Bubble Bubble 2 Slot (70 Free Spins)

Bubble Bubble 2 Slot Game – RTG Slots – (70 Free Spins) no deposit bonus

Bubble Bubble 2 Slot

Bubble Bubble 2 Slot


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A RTG slot Game Innovation, which brings into view the concepts of magics, established by witches characters, tagged “Winni & Wanda”, designated as the Wild & features a five-reels & fifty fixed pay-lines.

Perhaps, you've for once giving Bubble Bubble slot a trial & cherish the concept; it's a game established by Real Time Gaming, which you'll admire. Are you interested in exercising some good fortunes or intend learning the magics?

The witch first-course pack in this game can go a long way in making this possible. This slot game can establish Halloween's disposition, which came into existence around October 2017. It encompasses five-reels, 50 fixed pay lines, & 3 rows. Get to discover more of this game.

Bubble Bubble 2 Slot

Roll-out a Potion, Set the Mozz on, & Earn!

Here are methods whereby wizardry gets taught by two witches, tagged “Winni & Wanda!

Winni & Wanda

These two witches designate the Wild characters for this slot machine & pair all the rest of the character's game icons. Dynamism Winni can show up across the leftmost reel. Likewise, fair Wanda fills up the rightmost reel.

The moment it pops up, across the corresponding reels, they convert the reels into the Wild types before releasing the winnings. Either Winni or Wanda magnifies the jackpots 3x, perhaps any among is counted in the progressive winnings. Peradventure, the two, i.e., witches generating the combination, the prizes, then magnify 9x.

Magic Wand

This Wand illusion is what all witch requires. Across this slot game, it enables to stimulate the bonus menu. The moment three or higher than of Magic Wands appears over the close-by reels commencing with the first type, the, you'll get scheduled to select one of them & opens up one of three bonus games.

Perhaps, you unfold grander Ghosts symbol, then, such player can have access to a reward of 20 bonus spins. Following any scatter winnings, reaching nine Ghosts is possible to show up over the game board before obtaining the jackpots. The Wild in this game is the Ghost character, which replaces the entire & rest of images.

Play on Bubble Bubble 2 Slot Now!

Peradventure, you select Wilder Witches features, such user can have access to acquire nine bonus spins. Perhaps, Wanda or Winni appears over the game window, It, then, put under a spell thereby, transforms the random reel into the Wild one.

If Winni & Wanda shows up at the same time, it has chances to turn the reel at the center into the Wild type or offer 33 bonus spins, or the two benefits. Should in case you open up the Ultra enchanted icon, you can have access to 7 bonus spins.

The appearance of Winni or Wanda across their according reels gets affirmed over every single spin. Also, it's possible both show up at the same.

You can never get uninterested with these two alluring witches spinning the Bubble Bubble 2 slot. This slot game projects a satisfactory design, motion images, & striking musical backgrounds. Spin this slot game & discover the illusion therein.

Perhaps, you are ready to grasp the approach of these illusions to become a millionaire, try & access Bubble Bubble 2 bonus slot game amidst its peers, i.e., the rest of Realtime Gaming casino slots online across our site.

Should in case you're bored with the artificial cash & become ready to spin the real slot games for authentic-funds, this is why we have come up with Real Time Gaming casinos that feature Bubble Bubble 2 slot playable with one's real cash.

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