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Reel Rush Slot | Online (Reel Rush) Slots win Real Money

A Slot Game developed by NetEnt, which opens up exciting adventure overwhelmed with colors & candies, with licenses from MGA, UK Gambling Authority, enabling auto-spin, re-spin feature, among others & a demo-format for practice

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Have you ever taken the time to recall the ancient, colourful online games? NetEnt already innovates its exclusive, prismatic game titled “Reel Rush” which gives them more fame. The slot gets overwhelmed with lots of entertaining, exciting features & myriads of incredible offers.

This slot game is standard, however, intriguing which tends to fascinate a player starting with the first spin. Reel Rush provides numerous opportunities to actualize winnings, & exclusive bonus spins while you can have access to lucrative offers.

Notwithstanding, it's entertaining story-line & straightforward regulations thereby establish it exceedingly interesting, simple to operate by veterans & new players.

Reel Rush includes among the most famous & desirable slot games which are available also outside the confines of United Kingdom, however as well universal. Indeed, there exists a lawful justification as regards its popularity. Reel Rush tenders’ numerous opportunities for players to actualize profitable winnings, recognition precepts & intriguing story-line.

However, it deserves obtaining the full details at all times before gambling with real-funds across this slot. With this review, you'll get to know more on this game various accompaniments, directions, Return to Player, bonus spins, gambling restriction, mobile format, & alternative essential information's.

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Assuredly, the most appropriate approach to having a better understanding of a game is no other way than to play the game itself; practice makes perfect. Indeed, it never implies to play the game with your own money while you practice.

Luckily, we get to discover a straightforward resolution. At your discretion, you can explore the full accompaniments, various alternatives & gambling restrictions. As soon as you find out the most appropriate tactics to operate this game & get set to have your play.

Then check over your most-preferred online Casino at your ease such that it's possible to play this slot alongside your real cash & also benefit from the money-spinning bonus. Across the following segment of this assessment write-up, there is provision for the leading casino platforms which features Reel Rush & play the games for the real-deal.

Gaming Platforms to Play Reel Rush for Real funds

This slot already gets recognized due to some justifications & certainly, it's possible to include among this slot fan hood each time you fiddle with the pleasure of playing the game for real-funds.

Just as Reel rush slot includes among the most popular casino games for some years back, then, undoubtedly, you'll quickly discover an online casino which makes available this slot game. Examples of casinos to come across this game are available via this review.

We thereby ascertain that the whole of our recommended casinos is secured & approved by similar agencies like the MGA & UK Gambling Authority. A player's security ought to be every Casino’s necessity. Furthermore, we already chose most magnanimous bonus rewards across the sector. Therefore, it's possible to maximize the slot benefit fully.

Most Desirable Casino Offering Reel Rush

Pre-requisites Considerations

Before selecting perfect Gaming, platform which offers Reel Rush slot, it's advisable to go through every of the Casino's similar assessment & discover more regarding their strategies, record & terms.

Do ensure to consider the bonus T & c's. Never use only the bonus sum offered by a casino as a decision to select a particular casino. Every single bonus goes along a playthrough rule which is necessary for a player to redeem, failure to do so, then can render it invalid.

Also, the slot gambling ranges differ by the Casino & the stakes-placed alongside bonus funds is possible to get restricted to some specific value. Always ensure to go through the slot's T & c's to get more information.

Comprehensive information about Reel Rush Slot

For over five years following the formal introduction of this slot, it continues to fascinate gamesters alongside its interesting story-line & easy precepts. Nevertheless, reel rush slot is yet to become famous solely as a result of its graphic standards.

Reel Rush slot makes available bonus spins & re-spins which enables gamers the privilege to get succeeded with lots of enormous offers free from the need to exhaust more of their hard currency.

However, for more comprehension of the concept responsible for this slot, we thereby thoroughly scrutinize the whole the game features & information. Therefore, we already assessed the game & came about this comprehensive review, which provides the necessary information's required to discover.

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The Gameplay | Methods to play Reel Rush Slot Game

As regards the game precepts, Reel Rush has so many resemblances to the rest of alternative slot machines. Reel Rush slot incorporates a brightening, flashy interplay. Overall, you only need just to set forth the stakes, set the reels active & anticipate to make visible among the 3125 money-spinning pay-lines, that's all.

A player can only choose their stake sum through the adjustment of the coin denomination, likewise level accompaniments. Therefore, the winnings are subject to the coin figures already chosen. To obtain a jackpot, its necessary to make visible winning combos of a minimum of three characters.

After that, you can have access to bonus re-spin feature such that a player tends to have the opportunity to grab more significant winnings.

However, we'll elaborate more on this accompaniment elaborately across reviews prepared for bonus spins. Every single gamester has the same winning chance of the highest wins value, only by good fortune.

Auto-play Function

Peradventure you for once get engaged with another thing entirely, simply tap over the Auto Play feature. Also, it's possible to assign/configure the number at which you desire the auto-play spins to run or discontinue at your discretion.

NetEnt already commits so much in ascertaining that every player gets to have great delight playing the game with the slick game functionality & intriguing game overwhelmed with generous offers.

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The Paytable | Characters, Winning Combos & Winnings

The secrets to obtaining a valuable prize across this game are simply to make visible some combos of a minimum of three characters across a pay-line. More precisely as obtainable across the entire slot machines, several slot games, characters disburse extra, whereas the rest compensate not to mention.

The high-worth rewarding characters across this game include the Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon & Lemon. However, the characters exhibiting mini winnings include the Plum, Grapes, & the whole of flashy sweetens.

Besides, there exists a Wild character whereby it is possible to replace the rest of characters across a winning pay-line. Also, the appeal of this slot is that every single of the winning combos is likely to results in an exclusive feature of eight bonus spins.

Following every single winning, every gamester has access to obtain a bonus re-spin, such that it's possible to access it over & over again reaching five times perhaps a winning combo surfaces across the reels once more.

Nevertheless, the ways to win chances tend to get elevated following every single re-spin pending the time it develops to 1875 across the re-spin counting the fifth times, the exclusive eight bonus Spins function frees up & become accessible. Also, gamers can obtain a higher cash flow.

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Reel Rush Story-line & Graphics

Virtually, all admire candy & it's known by this game developer also. Its thereby establishes the reason this slot developer already finalized to create our best-loved fruits & candy the major story-line of the slot.

Essentially, its quite an exciting adventure running an intriguing game overwhelmed with colors & candies, simply Reel Rush does justice to this. The slot swiftly fascinates us alongside its entertainment, unusual story-line & profitable jackpots.

Besides, Reel rush is motivated via the excellent approach, ancient standard online games; however, the developer already sets in some mix-up alongside its contemporary feel. Indeed, NetEnt imagination already provided for its fruits & was responsible for this slot ultimate achievement & recognition.

Visuals & Motion Images | Standard Entertainment

Decades back, NetEnt already strives to include among the most reputable game innovators as a result of its contemporary appearance, originality & creative layouts. From all angle, this slot game includes among the firm perfect assortments.

Reel Rush flourishes alongside its perfect video images & exceptional visuals. It's evident that all this slot information already gets thoroughly programmed primarily add to a visibly impeccable result.

These flashy slot colors are memorable. Likewise, the entertainment, remarkable pattern is just so fascinating. Every single character & function of this slot gets accurately shown, comprising the precepts, whereby they are briefly & distinctly expounded.

We already acquired couples of the slot significant actions to demonstrate the originality responsible for this slot machine.

Re-Spins Feature

Players can make use of this slot Re-Spins, for every single winning combo which the gamer surfaces in this game can generate this Re-spins offer.

This slot never offers bonus rounds, however, what you'll come across is multiple free spins. As soon as the player succeeds with the winning pay-line, he/she can get a free re-spin offer. While in the course of the re-spin feature, a further winning combos' surfaces, alternative free re-spin becomes activated. It then follows suit in same order up to five times, which can later turn on the 8 Free Spins accompaniment. Every single re-spin tends to stir up the winning ways from 135 to 1875.

The 8 Free Spins accompaniment gets operated alongside the peak 3125 ways to actualize winnings. It thereby offers the gamester a higher chance of succeeding with profitable returns, comprising of this Reel Rush massive winnings up to 480,000 coins.

Free Spins Accompaniment

Players can turn on the eight bonus Spins function following game session of five winning re-spins. Gamers have the opportunity of gaining access to many lucrative offers.

Massive Winnings

The Bonus Spins function is simply the most appropriate opportunity to turn out to be the fortunate benefactor of massive winning via this slot with 3125 ways to actualize winnings.

Overall Winnings

Perhaps you are lucky, following the conclusion of the bonus Spins function, it's possible to eventually contribute some profitable total winnings to a player's account.


The paytable obtainable across this slot secures an immense Return to a player value which thereby ascertains more significant opportunity of regular winnings.

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Assessment of the Reel Rush Slot Performances

While you launch this game, it's possible you perceive a momentary impression to the traditional online games, likewise the famous animated movies dated back in the 90s. However, this game developer already strives to renew the standard pattern alongside a contemporary feel.

Just as we concur that the significant conception responsible for this Reel Rush is visible, we thereby recognize the creative visuals & video images thus give a better dimension.

The original layout culpable of the fruity & goodie characters is instead straightforward, still contemporary. It took after an assortment of lucrativeness, popular tradition & superb display visual artworks. NetEnt understands their actions with their commitments recognized.

As regards motion images, there exist just some limited shows across the slot window. Majority of this accompaniment surfaces in the course of the re-spins & bonus spins feature each time the blue boxes becomes accessible & additional reels tends to turn out to be available.

The ‘Big Winnings' notice is a perfect alternative animation which attracts a gamer via the originality. This game is likely to include among NetEnt's treasures, and its' recognition is understandable.

Overview of the Game Musicals

Not only the enormous winnings tend to motivate a player or make him/her enjoy the game, however, the indispensability of fun. Each of the sounds which accompany the slot matters a lot, likewise this quirky & impeccably selected musical background impressions add to its achievements.

Every single bit of the game story-line beforehand meticulously suits the overall disposition & add to the gamester's real adventure. The primary plot of this game is musical; however, soothing & appropriate for gamer's winnings expectations. Also, the sound runs through while the bonus spins feature is active or any massive winnings, which depicts the gamers enthusiasm & further promote the player's sensitivities to another dimension.

Minimum & Maximum Stakes

At present, based on our exploration, every of casino platforms based in United Kingdom tenders exact gambling restrictions for this slot game. Reel Rush is appropriate for whichever of huge-risk take & the opposite alongside the least gambling limit subject to £0.50 while the peak is £100.00.

In fairness, every of gamers exhibits exact opportunity to succeed with wins, irrespective of the stakes-placed. Placing huge stakes can enable a player to obtain huge returns.

An instance is a gamer that place stake of £100.00 can gain a great opportunity of succeeding with this slot largest cash-flow up to £96,000.

Insights into Reel Rush RTP

Regardless you're an expert or newly registered; then you must have heard about Return to player value. Naturally, it symbolizes the entire staked funds or gambles which a game tends to reimburse to the gamester just like wins.

The Return to player solely presents an analytical per cent value. A more imposing RTP value implies that the game can yield enormous gains. This slot Return to player value is 97.00%. This value may differ depending on the online Casino while some can be 96.96%.

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Comparison to similar slots

Reel rush immense RTP likely includes the main explanations it gains so much recognition since it's inclusive among the leading Return to player values amidst every of slots developed by NetEnt.

With Mega Joker which provides 99% also developed by NetEnt, however, it's not so much known like that of Reel Rush recognition. Nevertheless, the winning percents get assessed & confirmed while the player runs the game for extended periods. However, perhaps if you intend playing the game for minimal duration, you may never come across the real data reflected in the slot. To obtain optimum outcomes, we now suggest you run the game for an extended period.

Nevertheless, it never implies you disregard your financial plans

Volatility, Winnings Rate

Just as Return to player value is essential to grasp the hypothetical lucrativeness of a slot, it's not okay considerably to decide if the game deserves playing.

You can utilize the volatility to measure up the frequency to actualize winnings & the extents. It greatly assists in grasping the risk involved with a particular game.

On the whole, high volatile slot games are instead cannot be forecast. These kinds of slot machines yield massive winnings following some extended duration of zero wins or generate some fair returns with just mini spins.

However, perhaps you run a slot game alongside low volatility, then anticipate for periodic, yet average winnings. Therefore, the medium volatile slots are intermediary, not so much rewarding nor the contrary. The whole of volatility exhibits their associated benefits & abnormality. Its al your choice!

The volatility of this slot game is low to medium. It implies that it can frequently bring forth mini winnings, just as a player can coincidentally have access to enormous wins. Precisely, Reel Rush secures a winning rate of approximately 28%.

It implies that a player can obtain winnings across a pay-line an interval of fifteen to twenty minutes. Based on our research, the risk level of Reel Rush is low, which is possible to succeed with lots of mini returns & select more significant values.

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Mobile Access | Flash Play, Downloadable format

There's no way a player can shun betting across Mobile since they make use of their portable devices daily. NetEnt did a great work to provide superb, compatible mobile formats of every of their slot innovations. Indeed, the most typical online slot games are accessible across mobile devices. Also, this slot follows suit.

Reel Rush slot includes among this gaming developer most desirable innovations & keeps on modernizing it offerings ascertain smooth gameplay across modern gadgets.

This slot interface blends without flaws across android, tablets, likewise devices with mini displays & very much simple to run. Take note that the casino platform significantly decides the adaptability of this slot across your gadgets.

As a result, we thereby suggest you run this game across your mobile browser platforms since it operates faster free from any flaws.

Perhaps you run this game via desktop mode or portable devices, remember to grab your proportional bonus to take advantage of the slot free from lavishing your funds.

Overview of User’s Encounter

Earlier during the year 2013, during which this game got initially launched, it struggles to fascinate various players alongside its entertaining, sparkling story-line & fair offers. The concept responsible for Reel Rush is quite easy.

However, its creative exhibitions thereby establish it more exceedingly delightful. The adventure of activating the Free Spin Feature across this game is possible to be a problematic & bothersome exercise.

Based on our research, it's likely the Free Spins accompaniment never gets activated repeatedly. However, you can trigger it regularly.

Perfect Legitimate Slot

Having known that Reel Rush is developed by NetEnt, which includes among the most reputable gaming innovators, only this is enough for the game's security & standard.

Furthermore, the firm & its entire offerings get persistently assessed by UKGC, whereby monitors & regulates the necessary measures.

Besides, it got certified by eCogra, a private assessment service, with the responsibility of establishing fairness. Reel Rush recognition & achievements are more verbal evidence of the game security & fair-mindedness.

What's Hot

  • Intriguing Story-line
  • Fair Rewards
  • Immense Return to Player
  • Superb Mobile Adaptability
  • Straightforward & simple directives


  • The game does not feature Scatter Pays & bonus rounds

Reel Rush slot quite secured for players, however, its quite unlucky that some casinos experience safety problems. Ascertain that your selected Casino is quite safe, simply verify this from the displayed license identification granted by the approved licensing body.

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Guides / Tipoffs to Actualize Massive winnings

As regards tactics, it has a limit to actualize winnings. Majority of bettors dramatically depends on good fortunes. There exists a hypothesis not yet verified asserting that more great stakes open up higher returns.

However, an attempt to grasp the complicated RNG which tends to operate the game these days is practically not achievable. Just as this hypothesis is subject to some specific figures & it's real that more large stakes results into more significant winnings, nevertheless, it's yet to get proof that it as well activates additional winnings.

Grab the Bonus & Put it to action

While spinning the games alongside a bonus is the most appropriate approach to play your most preferred game & keep your real-fund. Nevertheless, the whole of giveaways requires playthrough rules.

Spin the reels with Max stake value

Just as there exits an untested thesis that spinning the games alongside a max stake can generate greater returns. Nevertheless, the highest stakes available in this slot is £100. Perhaps the value is exceedingly soaring; you can adjust to your financial plans.

Spin the Reels for an extended duration

The more extended you spin the Reel, the higher your winning potentials. This game exhibits an immense Return to Player. However, it's likely the player spins the games lengthier to observe the anticipated winnings. Yet, the extended game duration has nothing to do with the player's budget.

Test run this game via the Demo Format

You can get to comprehend & assess this slot game by spinning the game in demo format, which thereby offers some specific benefits.

Also, it can assist in establishing outstanding gambling value & an appropriate duration to spin the reels to actualize enormous winnings. Reel Rush precepts are natural, therefore just get set to spin the reels alongside your real-funds.

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Compare the Reel Rush Slot with Other Games

Here are three games having exact concepts as Reel Rush Casino, opt for any option you considered to be the best.

  • Starburst
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Casino Platforms which offer Reel Rush Slot

We already make selections of the most comfortable online Casino which offers Reel Rush, here are some of them below. There is also casino platform in the United Kingdom which gives Reel Rush across the game list.

NetEnt Casinos