Interac Casinos Canada

Interac Casinos Canada

Do you know there is a casino that is specially made for people from Canada? As a Canadian you do not need to stress yourself too much looking for a casino because interac casino is majorly for you.

About Interac

A money-related service provider founded in 1984 basically for people living in Canada is known as Interac Casino. A lot of financial developers based in Canada have been integrated to their system thereby making them to have a big impact in Canada. Now, Canadians now possesses different ways of accessing their money through various means due to Interac. Before, through two dissimilar trading identities they used to provide services of two dissimilar kinds, but, in 2018 they changed the system and started offering a lot of services. Some of the services provided include; Cash services, e-Transfer, debit and mobile transaction services.

Type of Service Interac Offers Canadians

The services provided by interac to Canadians financially include the following:

  • Cash services: Canadians can collect money from their account through different ATMs found all over the country by using interac.
  • Debit Services: In Canada, the first card recognized for making payment was debit card of interac. It is basically for Canadians that have accounts however, it is not really rigid when recognized by any casino operated online because it can be used by every player of casino operated online.
  • Flash: Also a means of transaction that does not involve contact, holders just need to wave their card at any cash depots that possess the service. For now, not every transaction places have such system but hopefully it will soon change.
  • e-Transfer: with this service, transactions can be made within a small amount of time in between two or more accounts.
  • Online: We are interested mostly in service of this kind because it is through this service money can be exchanged between the casino and bank account of the player.

Creating an Account with Interac

Creation of an account is not necessarily when it comes to Interac unlike that of bank where by users account creation is compulsory before any transaction can be carried out. However, before any transaction can be made with interac without creating an account, siting an example with casino operated by interac, by selecting interac as your means of payment then you input your account number and other details necessary. So simple!

Ways of Making Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing is also easy with Interac, what is needed at first is to ascertain whether Interac is recognized as a means of transaction by the casino and once it has been confirmed, creation of an account is the next thing to do.

How to make a deposit

  1. First and foremost, the game selection will take place.
  2. Then you will see an icon for making deposits, Select it and input whatever sum of money depositing.
  3. Select interac as your means of payment as seen after clicking on deposits.

How to place a withdrawal command

  1. Ascertain if Interac is recognized on the casino as a means of withdrawing and if yes, select the withdrawal option
  2. Input how much to withdraw
  3. Click on withdraw, then within three to five days you would have received alert of been credited.
  4. It should be bare in mind that to withdraw or deposit is not free, four dollars will be charged for each of them.

The Amount of Time for Completion of Withdrawal

As earlier stated, once you deposit is made you will be debited immediately but not the same thing when it comes to withdrawing. Players will need to wait from three to five days before they their account can be credited. When compare with other means of transaction they are up to standard also.

Customer Service

As a player you might want need to make an enquiry about some thing and contacting the casino provider is necessary, that is the reason for making customer service accessible. Complaints or enquiries can be made by calling them, or by forwarding them the question through email. Also a form is provided basically for this reason which can be fill to reach them. It is better to go through the frequently answered questions because some questions have been answered there already and not to waste your time waiting unnecessarily whereas the answer is in front of you.

Merits & Demerits associated with the Casinos

Merits of the Casinos

  • Depositing is very fast
  • No disclosure of your payment details to any third parties
  • You do not need to create an account before doing transactions
  • Can be played with real money


  • Players from Canada can enjoy their service only.
  • Withdrawing take three to five days before completion.

Frequently Answered Questions

What can I use the Interac for?

Withdrawing and depositing are both possible with Interac but before that you must be certain if Interac is recognized by the casino as a means of transaction.

How safe are these Casinos?

The safety of these casinos is guaranteed, no disclosure of players details to any third parties whatsoever.

Do they charge any fee when transacting?

Exactly! To withdraw, users will need to paid four US dollars same thing applicable for depositing.

What are the online casino that accept interac?

Casinos that accept this means of transaction are easily known, check out the list containing casinos that accept interac.

Enjoy and Play the Game You Like Most at the Casinos

With all the advantages mentioned above, no excuse can be made by a Canadian player for not trying out this casino with different variety of selection of games. They are very fast with regards to deposit although withdrawal might take some days but it is certainly fast compare to some other casinos. Therefore, if you are a Canadian player, stress yourself no more searching for a casino to trust in to safeguard your details. Interac Casino is worth using, they have a 24/7 customer service support that can be reached via call, email or filling form. Therefore, sit down comfortably, enjoy and play the game of your choice.