Japan Casinos – Best Online Casino That Accept Japanese Players

History of Gambling in Japan

There's a long history of gambling in Japan because this country is very old and full of tradition, culture, and history. Gambling in Japan can be dated as far back as the seventh century because historical records reveal that Temmu, the Japanese emperor, played sugo-roku, which is a dice game similar to the backgammon we play these days, as a way of passing time. Empress Jito, who is his successor, quickly banned the game, almost immediately she became the ruler.

Yet, three was an exponential growth of the popularity of gambling in Japan between 750 and 1200 A.D. Individuals used to place bets on virtually everything, either horse races, cockfights, cricket fights, and many more. There was a continuation of this trend for several years. In the entire 1600s and 1700s, people who have bad social standing would even be given death penalties for offenses that have to do with gambling. Even at that, the strict punishment of the government towards gambling wasn't proving to have any effect. Because of this, the government created a bill in 1718, which gave gambling two forms named big betting and light betting. This denotes that casual betting was beginning to be overlooked by the Japanese government, and the big bettors will be the ones facing legal punishments.

During the 1900s, Japan was no longer isolated from the outside world and paved the way for many more games from different countries to infiltrate Japanese culture. One of those cases is mahjong. The game came from China and is still very popular in Japan. One game that has proven itself in Japan is pachinko. The name and the rules of the game have changed several times over the years, but this still makes up most of the best invested in the country. Pachinko is a slot machine game that looks like a pinball game. For several cultural, economic, and historical reasons, the Japanese government does not consider pachinko a criminal gambling activity.

In the game, players can collect balls that can be exchanged for various prizes but not for cash as this makes playing illegal. However, this is ignored as many of the price tokens issued by pachinko institutes can be exchanged for real money in nearby exchange shops. In most cases, these pachinko parlors and exchange shops belong to the same company. However, the government has ignored this public secret, emphasizing that it is easy to play. There are more than 12,500 pachinko institutes in Japan, and despite some negative reactions from government officials, this small mini-industry continues to thrive. Pachinko institutes earn over $350 billion annually in games of chance.

Are casinos illegal in Japan?

Until recently, the only legal types of gambling in Japan were betting on scratch cards, sports (bicycle racing, horse racing, motorcycle racing, and various water sports only), and lotteries. Chapter 23 of the Japanese Criminal Code prohibits all other forms of gambling, and the penalty for first-time offenders can be up to JPY 500,000, while repeat offenders can face a prison sentence of up to 3 years.

While these penalties are severe, they are seldom enforced. On the rare occasions where individuals were prosecuted for gambling, they received a simple slap on the wrist with a lower fine. It is for this reason that the Japanese are very fond of online gambling and many online casinos accept Japanese players. A large number of online casinos are available in Japanese and offer Japanese yen as the currency of your choice. Japanese banks do not allow transactions with gambling establishments, but there are many options, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

In Japan, gambling in pachinko is very popular, but they are not subject to gambling laws as this activity is considered for entertainment purposes. The same goes for lottery betting, toto betting, and mahjong. After a lengthy legislative process, the Japanese government introduced land game laws in 2016. As a result of this historic move, three land-based casinos will be opened that will be approved on Japanese territory until 2020. The casinos are also allowed to house shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. This legislation is heavily inspired by the organization of the 2020 Summer Olympics in the country as it will undoubtedly increase economic income thanks to the influx of tourists.

Experts estimate that the industry's initial annual revenue will be $ 40 billion, with much higher potential as the Pachinko Lounge's annual gaming volume surpasses $ 350 billion. The future looks bright for Japanese gamblers, but despite the legal gray areas, the Japanese can already enjoy the benefits of online gambling without the fear of grave consequences.

The best games for online casino players in Japan

Various types of games have proven their worth throughout the long history of Japan and are popular game options to this day. The most popular game in Japan is pachinko, not a technical game of chance, but a place of entertainment. Still, pachinko makes huge profits at more than 12,000 pachinko parlors across the country.

Many dice games are traditionally popular in Japan. Recently, however, they have fallen in favor of pachinko. Sports betting, especially racing, remains a very important part of Japanese gaming culture. The Japanese love to bet on motorsport racing, horse racing, cycling, to name a few. When it comes to online gambling, the Japanese have much easier access to their preferred forms of gambling and enjoy a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Sports betting
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slot machines
  • Roulette

How we choose the best Japanese online casinos in Japan

The wide array of licensed online casinos that Japanese gamblers have access to is just too great to count. Hence, it can be difficult to make a particular choice by yourself. That's why we're here to make this process easier. This means that with the list of recommended casinos, all you have to worry about is gambling. Nevertheless, read on to learn more about our review process and the key factors we consider to determine an online casino's quality.

Security in Japanese Online Casinos

Online casinos for Japanese customers are some of the most trusted providers in the market and are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar, and Cyprus. Sometimes Japanese online casinos are also licensed in Panama and the Isle of Man. These are also reputable licensing agencies that regulate casinos that serve hundreds of thousands of customers every day. Therefore the safety factor should not affect you. Your data is kept safe at all times, while your deposits and withdrawals are processed error-free and as quickly as technically possible.

Japanese online casino Language

Many leading online casinos that focus on the Japanese player base are available in the country's local language, and the currency for managing their accounts is the Japanese yen. Many overseas online casinos welcome Japanese players, but they are available in English. You can continue to play at these casinos without restrictions as long as you have a basic level of English.

Japanese online casinos Customer Service

Customer support at online casinos for Japanese players is of good quality in general and provides players with multiple channels of support via email, live chat, and phone. In addition, the quality of the customer service is at an admirable level. This means professional and friendly support staff who will do their best to resolve your query in the shortest possible time. In addition, the response times for live chats usually do not exceed a couple of minutes in general.

Gaming selection and Software Providers for casino players in Japan

Online casinos for Japanese players are most commonly licensed by European regulators. This means that there is room for big software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin, Rabcat, Yggdrasil, Thunderkick, and many more. What's the meaning of this to you? A nearly unlimited selection of games of all shapes and sizes, meaning months of entertainment. In addition, these game providers continue to increase quality standards by regularly releasing new games.

Slot Machines

Players in Japan enjoy their slots, and luckily, Japanese online casinos are full of slots of all shapes and sizes: video, classic, and progressive. This denotes hundreds of high-quality slots and an almost limitless amount of entertainment.

Table games

Table games are normally a notable addition for Japanese gamblers, including prominent ones such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and several versions that come from these classics.

Video poker

Video poker isn't very popular in Japan, but since these online casinos target different audiences worldwide, players can usually find and play the most popular titles such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Pro, etc.

Live casino

Live casino is the ultimate gaming experience for every table game lover. The Japanese online casinos are mainly operated by the industry leader Evolution Gaming and offer players an unparalleled experience thanks to innovative table game versions, HD streams, and an almost unlimited selection of open tables around the clock 24/7.

Bonuses in Japanese online casinos

Bonuses are always a detrimental factor that sets one casino apart from another, as all other aspects are the same. For this reason, Japanese online casinos try to attract new users with delicious welcome bonuses, often combined with free spins, as well as ongoing promotions in the form of corresponding bonuses in order to retain customers. In short, you can expect a lot of bonuses at a Japanese casino.

Welcome bonus

Their welcome bonuses outperform all other bonuses in terms of value for money and are almost always worth a claim because of the fair wagering requirements. Japanese online casinos often double the initial welcome bonus deposit and give your bank a big boost that increases your winnings dramatically.

Bonus on free spins

Slots are the most popular type of game out there. Free spin bonuses are a natural addition to almost any Japanese online casino. Usually, you will be offered free spins on a specific set of slots. Money earned through free spins must be wagered to be considered a withdrawal. Free spins are usually included in the welcome bonus as an added incentive for newbies.

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is not often offered to Japanese players, but if you come across one there is no risk of claiming it. This type of bonus has strict limits like a maximum withdrawal limit and a stricter breakpoint on the wagering requirements, but they are still an excellent chance to win free money.