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Dragon Stone Slot

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Dragon Stone Slot is an online slot game that has Betsoft as its software developer and it is made up of five reels. It is set to be released in 2020 and contain a lot of features that increase players winnings such as wilds, scatters, free spin session, and so on.

About Dragon Stone Slot

Have you ever imagined a slot game without the conventional reels and lines? A totally new and revolutionized system of playing slot games? You need not imagine any further as Betsoft gaming is planning to release a new set of slot games that will not use reels and lines. These slot games will be played through fights against monsters, treasure hunts, and RPG gaming format. Basically, they are action-based slot titles. This new slot games will come in a series known as Max Quest.

Max Quest is a series of slot games from Betsoft. The series will consist of five different slot games with the same hero and different themes and local. The Dragon Stone slot is one of the five games in the Max Quest series. While two of these five slot games have been released, the other three awaiting release include Dragon Stone, Dead Man’s Cove, and Rise of the Mummy.

The Dragon Stone slot has its theme derived from the fantasy genre, and from the title, it is evident that players will be seeking to recover dragon stones. That realization is enough to spike everybody’s expectations.

>>Play on Dragon Stone Slot


Betsoft Gaming is known for developing quality slot machines that will suit all caliber of players and one of those slot is the Dragon Stone. It is full of enjoyment for players and there are lot of options available to earn a lot of money. The casinos you will be able to play this game are licensed and you will be assured of your safety and security.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dragon Stone Slot

The main features of the game are?

The software provider is Betsoft and it is made up of five reels. It lack progressive jackpot and megaways.

Is it compatible with mobile devices?

Absolutely! The game has been optimized to function fully on mobile devices

Can Dragon Stone Slot be played without real money?

Absolutely! Two options are always provided for the players in which one will allow them to play for free and the other will allow them to play with real money. Players can perfect their strategy using the free mode option.

The Dragon Stone Slots are available at which casino?

You can play the Primal Hunt Slots at casinos in which Betsoft Gaming is their software developer and the casino will be licensed.

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