Space Wars slot

Space Wars slot Review – Space Wars Slots NetEnt

For a gaming title that mimics the space (where your voice may not be heard when you shout), Space Wars from NetEnt is a loud game, as it is guaranteed to make people around you hear your voice loud and clear when you scream shouts of joy while playing the game. The game is as exciting and interesting as any slot title you might have played before.

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Therefore, it is time to get on your imaginary interplanetary spacecraft and get down to assisting aliens and other extra-terrestrial beings in their search for the evasive crystal located in the space world. The title features a lot of symbols, wild substitutions and re-spins and other fun stuff that makes a slot game exciting. What’s more, you can enjoy Space Wars anytime and anywhere as the game is currently available on mobile platforms. These platforms include laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets. You can also enjoy the title on your desktop computer.

About Space Wars

If you are familiar with gaming titles from NetEnt, you will understand the hype around this game. The gaming software provider includes many interesting features starting from the introduction of the game. The game starts with a tune that is so reminiscent of Star Wars and other Space movies you can think of. The tune reassures you that you are in for an intergalactic experience with this title.

The graphics of the game also speaks to the interplanetary nature of the game, as the background features a mashup of planets, stars, meteors and specks of space dust, all colored in shades of purple, mauve and violet. The reels also blended perfectly into the background as it adopts a transparent nature, providing an uncluttered and cool feel.

This setup allows you to appreciate the beautiful alien characters on the screen. You will also find a mysterious jar where you can put the cloned winning symbols. This means that this mysterious jar holds the key to the additional winnings. Apart from this purpose, the inclusion of the mysterious jar allows the design team to show its ingenuity as the alien symbols stuffed into the jar has an amusing effect on the scenery of the game.

The evasive crystal ball, colored red, is the highest paying symbol. However, apart from this symbol, all other symbols are alien characters with funny and amusing body parts. There are almost lesser paying symbols, which happens to be a baby version of the alien characters. Therefore, you will find them having smaller body parts than the other characters.

Space Wars speaks to the expertise of NetEnt in designing and building excellent games, and the features of the game is a testament to the reputation of the gaming software provider. NetEnt got everything right with regards to this game, right from the graphics to the tune and soundtrack used in the game. As a way of allowing players to have a grip on the gameplay of the title, NetEnt allows you to check out the game without wagering any of your money. This way, you will be able to understand the game and know what to expect from the game when wagering real money.

Space Wars Gameplay

The setup of Space War is as simple as any standard slot game. The game has five reels and four rows, and paylines totaling exactly 40. Punters must pay close attention to this setup as it becomes impossible to reduce the total amount bet by choosing fewer paylines.

However, what you can do is select your playing level. This helps you control the amount of money you wager in each spin. This is another reason why you should try out the game before wagering real money. Playing for free helps you create a working betting strategy that helps you win more when playing with real money.

The first step when playing the game is to select the value of coins you intend to play with. While this is reminiscent of the offline slot machines that you are familiar with, this is a way to ensure that you wager within your means. You have options to choose between a penny to about 50 pence. The corner where you get the coins is located on the right-hand side of the Spin button which is placed in the center. The buttons situated on either side of the window is for you to select the number of coins you want.

The next step is to choose the level you want to play. Instead of choosing your paylines, this is how you control the amount of money you use for wagering. The window where you make this selection is located on the left-hand side of the Spin button. And as with the coin display window, this window also comes with side buttons that allow you to choose between level 1 and 10. As you make your selection on the playing level, the Bet window shows the effect, by showing the amount your bet coin gets multiplied with.

However, if you don’t want to go through the stress of choosing the paly level, and can wager a lot of money, you can hit the Bet Max button. This button will take your bet coins to the highest betting level (10) and multiply your coins by 400x.

Also, you can utilize the Autospin feature. You will find this feature on the left side of the Spin button and it gives you the option to choose from different automatic spin options. You will also see the effect of each option unfold across the reels as you select them. You can also change how the Autospin feature works with the Advanced tab. Finally, if you change your mind during an auto spin, you can hit the stop button to cancel the spin and restore manual control to the reel.

The provider of the game allows punters to effect some changes and personal preferences to the game setup. There is a setting icon at the base of the virtual slot machine, and clicking the icon gives room for numerous changes. You can choose to enable a quick spin by hitting the space bar, switch on or off the sound, and many more. You will find the details of your remaining coins, your accumulated winnings throughout the game, and the total amount of your current wager.

Apart from the settings icon, you can also use the Paytable button, located right under the first reel. This button will show the paytable, which you can use to calculate how much the combinations of the symbols win you. To on Space Wars, you need to match three symbols on the reel. This feat awards you a payout and also a free spin that allows you to get more chances of winning more cash.

Space Wars and Promotions

Experienced punters know that NetEnt is popular for creating games with exciting features, including bonus features that improve a gambler’s chance of winnings. This tradition continues with Space Wars and the game contains features such as stacked symbols, Wild symbols and re-spins.

The Wild symbol in Space Wars is represented by the word WILD. The downside is that the symbol shows up only on both the second and fourth reel. However, this doesn’t make it any less of a worthy addition to the game. With the Wild symbol, you can win on the reels as the symbol can substitute for any symbol, even when you don’t have matching symbols.

You can also enjoy stacked symbols on the game. The effect of the symbol is that it moves the odds of the game in your favor as a gambler. Whenever you get stacked symbols, like all symbols, including the Wild symbol, that can appear stacked on any of the reels, you get more winning lines and an automatic free spin.

However, the most exciting bonus feature on Space Wars is the Cloning Pod which you will find on the right side of the reels. When this feature gets activated, the winning symbols, (on the occasion of a winning line) gets transferred into the cloning pod and gets mashed up using an interesting effect. The mashed-up symbols then get sent back to the reels, activating a re-spin and an avenue to earn more exciting bonuses. All of these activities come with fun music, animations and display, which makes it an exciting process.

In summary, Space Wars is one of the best slot games you will ever play. Even if you have not played any online slot title before, we can assure you that this particular game will keep you impressed and fully entertained.

Other Slot Titles That Mimics the Space Theme

Space Wars is not the only slot title that has the space theme as its background. Numerous games will also take you on the galactic ride into space. We can promise that you will enjoy these games the same way you enjoyed Space Wars.

In this section, we will discuss some of these games and their features. However, we advise that you play these games without real money at first. This will help you get a hang of the title and help you create an effective betting strategy for the games. This way, you will not only make more money when playing with real money, you will also enjoy the slot title in the process.


While this title is from Play n Go, which is another reputable gaming software provider, the game looks somewhat like Space Wars and you will enjoy it immensely. As advised for Space Wars, you should also attempt this game without real money before wagering your hard-earned cash on the game.

The similarities between Reactoonz and Space Wars starts and ends with the nice soundtracks and beautiful alien characters. Reactoonz shows a wide divergence from the standard slot games as it features 7 by 7 rows and columns of symbols with no paylines.

The winning system in this game mimics the popular Bejewelled game as a punter needs to match five symbols on adjacent places. However, in complete opposition to the Bejewelled game, Reactoonz features lots of fun animations and personalization.

Apart from this exciting display, Reactoonz allows you to win big on the title as the highest multiplier gives your initial bet a 750x boost.


NetEnt is a legend in the business of providing gaming software and the Starburst game is one of the numerous quality titles that you will get from the stables of NetEnt. While this slot title also adopts the ‘Space’ theme, it is nothing like Space Wars. From the designs, graphics and soundtrack, Starburst adopts a cool and sophisticated approach.

The slot title features a hybrid of the old and new slot symbols and arrangement. You will find symbols that appear three-dimensional and also old symbols that you will find in offline slot machines. For instance, you will find the lucky number 7 and the popular Bar symbol.

The game, like most space-themed games, uses a space influenced background and combine this with seamless gameplay and colorful jewel arrangements to entice punters and keep them glued to their screen.

The winning system for starburst is a Win Both Ways system. This system involves allowing punters to cashout when they have matching symbols from the right to left and from the left to the right. The games use a five-reel system with about ten paylines. The winning system gets enhanced with various bonus features such as Expanding Wilds, Re-spins and free spins. In all, the game has the potential to pay a punter as high as 50,000 coins when you hit the jackpot.

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