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In 2009, the establishment of Qiwi was made in Russia, and it has since then maintained a good reputation as one of the reputable online forms of payment.

Due to its efficient service and popularity among the people, it has made an expansion to over 20 countries. Today, Qiwi can boast of more than 15 million users. The interesting about Qiwi is that it is now being used by some of the online casinos as a payment method.

Choosing Qiwi as a method of payment entails so many things, it is convenient, speedy and it is something that you can easily make use of. Majority of the biggest name in the industry now recognizes Qiwi as a method of making payments. Although it cannot be regarded as a universal means of sending money, then some casinos across the board are now trying to adopt the method due to its efficiency.

Why use Qiwi at Online Casino

  • The top-up is easy as you can make use of a variety of methods which is to the inclusion of terminals and kiosks.
  • Players do have immediate access to their money
  • It can be said to be one of the convenient methods used in CIS and Russia
  • It has some connection with Visa, with this it can be considered as being safe.

From Cell Phones to Blackjack

Initially, the launching of Qiwi was launched by Russians to pay things such as utility bills, phone credit, loans, TV and Internet bills, products and some other services. Now it has been widely used by many people in funding their accounts. The good thing about Qiwi is that the processing works instantly and there are so many other amazing features just to ensure convenience and perform a secure transaction.


Having chosen Qiwi as a payment method, then you will be faced with the question of how you can make use of it effectively. For you to make a deposit, the first thing you are to do is to have an e-Wallet account, to open the Wallet account you have to visit their website. All that you need to do is just to supply your phone number, it is not going to ask you for username and password unlike other methods such as Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, and the likes by make use by the casinos.

The moment you submit your mobile number, a password will be sent to you through an SMS. To sign in on Qiwi, your phone number will serve as your username, and the password already sent to you will serve as the password. After the successful opening of an account, the next step you are to take is to fund it, this can be easily done by making use of cash deposit, Qiwi terminals, affiliated agencies, Kiosks, eWallet, debit card, and the likes.

The funding sources depending on the particular country you reside in. All transactions or funding made is going to appear in Russian currency. Navigating to the payment page of your online casino is the next thing that you will have to do. Go to the eWallet, select Qiwi as the option and then select the amount that you wish to transfer. All payments done using Qiwi reflects almost instantly.


It is quite easy to make a withdrawal using this method, this will be enabled if your selected online casino supports this method. If the casino makes provision for this, then navigate to the payment option and enter your phone number and password with the particular amount you wish to withdraw to your Qiwi account. After submission, and the moment the account is cleared, the fund is going to reflect in your account instantly.


  • The payment carried out on Qiwi reflects almost instantly, with this your money can be accessible within a few minutes of performing the transaction.
  • All transactions are free, only in some cases that you will be asked to incur some cost.
  • The good thing is that you can always make use of Qiwi anywhere Visa is as well accepted
  • It has mobile compatibility
  • The top-up can be done easily, even though you are making use of a kiosk or terminals


There are so many advantages to using Qiwi in countries like the USA and Russia. These numerous advantages can be fully enjoyed so far it is recognized as a method of making payment in your country of residence.

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