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Sparks Slot

Although we might be in the minority with regards to this, in some cases, when it comes to online video slots, we want to soon a few rounds of a game that does not have any real kind of base theme. That is why we prefer options like Starburst and Dazzle Me from NetEnt because they are so basically themed and do not need to meet our expectations of how good the theme is, which is also the reason we enjoy ‘Sparks” which is one of their products. This game has filled energy and contains some special features to keep you entertained all through. Not only that, it has a calming sound which will entertain you during the gameplay. Therefore, we will recommend playing the Spark game if you enjoy taking things to a slower, more relaxed level now and then. We often get the feeling that we are floating while playing it since it seems like it takes place in some lost space or vortex somewhere, which perhaps can be the effect of the added soundtrack.

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The Visible Layout

If you play this game, you will have a regular five-reel and three-row interface; therefore, there is nothing untoward on display here. The representation of all the ‘Sparks' idea is the icons that appear on this layout, providing jolts of light-based imagery is the icons that appear on this layout, providing jolts of light-based imagery to the everything together. Also, there is an orange spark that is almost in the shape of a butterfly, a purple spark that is virtually in form of a double sphere, a green spark with three arcs to it, a red spark that provides a hexagonal sort of shape and finally a blue once which offer a single sphere spark, all these are joined by the icons A, J, K, Q, and 10.

Sparks contain a total of twenty separate paylines also alongside its reels, rows and icons. However, they are not customized in any way whatsoever, you have the opportunity to change the amount of your stake per round. You can change this through the use of ‘Coin Value’ button, this button turns the value of one coin between €0.01 and €2 in each line. Also, there is the ability to adjust the bet level which offers up a range between one and ten, and therefore the maximum total wager that can be staked in this game is €400 that is if you are playing with the game's win both ways feature but not it stands at €200 per round.

Sparks Slot Features

Our investigation on this slot made us understand that the major thing that is unique about this slot is that it gives room for players to select the ways they want their wins to form. The option you decide to go for doesn’t matter, be it the option of win both ways or win one way, the chance of forming strong winning combinations is still yours. When the game begins, you will be provided with an option to select from these two options, during gameplay, you can use the purple and blue buttons located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to change your options. Only the highest win in each active line is paid when you use the one-way win option but, in the win both ways option, the only paid win is the highest win in each active bet line from both ways. However, activating both ways gives you an upper hand in forming wins and because of this, your wager amount gets doubled.

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Another added feature to this game is the trusty wild icon, which is denoted by the big ‘W' surrounded by blue lightning bolts. Wilds can randomly show up at any point on the 5 reels, the wilds replace every other symbol on the reels excluding the Expanding Cloning Wild. The Wilds also replace the biggest possible winning combination that can be formed on a bet line.

Lastly, Expanding Cloning Wilds can show up at any place on the 2nd and 4th reels and this replace every other symbol, at first, the work of the Expanding Cloning Wild is similar to the work of usual wild. The Expanding Cloning Wilds either remain the same, increase up, increase down or increase in the two directions at a time. If the Expanding Cloning Wilds does any of the three things that are mentioned last, it will duplicate the close by symbols from the reel on its left reel to its right reel, and if it shows up on the 2nd and 4th reels in the similar spin and similar row, it will reduplicate the first cloned symbol(s).

Our Verdict on Sparks Slot

Sparks slot may look simple when looking at it, but in actual fact, it has several unique features and this is what makes it more captivating to players.

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