Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Bitcoin Cash Casinos – How to Gamble with Bitcoin Cash

Do you want to know about the top casinos that use bitcoin cash in 2021? This article has all the information you need to know about these online casinos.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as of 2017, provides a fast, secure, and trusted way to execute cryptocurrency transactions in the real world. With the recent rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash casinos are turning to be increasingly popular among players. Read below to know more about Bitcoin Cash and how to use it on online casino websites and find the best bonuses for Bitcoin Cash and the best actual cash games in casinos!

What Does Bitcoin Cash Mean?

This cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash was invented in August of 2017. It was as a result of a break from the main crypto coin called Bitcoin (an event called the hard fork). Later it was called Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Cash is trying to add trading capacity to the network to help with small daily purchases.

Bitcoin has revolutionized digital trading, but it is far from the ideal technology and many problems continue to this day. This is mainly because Bitcoin cores are neither fast nor cheap. Before the 2017 fork, many blocks of Bitcoin that were “unmined” had accumulated, so lots of blockchain transactions were either too slow or not processed at all.

Conversely, Bitcoin Cash, is instantaneous, so players do not need to wait minutes or even hours before they can play. In addition, Bitcoin Cash fees are too high and can be between $25 and $30 for each transaction (average $6 to $12), but Bitcoin Cash casino transaction fees are still really low at $0.20 for every purchase.

The main advantage of these is that the block of Bitcoin Cash (in the blockchain) is eight times that of the main Bitcoin, at a rate of 8MB for each block. Because of this, Bitcoin Cash is quicker, less expensive, and undoubtedly has more scalability than the original Bitcoin Core. This makes it easier to track future increases as the cryptocurrency gains traction.

However, these advantages have some disadvantages. One of the recent problems with the large block size of Bitcoin Cash is that its security may be less secure than the main Bitcoin. Besides, Bitcoin Core is fast becoming the ultimate standard for cryptocurrencies, so players who want to use Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, as well as Ethereum, may find it difficult to use Bitcoin in the real world.

However, casinos that use Bitcoin Cash offer amazing and enjoyable new opportunities for online gaming. Read below to know more concerning the advantages of Bitcoin Cash casino gaming and how to get started now.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin Cash for Playing at Various Online Casinos?

Cryptocurrencies are now more famous than ever. From investment giants like JP Morgan to utopian futurists such as Elon Musk, lots of major fintech players are at the top of cryptocurrencies. With this high level of support, cryptocurrencies are becoming more famous in the world of iGaming. This is good news for players who are looking at playing casino games like Bitcoin Roulette using Bitcoin Cash.

The IGT, which stands for International Gaming Technology, a public limited liability company, being the number one slot machine company in the world, has just started building slot machines that are 100% cashless. IGT's innovative patents allow players to play using cryptocurrencies directly in the casino via their e-wallets. The exceptional trading speed of Bitcoin Cash makes it one of the top candidates for this interesting new technology.

Bitcoin Core is currently the default currency for blockchain, but its new cousin offers strong benefits. Having this in mind, we shall now have a better look at why Bitcoin Cash Casino is a perfect option for gamers trying to play using cryptocurrencies online.

Increased Security

When we are talking about crypto coins, the most essential thing to talk about is their inherent security value. Actual anonymity is not feasible with Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Cash, but both are very good at protecting your privacy. When transferring currency using the blockchain network, no sensitive IDs/financial information will be released which prevents identity and money theft.

In addition, the blockchain network backing the transactions of Bitcoin Cash casinos is totally encrypted and completely decentralized. Therefore, the blockchain, which contains the records of all transactions, is accessible from any node which is on the network of Bitcoin Cash.

This means that it is impossible for someone to maliciously breach the network. If so, there is a risk that the same changes will be applied to all Bitcoin Cash nodes (computers) worldwide and they will be detected immediately and punished.

Fast Time for Processing Transactions

Casinos using Bitcoin Cash equally have a big edge: quicker transaction times. As of when we wrote this article, the user must wait at least 10 minutes to clear the basic Bitcoin transactions. For gaming using Bitcoin Cash, payments are usually made immediately. This is due to the fact that the blockchain for Bitcoin Cash is built to handle more transactions in seconds than the main Bitcoin Core.

BCH is a much more convenient option for every day buying, because more players can make use of it simultaneously. This allows you to play Bitcoin Cash casino slots and games with a lesser time for waiting, making it easier to dive straight into the excitement!

Lower Transaction Fees

Like many payment methods used by casinos, the other side of this coin is about fees. The original Bitcoin price is between $1 and $25 for each transaction, but Bitcoin Cash only charges $0.20. In other words, the deposit fee for Bitcoin Cash is one-fifth of the amount you pay using Bitcoin.

Finally, it is not difficult to understand why so many players are starting to choose the fastest and cheapest Bitcoin Cash products. Consequently, casinos using Bitcoin Cash continue to grow in the world of iGaming.

Good Potential for the Future

Some critics claim that they are very skeptical about Bitcoin Cash, maintaining that it won't be as good as its predecessor, Bitcoin Core. Moreover, Bitcoin Core has long been the main cryptocurrency. However, the main Bitcoin currency is facing serious challenges with scalability.

As it is, Bitcoin Core has not been able to find a means of stalling the BCH's enormous growth potential and address the underlying issues that are preventing it from being the world's top currency.

As the world is constantly becoming more digitalized, a lot more people have been distancing themselves from fiat money as well as fiat currencies. Also, Bitcoin Cash allows users to make daily transactions quickly and economically while increasing the blockchain's safety and decentralization.

It is recommended that you closely watch Bitcoin Cash. Consider charging your mobile phone, buying snacks, or making a cash deposit in Bitcoin Cash. Before you understand how you can do this, let us briefly explain some of the disadvantages of playing at online casinos using Bitcoin Cash.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies

Volatility: Like anyone who has money in the form of cryptocurrency would say, the cryptocurrency market is constantly changing. Because it is more volatile than the government-issued fiat currencies (for example, the pound sterling, the euro, and the US dollar), cryptocurrencies such as gold can rise and fall rapidly. Bitcoin Core as well as Bitcoin Cash both have gotten some stability and their market value will always to go up and down in the coming years.

Legality: Not every country has yet accepted cryptocurrencies in its economy. Cryptocurrencies are subject to regulation and legislation by countries around the globe in their quest to become world currencies. This is part of what makes them highly volatile. Every time governments decide to restrict or regulate casinos that use Bitcoin Cash, the value of the currency will increase or decrease significantly.

Irreversible: Perhaps the actual issue with cryptocurrencies is the risk of transactions that are irreversible. Unlike regular digital purchases made by debit and credit cards, payments cannot be canceled via the blockchain. Small misspellings or wrong numbers can cost you money permanently if sent to the incorrect wallet address.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Cash Gaming


  • Higher level of security
  • Immediate processing time
  • Very low percentage
  • Huge growth potential


  • Legality
  • Volatility
  • Irreversible

Which are the Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets?

Casinos using Bitcoin Cash make it simpler to pay at casinos and begin to play immediately. However, you must first buy Bitcoin Cash through a cryptocurrency wallet. Making use of a credible and effective cryptocurrency wallet is a vital factor to a great experience at Bitcoin Cash gaming. These virtual wallets or exchanges allow you to convert cryptocurrencies in the exact same manner that you require a banking account to wire money.

There are a lot of options, but few are different from the others. Coinbase, Mycelium as well as Trezor are credible cryptocurrency wallets that facilitate the purchase, trade, and transfer of cryptocurrencies. Each wallet provides a secure and simple way to deposit and withdraw at casinos using Bitcoin Cash.


Just like the Bitcoin Core, this platform has turned out to be the gold standard for purchasing, selling, trading as well as converting cryptocurrencies. Just link your debit and/or credit card or even banking account to purchase your first Bitcoin Cash.

The site is very easy to use and has good security and good market knowledge. As of when we wrote this article, Coinbase can exchange over 40 various cryptocurrencies, each having a real-time chart of prices and is constantly updated.


Mycelium, another viable option to start using Bitcoin Cash, aims to serve primarily the mobile cryptocurrency market. This platform has apps for Android as well as iOS only, which many users consider as one of the best cryptocurrency transaction apps out there.

Mycelium, however, isn't as elegant and easy as the other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Its complex interface is not suitable for beginners in cryptocurrency. However, for knowledgeable users who want to explore new markets, Mycelium provides a safe and exciting path to trading using Bitcoin Cash.


The talk about cryptocurrency funds cannot be completed without bringing up a trusted offline wallet. Besides, Coinbase and various other cryptocurrency markets have been compromised before, and some users are reluctant to store value in entirely digital forms. Trezor can be a good investment for players with thousands or more of cryptocurrencies.

Like traditional wallets that fit in your purse or wallet, this platform is a natural cryptocurrency wallet that works as a USB drive. Just connect it to an electronic device and you will be able to access and store Bitcoin Cash offline and protect it from hackers and malicious software.

Being an offline or “cold” cryptocurrency wallet, Trezor provides a safe means for enthusiastic traders to secure their assets. Then you can make use of a “hot” crypto wallet such as Coinbase or even Mycelium for making seamless digital crypto transfers and play Bitcoin Cash casino games at any time.

How to Make Use of Bitcoin Cash at Various Casinos Online

Bitcoin Cash, as a state-of-the-art and reliable financial technology, is used by lots of online players. This is a gradual process on how to to use this unique crypto coin for depositing and withdrawing at Bitcoin Cash casinos.

How to Make a Deposit at Bitcoin Cash Casinos

In order to play Bitcoin Cash casino games, you must first register and then fund your account. To deposit with Bitcoin Cash, you need to follow this process:

Deposits at Bitcoin Cash Casinos

  • Create an online account at any of the recommended casinos using Bitcoin Cash. You can know more about this below.
  • Find the Cash, Bank, or Deposit section and choose Bitcoin Cash to be your preferred payment method for the casino.
  • A cryptocurrency address similar to IBAN is displayed. Copy this address code (which in some instances may be a QR code).
  • Select “Send” from the cryptocurrency wallet and paste the address you copied. Select the deposit amount.
  • Confirm the transaction information on the screen for verification and click on “Send”.
  • Ready for playing! Bitcoin Cash transfers are fast, so your money will be immediately credited to your account with the casino.

How to Make a Withdrawal from a Casino Using Making Bitcoin Cash

Follow these easy steps to withdraw from casinos using make Bitcoin Cash:

Withdrawals from Bitcoin Cash Casinos

  • In your cryptocurrency wallet, select “Receive”. Your account number will be displayed as a unique address.
  • Copy that cryptocurrency wallet address and make sure “Bitcoin Cash” is selected as the preferred currency.
  • Head to your account with the casino and select “Withdraw”.
  • Paste the copied cryptocurrency address in the correct box and specify the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Execute the order for withdrawal and wait as the transaction is made. Depending on the Bitcoin Cash casino you use online, it can take about two days.

Fees and Limits of Bitcoin Cash

There are two charges you will come across when playing at Bitcoin Cash online casinos: transfer fees as well as operator fees.

As already mentioned, Bitcoin Cash charges a very low fee for purchases (just $0.20 for each transaction). This is small enough to ignore. Some Bitcoin Cash casinos may equally charge you to use the service directly.

But given the intense struggle in the industry, especially between cryptocurrency casinos, operator fees are expected to be negligible or insignificant. The casinos we recommend are very affordable to play with Bitcoin Cash because they do not burden players so much.

Ultimately, even the top Bitcoin Cash online casinos impose minimum/maximum cash limits when playing games, which should not be a problem for most gamers. This is an example:

  • Deposits: Min. BCH 0.01/Max. 100 BCH
  • Withdrawals: Min. BCH 0.01/Max. 3 BCH

Best Bonuses to Play Casino Games With Bitcoin Cash

With regard to playing online games at casinos using Bitcoin Cash, every player should look for a fair and generous bonus at the casinos. When earned and used properly, the Bitcoin Cash casino bonuses can tremendously improve your gambling experience and earnings!

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses, also known as match bonuses, are the amount offered by the casino (in this instance Bitcoin Cash) when you register and make the initial deposit. This welcome bonus is usually a percentage of your deposit up to a certain amount.

For example, some casinos using Bitcoin Cash might be offering 100% for about 1 BCH or BTC. This means that the casino is going to return your deposit pounds in pounds to the exact market worth of a particular currency.

Free Spins

Multiplayer favorite bonuses are offered in the form of free spins. These bonuses offer free draws on selected slots such as Starburst, Book of Dead, and Gonzo's Quest.

Play for free, learn how the game works, and experiment with your strategies with these free spin bonuses. The best part is that if you win the jackpot, all these actual cash earnings will automatically be yours!

Read the terms and conditions of each Bitcoin Cash casino to see exactly how the bonus works.

No deposit bonus

Most Bitcoin Cash players take the no deposit bonuses as the ultimate joy of bonuses at casinos. It provides exactly what is written on the box: a real casino bonus, no deposit required. Then you can bet some or all of these Bitcoin Cash without a deposit bonus and the Bitcoin Cash you win is yours!

As with every casino bonus, get to find out about the betting requirements, gambling restrictions as well as terms of use. This way, you will have the best possible Bitcoin Cash gaming experience.

Mobile Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites

A good number of the players who play actual cash games at casinos using Bitcoin Cash prefer to play using their mobile devices.

With the “hot” cryptocurrency applications, you can purchase, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies as quickly as possible, but you can also perform seamless money transfers between your Bitcoin Cash casino account. Then you can start betting immediately on your BCH balance using one of the best Bitcoin Cash gambling apps. Alternatively, to save storage space, use a free mobile casino that allows you to directly play through your mobile internet browser.

The three best casinos using Bitcoin Cash recommended for mobile games are:

  • 100% up to 1 BTC + 180 free spins
  • 10-minute average cash out
  • 3150+ games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • €300 or 1 BTC + 100 free spins
  • Gamification features
  • Multiple award-winning crypto casino
  • Excellent live casino

Are Casinos Using Bitcoin Cash Secure?

Like we have already mentioned, the blockchain system on which Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies work utilize safety and decentralization. Although there is no end to secure and safe online casinos, casinos that offer Bitcoin Cash payments have excellent degrees of SSL encryption as well as player protection.

Along with your identity and money security, one of the main advantages of playing at Bitcoin Cash casinos is the anonymity of your gaming history. Unlike traditional credit and debit card transactions, casino purchases with BCH are not the same in your statement of account.

Additionally, Bitcoin Cash possesses a reputation for being a cryptocurrency. It is always essential to research and keep abreast of the latest updates in this constantly evolving market, but Bitcoin Cash is secure and safe. As long as the casino in itself is a legal and licensed operator, there is no problem buying with the blockchain technology.

All the Bitcoin Cash casino sites we recommend are guaranteed to be fair, legal, and of high quality. All feature standard and validated third-party licenses, secure servers, excellent customer support, and top-notch games.

As usual, always read the terms and conditions of the casino site along with our reviews for the big picture and make sure you protect your cryptocurrency assets in a trusted wallet. With the above in mind, you will have fun at the top online casinos that use Bitcoin Cash!

Bitcoin Cash Casino Games

There is an endless supply of different Bitcoin Cash online games that are available for playing for actual cash online. At casinos that use Bitcoin Cash, you can try out your skills with all the traditional casino games found in regular casinos. You can spin the slots for real money or try to win the dealer at the blackjack table. You can also draw big jackpots with online scratch cards to win, line up winners in Bingo and equally spin the ageless roulette wheels.

Gambling with Bitcoin Cash is very similar to playing at other sites for real money and the betting works in the same manner. The major distinction is the fact that you deposit and withdraw Bitcoin Cash as cryptocurrency instead of the regular currency.

Some casinos also offer special casino cryptocurrency games that are only available to players who have deposited in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, etc. Read below to know more about the best casinos that use Bitcoin Cash, as some of them offer special casino bonuses, rewards, and games for players who use cryptocurrency.

What are the best online casinos that use Is the Best Bitcoin Cash?

The best online casinos do not accept Bitcoin Cash, but there are some high-quality providers that offer Bitcoin Cash games as one of the broader lists of cryptocurrencies. These are the best BCH gambling sites in 2021.


7BitCasino is an excellent casino that uses Bitcoin Cash with a dynamic and futuristic design that reflects the exciting future potential of cryptocurrencies. They offer a range of games specifically developed for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash Baccarat, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Poker.

Enjoy the feel of gambling in a real Las Vegas casino at one of the many live casinos offered by 7Bit Casino. The Bitcoin Cash games highlighted include Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, and Blackjack.

Play board games with live real dealers with excellent service. If you encounter a problem, you can easily find a solution through their dedicated 24/7 customer service staff. If you spend a lot of time on the site, you may get a much-prized invitation to 7BitCasino's VIP club that offers promotions and exclusive offers for top players.

The website makes use of advanced SSL encryption which is designed to protect players at the time. Deposits in Bitcoin Cash are instant and easy to withdraw, as everything is optimized on your mobile phone.

Get ready for the ultimate experience at the 7BitCasino cryptocurrency casino!

  • 100% up to 1.5 BTC
  • Amazing special promotions
  • Robust design
  • 24/7 reputed payment methods

PlayAmo Casino

PlayAmo has emerged as one among the major and well-known casinos that use Bitcoin Cash in the industry and has made its name among many crypto casinos providing players with an experience of unparalleled reliability and quality. This is dependent on the site and the player that the player is using.

It is also unique since it offers not only four various welcome bonuses for cryptocurrency deposits but also some great offers running all through the month. Considering their list of over 1,115 games plus a range of 575 Bitcoin Cash slots, this is great news. You can be sure of the titles from the best companies in the world for iGaming, such as Evolution Gaming Live Casino, Betsoft, and Big Time Gaming.

Given the tournaments that have high odds, exclusive VIP programs, bonuses on the Wheel of Fortune, and a popular mobile application, PlayAmo has won its place among the leaders in the casino world today. Bet on one of PlayAmo's Actual Cash casino games with Bitcoin Cash and try out your skills today!

  • €100 welcome bonus + 100 free spins
  • Accept Bitcoin Cash via CoinsPaid
  • Crypto games
  • High roller bonus

Other Options to Online Casino Payments with Bitcoin Cash

The cryptocurrency world is always changing. New cryptocurrencies are always on the market, but other cryptocurrencies become irrelevant. When Bitcoin Cash does not work or if you want to consider other options, there are some great payment options that offer the same Bitcoin Cash benefits.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The year 2020 showed that Bitcoin Core is still dominating this world of cryptocurrencies. As the long-awaited lightning network continues to be developed, many users believe that they will be able to send money directly and free of charge between countries around the world.

When properly expanded, this open and secure network can replace many traditional banks as well as payment methods, which include Bitcoin Cash too. However, this lightning network tech is not perfect and the true value of Bitcoin remains somewhat volatile.

If you have a large Bitcoin store that you want to take advantage of the bull market, visit one of the Bitcoin casinos. We suggest you bet on a satoshi. Or, if you want to bet on the weaker one, take a look at the best Ethereum casinos and bet with some ETH coins.


These kind of wallets have been here for lots of years and help a lot of users on the internet make day-to-day transactions easily and cheaply. It is a secure technology that lets you send money from your banking account to online retailers, as well as online casinos.

Also, they offer easily accessible payment options, like Neteller and Skrill. They are ideal for players who are trying to start playing online without the hassle and complexity of cryptocurrencies. For easy and familiar casino payment methods, check out any of the PayPal casinos we recommend.


Depending on your perspective, a paysafecard is a very simple or unusual way to play online. It's just a prepaid card which works like Mastercard or Visa.

All you have to do is buy it from a store or kiosk and give the amount you need. You can then deposit at an online casino as if the card was a genuine credit or debit card.

It is important to note that you can't withdraw from casinos via paysafecard, so you will have to go with another choice, such as bank transfer via online banks.

The Future of Casinos That Use Bitcoin Cash

The fast and less expensive technology of Bitcoin Cash maintains the original blockchain goal and the spirit of eliminating intermediaries who want profits from the original purpose of 21st-century financing. With the speed of Bitcoin Cash and tremendously low rates, it has excellent potential as a daily solution to cryptocurrency transactions in the foreseeable future.

But as with all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash is far from a flawless technology. Of course, there are risks associated with buying, trading, and playing using Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash may readily be easy to obtain and simple to use, but it does not have the Bitcoin backing or institutional support yet.

But for those who want to diversify their portfolio with diversity and enthusiasm, casinos that use Bitcoin Cash will give you the time of your life. Over time, it will be clear whether this innovative cryptocurrency will be a great success or will go bankrupt.