Ox Bonanza slot

Ox Bonanza Slot (RTG) Realtime Gaming Slots Real Money

An evaluation of a slot machine designed by Realtime gaming, titled Ox Bonanza Slot, released the year 2021, known as the Ox year, features 5-reel, 3 rows, 25 pay-lines, covers a theme on Chinese First day of the New Year, with the most valuable jackpot value specified at 5,000 coins, the Wild represented as gold-painted bull ox, puts up Bonus spins elements, & bet limit from $2.50 – $125 for each spin.

Ox Bonanza Slot

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Specifics about Ox Bonanza Slot

  • Storyline: Chinese First day of the New Year
  • Creator: RTG
  • Return to player rate: 96.1%
  • Reel grid: 5×3
  • Paylines: 25
  • Least bet value: $2.50 (25 x $0.10)
  • Highest bet value: $125 (25 x $5)
  • Most valuable Jackpot: 5,000 coins
  • Jackpot: Available, two grades
  • Variance: Extremely High
  • Mobile Friendliness: Yes

Ox Bonanza slot


Based on Chinese groove and practices, the ox year appreciation is a year of fortune during which any resident that puts in the effort is compensated. From the zodiac planning aid, the year 2021 is the ox year.

The RTG developer came up with the Ox Bonanza progressive slot machine recently to keep up with the vibes of releasing golden rewards. It's a breathtaking slot to play.

Ox Bonanza slot came on board at the last minute, all in the effort to make everyone fail to remember the frustrations that came with the year 2020. But, bias aside, the game is an exhilarating option to consider, abundant in features.

Without any doubt, there's a certainty for users of this slot to get high on the stroke of luck all along while having an encounter with the slot, animated with bonus spins, two progressive jackpots, morphing wild symbols.

In this review on the Ox Bonanza slot, you'll discover all essentials to be aware of about the game. Also, this article further touches on bonus additions, a guide to playing the game, & good casinos to enjoy Ox Bonanza online for real cash.

Bet Limit for Ox Bonanza slot

Players can find Ox Bonanza slot machines across most online casino platforms, including slots software applications on mobile. You have to adjust/put down your bet limit to kick-off the play.

Select the coin value from a range of $0.10 – $5, while the game plays up to 25 non-adjustable pay-lines. The term “Non-adjustable” there implies you must put to use the entire 25 pay-lines whenever.

The least wager to prepare for in the Ox Bonanza slot is $2.50 (10-cent coins multiplied by 25 pay-lines), & the highest bet is $125 ($5 multiplied by 25).

Right after you put down the bet limit, then you can now set the reels to motion. Again, you have the option to tap the spin control yourself whenever or fix the slot automatic-play feature.

Maybe you'd like to roll the game more hurriedly up, possibly toggle the control sign to the left side of the spin control. In this way, it triggers the nippy spin element.

Nevertheless, you must be conscious of your budget. Ox Bonanza falls under a slot of high variance. This way, you can expect a release of prizes not that often; however, the winnings are much more noteworthy.

Perhaps you set the reels rolling with the auto-play control & nippy spin; you can use up all your bet plans in few minutes. Note this potential, & refuse to bet beyond what you can bear.

High & low paying Characters

As the reels spin up, you can have eyes for characters that portray the respective years of the zodiac. These include the three most valuable icons, as well as the pig, rat, & ox. Finally, the dog's year is reduced to the ranks of low-rewarding symbols, accompanied by the 9-Ace characters.


There are two ox icons in this slot machine, while you have the untidy, hairy ox alongside a green atmosphere as the most valuable character. Do not mix up the ox made of a gold-painted bull ox, which plays the role of this slot's wild icons.

The scatter icons are the only character left.

These two characters are worth discussing exclusively under this report as both assist in activating the slot's bonus elements.

Bonus Features

In the Ox Bonanza slot, we came about three bonuses play attachments. Each feature allows the opportunity to boost one's winnings differently.

The Turning Wild Symbols

Watch out for the Wild icons represented as the gold-painted bull ox. Unfortunately, the character only comes into view over reel one. It's a turning wild character.

It simply implies the wild transforms other characters to wilds also. The counts & positions of turned characters are randomly observed.

It's just four characters only that can be reformed. Unfortunately, the gold-plated ox has the propensity to transform the pig, rat, green ox into a wild.

Apart from the wild can turn other icons, it also magnifies twofold the payoff from any winning combos it happens to contribute in its making.

Initially, you may get discouraged by the fact that the wild icons are only on reel one. However, its propensity to turn other characters & magnifies the winnings twofold cancels out the limitation.

One more reward to enjoy with the Ox Bonanza slot is that the turning wild icons are up for grabs while the bonus spin feature & the main game are active.

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Bonus Spin addition

The Bonus spins attachment found here is lavish if you're privilege to activate it.

  • It's possible to receive bonus spins simply by bringing up at least 3 of the scatter icons.
  • Three scatter characters release ten bonus spins.
  • Four scatter icons can activate 20 bonus spins, including a jackpot of 10 coins on the spot.
  • Five scatter icons can turn up 100 bonus spins, including a jackpot reward of 200 coins on the spot.

We have a few slot machines that enable you to win a sufficient number of bonus spins. However, you'd require all of ox's Midas touch to have five scatter icons.

You can find the scatter characters on the whole five reels; meanwhile, they do not come up that often. It's uncommon to activate the bonus spins in any case, not to have a good deal of scatter icons to collect 100 bonus spins.

The game allows you activate the bonus spins in another time; hence, the lucky factor plays no role here to have at least 3 scatter symbols over again.

Lamentably, our effort proved abortive to achieve this while conducting the report on the Ox Bonanza slot.

Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is the final bonus attachment to activate when you spin up the Ox Bonanza slot for real money.

The slot has 2 progressive jackpots; RTG is yet to give the least prizes for every jackpot.

Moreover, while compiling this report on the Ox Bonanza slot, the major jackpot values $11,031.57, while the minor jackpot values $3485.50.

It comes to our perception that the least winnings observed with the minor jackpot are likely $1,000, while the major jackpot potentially has at least $10,000.

The game plots out either progressive jackpots to release winnings at random. So, it's unnecessary to have a particular icon or spin up a bitsy game before you can be eligible for the jackpot offer.

Activate the progressive jackpots while a spin draws to a close. Better still, you can hit either jackpot simultaneously.

Remember, the game has to be played in real money mode before you can expect the jackpot activated. Demo play format with slots does not offer the chance for Progressive jackpots.

Despite the progressive jackpot of Ox Bonanza slot in circulation as of January 2021, till April, the Ox Bonanza jackpots are yet to release winnings.


  • Two activated progressive jackpots at random
  • Turning wild symbols & 2x multiplier
  • Plenty of bonus spins feature alongside on-the-spot jackpots, retriggers, & transforming wild symbols.
  • Impressive visuals that correspond with the storyline
  • The fast-spin & Automatic-play controls
  • Fair Return to player rate of 96%


  • The Wild symbols only show up on reel one.
  • The wild icons seem very near to different ox icons. It will make much sense if it's another character or animal.
  • The turning wild symbols substitute no other than the most valuable icons.
  • The bonus spins are challenging to collect.


There's so much to regard highly of the Ox Bonanza slot. However, we perceived some features that can contribute well enough to the game.

Along with this review, we figured out certain strengths and limitations with the Ox Bonanza slot machine.

Slots of High variance

In this slot, we came about 8 low-rewarding characters & just the three most valuable icons. We hope to come about a more stable paytable.

In all, the Ox Bonanza slot is a refreshing option to try, full of appreciative medleys of bonus elements.

The fact that the Ox Bonanza slot adds the turning Wild & progressive jackpot to the game bursts our brains, and we are pleased about this.

We want the paytable considers a mix of most valuable & low rewarding icons; likewise, the scatter & wild characters come in frequently over the reels.

Today in the slot niche, there are so many slot games programmed with Chinese storylines. Particularly attention on the Chinese New Year presents Ox Bonanza slot a more uncommon focus of attention.

Similar Slots to Ox Bonanza game

Deep in our minds, we believe you will be fond of the Ox Bonanza slot. Perhaps that's precisely your perception about it; we'd like to recommend other similar slots that possibly tickle your fancy.

>>Play on Ox Bonanza slot

Below are slot games identical to the Ox Bonanza slot.

Maybe you delight in the Chinese New Year storyline in particular; you'll undoubtedly get a kick out of Play N Go's Chinese New Year. The visuals considered with the slot are fantastic, while it factors in many bonus elements, quite the same to Ox Bonanza slot.

  • Another option is GameART's Chinese Zodiac that directs attention to animals from the Chinese New Year timeline. In addition, the game puts up bonus spins, gamble elements, & lucky chance stacks.
  • Fortunium Gold slot is another excellent Sci-fi genre. Though the game does not share a similar Chinese storyline, it considers a progressive jackpot activated at random with many grades. Perhaps the jackpot addition is your best-preferred aspect of the Ox Bonanza slot; definitely, you'll like Fortunium Gold.
  • PolicyTech's Fei Cui Gong Zhu features a Japanese storyline & provides four progressive jackpots triggered randomly.
  • RTG's Witchy Wins slot puts up a Halloween storyline and pins down the multipliers & reforming wilds.

The remaining games left, which you can get high on if you admire the concept about the Ox Bonanza slot, are not as many. Check out other identical slot machines from our slot game critics.

Which casino is Ox Bonanza slot available for play?

We're sure after you have finished reading this article on the Ox Bonanza slot, chances are you'd like to begin playing ASAP. But, first, you'd want to figure out a casino to play the Ox Bonanza slot.

Ox Bonanza is accessible at RTG online casinos. We know this is what players in the United States would like to hear; that's an encouraging report since RTG makes one of the only casino gaming programmers within reach throughout America.

There are so many foreign online casino platforms that feature Ox Bonanza slot, including other RTG products.

The best & convenient means to search for a casino site offering Ox Bonanza slot is to look through our casino reports. Additionally, the ox Bonanza slot is available for play on smartphones.

You don't have to install a particular Ox Bonanza software application when you register at any of the best online casino hubs since the game functions perfectly for smartphone browsers.

At the same time, you'd like to try slot games, ascertain to explore Ox Bonanza slot maybe you fancy slots of Chinese themes. So, make hay while the sunshine and register at an online casino featuring Ox Bonanza slot to give a shot.

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