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This slot gives players an endless sweet mood, and it happens to be a slot machine that is new. Players are going to be pleased with the amazing graphics. The sweet 16 appearance is always celebrated by many of the players, as it gives them the ample opportunity of diving into a great celebration with some special occasion. Some special rewards will be given to each of the participants. One of the rewards given in the exciting and new slot, and the other one is for the players to get additional credit points, each of these will ensure the fact that players are well impressed on this slot. How prepared you are for the holiday determines the amount of your future winnings

Lots of Treats were Prepared for Players that are Good

The concept behind Sweet 16 is basically about the i6th celebration of girls birthday all around the world in which there are cool parties. But then you don’t have to worry about the fact that this slot game is like the party of the teen. In the actual sense of the word, the party is actually sweet. For this reason, you will get to enjoy some goodies on this slot, and your mouth is going to get watered. You will get to see many sweet on the 5 reels, and you are expected to eat these sweets

Players are going to enjoy a better mood

On the Sweet 16 slot, you will get to see 5 reels and there 243 ways in which the players can win. Considering the fact that there are many paylines on this slot, there are more than enough opportunities for you in creating the short combination. There are wide varieties of the winning combination such that the players will get huge profit

This slot makes provision for different features, and players will get to enjoy profits and lots of fun. A perfect is the paying symbols, as they transform during the process of distributing the profits. Talking about the Morphing symbols, it occurs when the new symbols make their appearance, the more they appear, the more points the players are going to get, and they don’t have to make any contribution. The occurrence of this chain of distribution keep coming up until the appearance of a winning combination. It may as well take a longer time for you to be thought about the transformation skills by the icons

There are also variety of the Candy assortment, and you will get to taste up to 14 candies. Identical Icons that are up to 4 will get you awarded with 10 and 100 coins. Talking about the colorful candy, and the Red Lips, the highest paying combination is the five symbols as it places on the reels

Your wins get bigger with the bonus wins

It has connection with the winning multipliers, and the symbols can be increased, even in 10 folds. The dollars sign can be well determined by the player and it is to the inclusion of 16 symbols

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