Masks of Atlantis Slot – 85 Free Spins

Experience the Thrills of Masks of Atlantis Slot and Get 85 Free Spins to Boost Your Wins!

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Dive into the thrilling Masks of Atlantis online slot! Uncover its captivating graphics, immersive gameplay, and epic features in our detailed review. Read now!

Spinlogic Gaming invites you to embark on a thrilling deep-sea journey with their breathtaking underwater-themed slot game, Masks of Atlantis. This riveting 5 by 3-reel configuration and twenty pay lines promise a quest with hidden treasures and aquatic surprises. So, get ready to get your fins wet!

Symbols and Theme

An enthralling journey to the sunken city of Atlantis awaits as you spin the 5×3 reels of this captivating slot game. Each spin unearths the precious artifacts of an ancient civilization—think gold masks and mystical relics—all presented against a magnificent underwater tableau.

The gold masks hold the key, catalyzing the “Seaquake Cascading Wins” function, turning the reels into a landslide of buried cash and prizes. With a maximum payout of a whopping 50,000 times your bet per line, the treasure trove of Atlantis could be just a spin away!

Features and Betting Options

Step into the shoes of an aquatic explorer as you navigate the gameplay of Masks of Atlantis. Its 20 pay lines and medium volatility ensure a balance of steady and high-stakes payouts. Winning combinations trigger the “Seaquake Cascading Wins” feature, causing an avalanche of symbols and opening up new pathways to fortune.

Watch for the Wild Symbol, your trusty companion that substitutes for all other symbols. The “Free Games” and “Multiplier” features are your lifelines, where every Seaquake increases the multiplier. The flexible betting options mean you control your underwater journey, making it a smooth sail or a thrilling ride!

Graphics and Sound

Visually, Masks of Atlantis is a feast for the eyes, drenching players in a sea of vibrant hues. The intricately designed coral reefs, aquatic life, and remnants of the mythical city seamlessly blend into a visually stunning panorama.

The gold masks offer wealth and add a touch of mystery and anticipation. Moreover, the enthralling sound effects and thematic music accentuate the excitement, immersing players in the surreal depths of Atlantis.


Why tread water when you can dive into an epic underwater adventure with Masks of Atlantis? Unearth the hidden riches of this sunken civilization, and you might reel in the catch of a lifetime!

=> Play at Masks of Atlantis Slot Now!

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