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Lincoln Casino

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Lincoln is an American-oriented digital casino that offers handheld games and sweepstakes. Certified in Curacao, the platform has over one hundred and forty games through the WGS software. If you are a sucker for WGS slots, you should take a look at Dragon, Gods, and Panda. The website has a complete array of three to seven reel grids. If you have never encountered the seven-reel grid, opt for the charming sevens.

There's a full spectrum of baccarat, craps, and other games in this category for table lovers. Users will also come across other digital casinos like Mulligan, Hold'em, and the likes. Poker lovers can pitch on various options, including the multiple-hand and a hundred-hand variant. Unlike other websites, Lincoln outsources and certifies its casinos from several companies.


Furnished in 2013, the Lincoln Casino utilizes the WGS software. The software is over ten years old and dubbed as the “Vegas Technology.” Recent users can play proven and scalable games. Surfing through the world of this website is like locating a new tab.

Handheld and desktop bettors can look out for the website at every turn. They can access the platform through their browsers and the app versions.

There are six blackjack variants, twelve slot forms, and numerous roulette variations. That said, the jackpot section totals twelve games with many rewards. Overall, there are one hundred and thirty-nine games in the game library.

You can also revel in a stable flow of daily and periodic slot contests that offers weekly and monthly perks.

Payment Options

There are several remittance and cash-out options on the website. Let's take a look at the remittance options, weekly limits, and anticipated delivery period.


Typically, the scheduled delivery time for cash-outs is within forty-eight to seventy-two hours.


The minimum deposit limits range from one point thirteen dollars to twenty-five dollars.

Bonus Options

Lincoln offers a five thousand dollars incentive as well as hebdomadal and end-of-the-week incentives. The five thousand is a remittance reward that is intended to attract new users. Don’t forget that the cyclical perks for existing players will boost your bank account because of their mitigating qualities. The hebdomadal/ end-of-the-week perky promotions embrace the incentive program because they suit the needs of high-budget users and regular players.

Let’s explore these perks one after the other.

  1. End-Of-The-Week Perks

Every user receives send-of-the-week perks. It’s a bit different from the hebdomadal gratuities. It’s safe to say that it's way considerable since a fifty-dollar deposit comes with a hundred percent bonus. That's unlike the hebdomadal incentives that gift only fifty percent perks.

Since the fifty-dollar deposit reassures users of hundred percent bonuses, two hundred dollars promise more. Yet again, this reward system leans toward the stage you accomplish. You must reach the peak to earn as many bonuses as possible.

Let’s explore the membership stages and how much you need to reach the peak.

  1. Hebdomadal Incentives

Users get hebdomadal incentives on their remittances from Monday to Thursday of every week. The incentive program comprises the end-of-the-week incentives, hebdomadal incentives, and paybacks.

In this case, let’s surf through the hebdomadal incentives based on the six-stage perk program.

Five Thousand Dollars Remittance Bonus

The five thousand dollars bonus connotes cash rewards on your first five remittances. Remittances that range from twenty-five dollars to one thousand dollars come with a hundred percent bonus. If you pay twenty-five dollars into your account, you will receive fifty dollars. If it is one thousand dollars, you get two thousand dollars.

Users can meet the betting requirements via their handheld devices and desktop. The betting requirement is twenty times your remittance and reward amount.

All the casinos except for roulette reckon up to the betting requirement. Each casino has special playthrough rates. Specialty and slots consider the hundred times rate.

Mulligan, Red Dog, and some other poker types think the thirty-five times rate.

But the triple card poker is about twenty percent. All the variants have the ten percent requirement.

  1. RRB Bonus

The RRB bonus is called the “Retroactive Rebate.” It’s safe to call it the payback bonus. Users must have one dollar or less and less than two thousand bonus points to access the bonus. It offers twenty-five percent payback on your most recent remittances.

To claim the payback, reach out to any of the customer representatives within forty-eight hours. The highest cash reward you can get is hundred dollars and has a twenty-times betting requirement. All other terms and conditions apply, especially the playthrough rates mentioned earlier.

  1. VIP Bonuses

The VIP bonuses are dubbed the “Lincoln Casino Rewards.” The program possesses six stages, and they range from the Amber to the Diamond. As stated earlier, the higher the stage you reach, the bigger your hebdomadal and end-of-the-week perks. Also, you will accumulate bonus points at a quicker rate.

The grid below reveals the bonus point accrued rate. Pay extra attention to the roulette and blackjack because the games get special treatment compared to other betting tables. So, don't feel left out if they are not gathering the points you desire. You can swap one thousand points for one dollar.

It follows that every Lincoln stake accrues bonus points. You get your accrued points every hour. But if you've had a stretch and the bonus point has not accumulated yet, you should stay calm. The chances are that your bonus points will increase. Try the following slots to see how it works. The slot games include the Gold City, Gold Gods, and many others.

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Game Variety

The website may not have the most extensive game collection like most platforms. But don't forget that they have unique assortments. Each group has two or more distinct appeals, so age-long punters will always find intriguing things about the games.

Let’s walk through some of these games and the reward-worthy contests that come with them.

  1. Poker

As stated earlier, the website's poker ranges from the multiple-hand to the hundred-hand variants of each casino. For the sake of clarity, the multiple hands refer to two to four hands in poker at once. The hundred-hand format comprises twenty-five-hand, fifty-hand, and hundred-hand variants. The best poker forms are accessible. If you want impressive stuff, opt for “Bump” Poker. Once you clinch a reward, it boosts your jackpot potential as tiered slots.

Some of the pokers include:

  • Jacks: A hand.
  • Tens: A hand.
  • Ace: Two to Four Hands.
  • Jacks: Twenty-Five to Hundred Hands.
  • Wild: Two to Four Hands.
  • Joker: A Hand and many others.
  1. Table Games

The table games comprise a collection of blackjack variations. If the business rules remain the same, the Atlantic blackjack has the most impressive contingency of all the variations. Users considering massive jackpot potential should go for the progressive one since it has a sixty-four thousand dollars base stake.

Most users are probably tired and sick of playing the same type of games. Players in this category should venture into the ten-high Hold’em games and the likes. Note that the mobile functionality is home to a majority of the table games.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Craps.
  • Baccarat.
  • Pai Poker.
  • Hold’em.
  • Atlantic Blackjack and many others.
  1. Specialty Casinos

The specialty stuff also has a unique charm. Most digital casinos may integrate sweepstakes into their specialty sections, such as bingos, cards, and the likes. But at Lincoln, you access stimulating intermingled games like Poker Dice. If you are a sucker for cross-breeds, try the poker dice.

Here are a few specialty lists:

  • Poker Dice.
  • Bingo.
  • Keno and many others.
  1. Digital Slots

The website has over ninety-three slots. They include forty-two 3-reel grids, two 5-reel grids, and forty-nine 3-reel grids. Most of these casinos have many tailored jackpots. The tailored pots are not restricted to the five-reel matrixes.

Some three-reel matrixes include Red, Win, and many others. But the cash slots are the trademark game that comes from the WGS software. It's no surprise that the slot game awards the most lucrative jackpot.

Here are a few digital slots accessible on the website:

  • Cherry.
  • Doctor.
  • Vixen.
  • Reel Slots.
  • Mine and many others.

Slot Contests

The scheme engages a thousand users throughout all the countries of the world. It creates a new timetable on a hebdomadal and monthly basis.

Every week, there are over twenty contests. But there are ten contests per month.

The Lincoln slot contest is one of the most reputable online events because they demand tactics. Other competitions reckon up to individuals who click the “Spin” icon first. But Lincoln slot contests reckon up to time and resource allotments, making less effort transition to winning tactics. Slots aren't the only catch, as there are other game types to explore for contests.

Here are a few examples of the gaming contests that Lincoln offers:

  • Cheshire.
  • Whistle.
  • PayDay.
  • Big Weekend.
  • Red Carpet and many others.

Mobile Compatibility

More than enough games available on the desktop version are available in the mobile version. For instance, there are over forty-eight handheld slots, 5 table games, and nine handheld pokers. The most famous games on the website are Vixen, Cherry, and the likes.

As far as the tailored slots are concerned, there are Cow and Chick games with six-figure jackpots. Handheld roulette and many others are also accessible.

Customer Service

You can contact the customer representatives through real-time chats, email, and phone calls. However, real-time conversations are faster.

No Real-Time Games

Sadly, Lincoln does not offer real-time games. In short, you cannot relish the interactive gaming experience on the website.


  • Lincoln Casino enjoys mobile compatibility.
  • The platform has over eleven tailored jackpots.
  • The website offers a large assortment of incentives that range from entry perks to paybacks.
  • There are every day and periodical gaming contests that offer mouth-watering cash prizes.


  • No real-time games.
  • The platform accepts users from only forty-three states.
  • Lincoln offers a broad spectrum of unfamiliar games.

The Long and Short

It's challenging to nurse complaints about the Lincoln casino because of its redeeming features. The only upside is that there are no live gaming events on the website. In other respects, Lincoln Casino is an incredible catch.

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