Reptoids slot game

Reptoids slot Game Online Slots for Free !

Review of slot game designed by Yggdrasil Gaming, titled Reptoids Slot, features 5-reel, 20 pay-lines lined up from left-right, the theme blends ‘Men in Black' and ‘They Live,' featuring classic-designed characters, RTP rate at 96.1%, and bet limit from 0.10 – 100€.

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Generally, from the programmer's side of view, Slot games are worked up to return profits. However, some developers like Yggdrasil are best at providing full-fledged fun and bang for the buck whatever the circumstances – Yggdrasil has never for once not perform to expectations in this aspect. However, awesome graphics is far from what really matters, typically Novomatics and Merkur are role model to acknowledge. In this article, you'll discover how this slot operates.

Reptoids features five reels, 20 win-lines lined up from left-right, while it holds ten familiar characters that yield payouts supposing three or higher of this aligned in a row over the win-line, starting from the extreme left.

The six most valuable characters appear in human-like symbols (hidden Reptoids), while the four least rewarding characters stand as laurels in varying forms. Yes, the game includes Scatter icons that reward perhaps two or higher of it comes to view at any spots across this slot's reels. The theme blends ‘Men in Black' and ‘They Live,' featuring classic-designed characters and controls.

How to win and Play-attachments

You'd notice a sensor board that finds its way across to different spots randomly on every spin-play during the Bonus spin feature and the main game. The most valuable characters descend right in the sensor board; this symbol and similar characters over the reels transform into wild icons. Each time the Scatter icons descend right in the sensor board, you'll have the Bonus spins activated.

If you can appear a Scatter icon right on the censor board during the main game, this action activates the Bonus Spin feature alongside seven bonus spins. While the Bonus Spin play-feature is active, every of the most valuable characters transformed to wild icons through the sensor board maintains to be wild pending the Bonus Spins ceases.

During a Bonus spin play-feature, the sensor board shows off the Reptoid's value (most valuable characters) earlier discovered the Bonus spin play-feature has nothing like Scatter icons. You can play Bonus Spins with a similar wager, pay-lines that led to the spins' turning.

If you can transform the two most valuable characters to Wild icons during the Bonus Spin play-feature, this can yield two more Bonus Spins. The game can return as much as six bonus spins for transforming the whole six most valuable characters into Wild icons.


Reptoids slot falls under a mid-volatility, considered alongside 96.1% Return to player rate. The game supports a wager amount from 0.10 – 100€. Reptoids slot is an enjoyably fun adventure packed with distinctive graphics which many players will admire. Howbeit, this slot can spin around a pacifying atmosphere and exhilarating adventures.

Besides, the main game is exceedingly soothing to our standard while only considering little acts, excluding the sensor board roaming about the display. Ultimately, Reptoids slot is a nice release; however, we can't count it as the best titles from Yggdrasil.

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