Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted Casinos 

Regardless of the fact that you are new to the online gambling world or you already know how you can actually maneuver things on the online casino.

The best thing is for you to certain that you are carrying out a gameplay on a reputable online casino. This page is going to let you know how you can

  • Identify blacklisted online casino
  • Spot the rogue gambling site
  • FAQs

Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

Now let us look at the major reason why some casinos are blacklisted. You might have been wondering about the major reason why some casinos were blacklisted. Now let us look at some of the reasonsù

  • Delayed Payment – There is no player that will be satisfied with delayed payment in getting the money that he is supposed to withdraw as soon as possible
  • Slow Support Service –When you need assistance as a player, there is no need to get yourself worried if the support service is highly responsive. The unfortunate thing is that that is not always the case.
  • Unreliable Promotions– It is important that you go through the terms and conditions and look at the bonuses given to you.
  • Shady Licensing – One of the most important feature of a casino is the licensing. For this reason, any site that we have observe that is using a fake or outdated license will be blacklisted almost immediately.
  • Recurring technical issues – When an online gaming site is willing to get some loyalty, it’s important that the web and the mobile interface must work perfectly without giving the players unnecessary issues.
  • Insecurity – This should be the priority of all the online casinos, it is not something that needs to be negotiated as the security of the players should be intact.
  • Unsafe gaming atmosphere – Fairness and randomness can be said to be cornerstone of fair play, with this we are taking things as serious as possible to ensure that all is set.


How do I know a blacklisted casino?

This will be evident as a blacklisted online casino did not go by the standard that has been laid down in the industry. Such casino will be placed on the list of the casinos that you must avoid. There are various reasons why some casino sites are blacklisted, and the reasons include the usage of an outdated license.

Can casinos get off the blacklist?

It is possible, and this will only happen after the casino might have made the necessary amendments. This is the very reason why our experts do carry out the negative and positive review on the casinos on timely basis.

If a casino is bad in a group, does this mean others are bad too?

This is not that necessary, but there is a very high tendency that the quality of the online casino will be very low. The advice that we will give is to ensure that you sign up on a reputable online casino.

Is it possible for me to get back my money?

This is not very certain, you have to understand that you may necessarily not be able to get your money back after it has been invested on an online casino. The wise thing to do is to invest on a trusted and reputable online casinos.