Ozzy Osbourne Slot

Ozzy Osbourne Slot Game – Netent Slots

Ozzy Osbourne is a NetEnt powered online slot. This slot features 5 reels, 20 paylines, scatters symbols, wild symbols and an RTP of 96.3%.


Ozzy Osbourne is a famous musician who almost everybody knows. Many people know him as a heavy metal colonist with a career of four decades, and his music is still relevance as at now and will remain ever relevant while some people know him as a confused rock star dad from The Osbourne's reality show, it's possible that Gambling degenerates knows as Metal Casino. It's not much of a surprise when we see him appearing in the casino industry with his slot which sees to further expansion of NetEnt portfolio of branded rock-themed slots that includes titles like Jimi Hendrix, Guns n'Roses and Motorhead. NetEnt has been so secretive about the slot SK we don't know what our expectations of the slot should be. On the splash screen, you will see the Prince of Darkness sitting on his throne while the song track “Mr Crowley” will be heard booming from the speakers. The game was built on a solid foundation which is joined together by 20 fixed paylines, five classic reels. A layout of 3-rows that almost stand as resilience of Ozzy's testament.


Features of Ozzy Osbourne (NetEnt)

You can decide whether you want to activate the Bonus Bet option or not before you commence playing. When you activate the bonus option, you will be charged twice the amount you are playing, which means if you are playing a bet size of €1, it will increase to €2. Still, you will be able to get relevant benefits in return such as bonus frequency, hit frequency, and the values of multipliers will increase, which also gives you additional free spin when you trigger it.

Watch out for the scatter symbol in the game; the scatter symbol shows on the first, second and fifth reels. Assuming you land two when playing the base game, the Re-Spin feature will showcase and also activates the Charge Up feature. You will find the Symbol Spinner, which defines the symbol at the upper left corner. Another feature is the Feature Spinner, this feature defines the feature that is applied to the chosen symbol for Re-Spin, and it can be found at the upper right corner of the game. The Bat Head appears on the Feature Spinner if a symbol shows on the Symbol spinner and this prompt the free spins to trigger after the Re-Spin feature.

The Free Spins can also be activated the old way by landing three Scatter symbols on first, third and fifth reels concurrently. When you might have enabled the Bonus Bet, you will be given five free spins, or else you will get four free spins. You will benefit from the feature of Charge-Up symbol once you get in, this Charge-Up symbol will keep triggering on every turn. The spinner gives the king of feature, which is to be applied to the chosen symbol till the feature ends. Assuming, the Symbol Spinner shows a scatter symbol while on the free spins feature, you will be awarded one additional free spin, which is almost 7 in total.

The major feature of this slot is the ‘Charge-Up' symbol. The following features can be disclosed in the Spinner box feature:

  • Wild: Every instance of the chosen symbol gets transformed into wilds
  • Symbol Multiplier: Each of the winning combinations with the chosen symbol receives a multiplier boost by the awarded multiplier. Enabling the Bonus Bet option brings about the multiplier’s values of 5x and 7x (twelve in total), this is different from 2x and 3x when not activated.
  • Upgrade: Each of the instances of the chosen symbol will change to the next premium symbol on the paytable or increased wins
  • Con Win: Each one of the chosen symbols that shows up in view awards a coin prize which is equal to 3 of a kind.

The Verdict of Ozzy Osbourne Slot (NetEnt)

Just like many other NetEnt branded titles, Ozzy Osbourne is an average slot. It is disappointing to see a game that is based on an artist which became famous through chewing on bat heads on stage, to be so uninteresting. Also, we have no other option than to think the developers of this game complicated things with the confusing features as it is not easy to understand.

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