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Fresh Deck Studios

Experts in the iGaming industry who saw the need for a reliable source of premium live casino software created this company.

Live casino games of the highest quality are available around the clock, every day of the year, from many global locations thanks to Fresh Deck, a business-to-business software provider. Join them in trying out Fresh Deck, the cutting-edge live casino solution that will take your iGaming enterprise to new heights.

To help their partners succeed and grow their businesses, this software company has developed a state-of-the-art live dealer option that is simple to implement. They aid their success by providing their customers with the resources necessary for successful company expansion.

Live Casino Solutions


Regardless of the stakes, you'll feel like a big roller when playing Baccarat at Fresh Deck. It's well-known for its allure in the market in Asia, but it's also garnered attention from Latin American and European competitors and has shown itself to be a lucrative income stream for any partnering company.


In Casino Hold ‘Em, even the low-stakes players feel like high-rollers. Although it has already been established as one of the top online games, this variant offers players an infinite number of seats.


When playing the Fresh Deck Studios’ Roulette, you'll feel like you're at a real brick-and-mortar casino. Beautiful, trained, and expert dealers greet and engage with players to heighten the sense of realism and liveliness, and the roulette program can handle an unlimited number of users at once.


Blackjack games with new decks and infinite seating are always a hit with patrons, and they've become a staple at casinos all around the globe. Their blackjack solution makes players feel like they're at a real casino, even if they're playing from the convenience of their own home on their PC or mobile device.