Reel Rush 2 Slot Review

Reel Rush 2 Slot Review by NetEnt

A Slot Game series developed by NetEnt, upgraded from earliest version with the theme subject to Candy & fruits, alongside lots of diverse random features, arranged on 5-reels & 45 – 3,125 pay-lines

Reel rush 2 slot

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Game Details

  • Game Developer: NetEnt
  • Slot Category: Video slots
  • Story-line: Fruit & Candy
  • Bonus Game: Enabled
  • Progressive: Disabled
  • Wild Character: Enabled
  • Scatter: Disabled
  • Auto-play function: Enabled
  • Multiplier: Enabled
  • Bonus Spins: Enabled
  • Slot Volatility: Medium – High
  • Pay-lines: 45 – 3,125
  • Number of Reels: Five
  • Highest Winnings: 5,000x
  • Number of Bonus Spins: More than 8
  • RTP: Ranging from 95.53% to 96.58%
  • House Edge: 3.42% to 4.47%
  • Placeable Stakes value: 0.20 – 100
  • Feature Buy: Disabled
  • Mobile Compatibility: Enabled

Overview of Reel Rush 2 Slot

NetEnt initially arranged a Reel Rush Slot machine, as time passes by, it thereby plans to release another series of the exact game alongside some upgrades. The first series titled Reel Rush slot incorporates exciting gameplay.

Also, the concept is awe-inspiring. The same pattern takes after the second series titled “Reel Rush 2 backed with some upgrades,” whereby both systems match together alongside fruit/candy concept & exceptional characters.

Reel Rush 2 slot machine is engaging alongside four main features like Random Features worth 8, Re-spins function, Bonus Spins & Super bonus Spins function, likewise Sizable Chips. In a nutshell, the game is a bash, while the only issue is to select items for edibles.

The Game Mechanics

NetEnt takes the game mechanics of this Reel Rush 2 to a unique dimension. Reel Rush slot game encompasses five-reels, five-rows, 45 – 3125 ways to gamble, alongside an inspiring arrangement 1-3-5-3-1. The stake commences from stage one through to ten, alongside the coin value ranging from 0.01 to 0.5.

As a result, in preparation to run the game, users are left with bets range of 0.20 to 100 coins for each spin. In the pursuits to actualize winnings in this game, users need to blend characters randomly across the adjacent reels. Take note that the characters need to commence from reel one.

Reel rush 2 slot

Play on Reel rush 2 slot Now!


Reel Rush 2 incorporates engaging characters. Firstly, the game arranges for five controls alongside distinct colors like orange, purple, yellow, red & green. Contrarily, there are six fruit characters; likewise, the strawberry known to be the highest paying.

Players can have access to multiplier worth 0.5, 2.5, & 8x their bets while they make visible 3, 4, & 5 of these characters in a winning combo.

Besides the classic characters obtainable in this game, presumably, there exists a wild character.

The Wild character replaces others primarily to generate profitable winning combinations & it solely comes into view across second, third, fourth & fifth reels excluding first reel only.


Reel Rush demonstrates its benevolence capacity starting with this Bonus.

Random Features

This slot machine gets accompanied alongside an excellent 8 random features, which are as follows;

Block Breaker tool

Simply from its title, while the reel confines tend to builds, employing exact style adopted in the Re-Spins & Reel Confines tool, such user can crack any of 2 or 4 blocks.

Random Wilds feature

Actualize worth of three wild characters included to the reels to have access bonus.

Additional Bonus Spins feature

While a player triggers the bonus spins function, he/she can have access to bonus spin.,

Other Super Tokens feature This feature releases 3 or 15 chips included in the Super Token s Meter.

Second Chance feature

Perhaps you did not have the opportunity to actualize winnings, then it causes the reels to spin all over again. Later the blocks get released; however, peradventure you turn on the Block Breaker function, the feature becomes accessible.

Symbol Upgrade tool

As soon as the reels stop running, there is a character which converts to a high-rewarding character. This character then substitutes the rest of the original characters for enormous winnings.

Symbol Multiplier tool

The entire characters excluding the wild figures project a multiplier within the range of 5x to 20x included to the winnings alongside the character.

Multiplier Boost feature: The Meter alongside the progressive multiplier turns out to get magnified by 1.

Play on Reel rush 2 slot Now!

Super Bonus Spins & Bonus Spins Tool

A player can have access to just one star across the Bonus spins meter each time they unravel two blocks. As soon as the Meter gets full to the top, the aftermath then triggers the bonus Spins feature. In an attempt to run the Super bonus Spins feature, its mandatory players gather at least 2,000 Super Chips across the Super Token Meter.

Besides, such players can purchase Super Chips to boost your count, bet the Super Tokens to have access to extras, or run the Super bonus Spins or the bonus spins.

Super Chips

Users of this game need to gather a worth of 5 tokens in the super token Meter, with each block gets released. The additional Super Tokens function in the base game has the potentials to offer tokens.

Also, the entire winnings across the Super Bonus Spin toll access a multiplier through the Progressive Multiplier Meter. It thereby increases by 1, following each winning or after turning on the Multiplier Boost Random function.

Re-Spins Feature

In the pursuits to trigger this function, players require a winning combination. Subsequently, such player can obtain 1 to 5 re-spins, while every single re-spin, it thereby magnifies the ways to actualize winnings.

  • The first re-spin magnifies the ways to win to 135
  • The second re-spin expands the ways to win to 405
  • The third re-spin increases the ways to win to 675
  • The fourth re-spin expands the ways to win to 1,125
  • The fifth re-spin expands the ways to win to 1,875


This incredible video slot game arranges for a Return to player value at 95.53%. However, it raises higher to 96.58%. As a supplement to better the deficiency value of the RTP value, the multiple in-game functions pose more benefits.


It's not a shock with the volatility of the game varying from moderate level to high, following the multiple functions on offer in this slot machine. It thereby provides the enablement to generate 5,000 times of ones bet in the bonus spins or the regular spins.


Perhaps you already have the privilege to play the first edition of this Reel Rush series; then, you'll notice similar graphics with this latest one to the initial one.

The story-line of the game centralizes on fruits & candy, just precisely as candy crush, with a backdrop representation, having a square shape employed for mildew & trees.

Altogether, the game creates an impression of a hyperactive, imaginative, & impressive slot machine alongside a pleasing soundtrack which runs in the backdrop to make the adventure more enjoyable.


The fruits & candy might appear to be a babyish concept, however, when it comes to the money it generates, it's far from a child play, alongside highest winnings of 25,000x the stakes, enthusiasts of jackpot can make an attempt towards this game including occasional players.

Final Words

Reel Rush 2 slot machine incorporates essential features alongside a disturbing impression; there's no chance of boredom sneaking in. It implies gamers can anticipate additional missions in comparison to the first slot innovation.

As regards winning potentials, users of this game can anticipate substantial amounts in consideration of numerous features on offer.

The visuals & layouts are superb, slightly upgraded from the first release. There's a tendency player notice the gameplay to be unclear initially, however, the demo mode of the game should be of great help.

Reel Rush 2 is an inspiring machine overwhelmed with lots of entertainments, do ensure to give it a trial.

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