
  • Panama.
  • France.
  • South Africa
  • And many others.

Customer Service

Customers can reach out to the customer agents through email, phone calls, and real-time chats. Email them through [email protected]

The Long and Short

Tiger gaming is a scalable betting website.

There are areas that paint a bad impression about them. From their mouth-watering perks to mobile optimization, their upsides outweigh their downsides.

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